Yousser Mohammad

National Center for Research on Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Tishreen University, Tishreen Hospital, Latakia, Syria; Department of Internal Medicine, Syrian Private University, Damascus, Syria

Prof. Mohammad received her Doctorat d’Etat en Médecine from Montpellier University, France in 1978. She received the C. E. S. Certificat d’Etudes Spéciales en Pneumologie (Pulmonary Specialisation from Paris) in 1984. She was a visiting professor to the Department of  pulmonary and sleep apnea in Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, US,  during 2000 and 2001. She participated in the intensive seminar in clinical research organized in Tishreen University - Syria held by the French Thoracic Society She gained her diploma on “Education for Asthma” from Education for health Center of Excellence, UK in 2006. She learnt epidemiology, biostatistics surveillance practicum (online from Canada) in 2010.   

She worked in French Hospitals during 1978 and 1984. From 1984, she has been a teaching staff of pulmonary in Tishreen University in Syria. She worked in Damascus University from 2012 to 2015. She is teaching in the Syrian Private University since 2015. She is an active member of SPLF, The Union, ERS,AAAAI, ISAAC and GAN. She is the WHO consultant for CRD, and has been working in the GARD planning group ( with universities and ministry of health in Syria. She has participated to clinical research projects with the above societies, and published the achievements in international and local original research articles. She organize international seminars in Syria. She is co-author of books on asthma,  oximetry  for primary care, and oxygenotherapy for physicians and patients. 

Being a WHO expert for CRD formed in Europe and USA, she has been actively working with international societies from the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She gave herself the duty of highlighting needs of developing countries and the deprived, and to stress on the benefit of international collaboration.