Giovanni Mariscalco, MD, PhD

Department of Heart and Vessels, Cardiac Surgery Unit, Varese University Hospital, Varese, Italy

Giovanni Mariscalco, MD, PhD, received the MD degree from University of Insubria (Italy), School of Medicine in 2001. Subsequently, He received the PhD. degree from the University of Umeå (Sweden) in 2008 and a subsequent post-graduate doctorate in Surgery and Biotechnology from University of Insubria (Italy) in 2011. Dr. Mariscalco completed his clinical fellowship in cardiac surgery at Cardiothoracic Division, Heart Centre, of Umeå University Hospital (Sweden) in 2004 and his residency in cardiac surgery at Varese University Hospital, University of Insubria (Italy) in 2006. Currently, He is working as consultant in cardiac surgery at Cardiac Surgery Unit of Varese University Hospital, attending more than 500 cardiac operations as first surgeon. He is author and co-author of more than 70 papers, 50 abstracts, and chapters in 6 books. Dr. Mariscalco has been a member of editorial boards of medical journals, and has reviewed manuscripts for 30 medical journals. He is Clinical Professor for the Post-graduate School of Cardiac Surgery at Insubria of University. Finally, He also is an active member in a variety of surgical societies.