Jiun-Yi Li, MD, PhD

Cardiovascular surgery department, Center of Quality Management, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; MacKay Medical College, Taipei

Dr. Li is graduated from National Taiwan University and trained as a cardiovascular surgeon in National Taiwan University Hospital. He is board-certified by Taiwan Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Association since 1998. Since then he works in the MacKay Memorial Hospital as a cardiovascular surgeon. At present, he is the chief of Cardiovascular Surgery department, MacKay Memorial Hospital. The focus of his clinical work is on coronary artery bypass, especially off-pump surgery, and mitral valve repair. In recent years, he also focused on the development of minimally invasive robot-assisted cardiac surgery and was assigned as the chairman of DaVinci Robotic Surgery Promotion Committee since 2014. He has published 31 research articles, as the first author in 13 of them. He started his PhD program in National Taiwan University Hospital since 2002 and was graduated in 2010. The topic of his research is the interaction between thrombomodulin and the peripheral blood stem cell in the treatment of ischemic limb, which was published in the Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis & Vascular Biology in 2011. Since 2010, he is in charge of Surgery course as an assistant professor in MacKay Medical College. He is also responsible for postgraduate medical education in Mackay Memorial Hospital. He taught evidence-based medicine for more than 12 years and was one of the EBM program directors. He stepped into the field of continued quality improvement and led several changing team in MacKay Memorial Hospital since 5 years ago. He was assigned to be the chief of Center of Medical Quality since this February and was in charge of quality assurance and patient safety in his hospital.