Raffaele Giordano, MD, PhD

Department of Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Dr. Raffaele Giordano was born in Salerno (Italy) in 1981. He received a Medicine Degree at the Second University of Naples (cum laude) in 2007 and a Cardiac Surgery Specialist Degree at University of Naples “Federico II” (cum laude) in 2013. He received a Ph.D in Biomorphological and Surgical Sciences at University of Naples “Federico II”. From June 2013 to June 2016, he was a pediatric cardiac surgeon at Heart Center of Massa, Tuscany Foundation “G. Monasterio”, National Center of Research (CNR). Now he is the Consultant in Cardiac Surgery at University of Naples Federico II.

From November 2012-2014, he was the Member elected of the National Council of the Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery, section of pediatric cardiac surgery and congenital heart disease. Now he is a member of Italian Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. He spoke at numerous conferences, seminars and refresher courses and he was also an organizer and member of the scientific secretariat of several conferences and training courses.

His research interest includes: congenital heart disease, pediatric cardiac surgery, pulmonary hypertension, intensive care unit management post-surgery, biomarkers, cardioplegia, imaging in pediatric cardiology.