Mark I. van Berge Henegouwen, MD, PhD

Department of Surgery, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mark van Berge Henegouwen (10-10-1970) had his medical education at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 1997. In the same year he finished his PhD thesis on the treatment of postoperative complications after pancreatic surgery. He was trained in general surgery from 1998 until 2004 in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Lukas Hospital in Apeldoorn. From 2005 until 2006 he had his advanced gastrointestinal surgical training at the Academic Medical Center, where he was appointed to the senior staff in July of 2006. He now is responsible for the upper gastrointestinal surgical program of Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC which is the largest upper GI center of the Netherlands. He is a Principal Investigator in upper GI cancer Surgery and main research activities are focused on improvement of outcomes in upper GI cancer surgery, minimally invasive techniques and quality of life in upper GI cancer Surgery. He has written over 200 scientific research papers on these subjects.

He was appointed professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery with special interest in upper GI surgery as of February 2017 at the University of Amsterdam. Until last year he was president of the Dutch Society of Gastrointestinal Surgery (NVGIC), member of the board of the Dutch Society of Surgery (NVvH) and the board of the Dutch Society of Oncologic Specialties (SONCOS). Presently he is president of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Upper GI Cancer Audit (DUCA) and president of the working group on upper GI surgery.