Aseem Kumar, PhD

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomolecular Sciences Program, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, Canada

Aseem Kumar’s B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. were conferred from the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics in the University of Toronto. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he was awarded the Young Investigator Award and the Lower Award for outstanding research paper. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center and University at Chicago, Illinois, USA during 1997. Dr. Kumar is currently a full professor at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He has held the positions of Canada Research Chair in Biomolecular Sciences and the Director of the Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Program.

Dr. Kumar’s research involves the delineation of cytokine, viral and sepsis cellular signalling. Sepsis and septic shock represent the overwhelming response to infection. Approximately 800,000 cases of sepsis are admitted every year to hospitals in the North America and despite aggressive antibiotics and supportive care, over 200,000 patients per year succumb to this disorder. We are characterizing new initiators and mediators of sepsis and septic shock. These pathways and process include: cytokine signalling, transcription factor modulation, apoptosis, bacterial DNA and RNA signalling and characterization of global gene expression patterns that occur during the disease. Dr. Kumar has published his research in journals which include; Science, EMBO J., PNAS, JBC, JTD and Critical Care Medicine.