Special issue on Breast Cancer in Young Women ---- guest-edited by Dr Hatem A. Azim Jr (Belgium) and Dr Fedro A. Peccatori (Italy)

Published: 2013-03-01
This special issue dedicated to improving management and treatment on breast cancer in young woman will provide up-to-date knowledge on imaging, genetic, surgical aspects of breast cancer in young women and address the challenges in managing breast cancer during pregnancy focusing on key opinions from renowned experts worldwide in related fields. Our guest editors for this special issue are Dr. Hatem A. Azim Jr (Belgium) from Department of Medicine, Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium and Dr. Fedro A. Peccatori, from Fertility and Procreation in Oncology Unit, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy. 

This special issue will be brought out in the second quarter of 2013, please follow up and enjoy. 

Outline for the special issue:

Epidemiology and prognosis of breast cancer in young women
Author: Nagi El Saghir
American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon

Breast imaging in the young : the role of MRI in breast cancer screening, diagnosis and follow-up 
Author: Dorria Salem
Department of Radiology, Cairo University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

Breast cancer in the young: the geneticist role!
Author: Jennifer K. Litton
Department of Breast Medical Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson     Cancer Center, Texas, USA

Surgical controversies and challenges in young breast cancer patients
Author: Oreste Gentilini
Division of Breast Surgery, European Institute of Oncology, Milano, Italy

Bisphosphonates in the adjuvant treatment of young breast cancer patients: ready for prime time?
Author: Hamdy Azim
Department of Clinical Oncology, Cairo University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

Hormonal therapies in young breast cancer patients: when, what and for how long?
Author: Olivia Pagani, Alexandre Christinat, Simona Dilascio
Institute of Oncology of Southern Switzerland, Breast Unit of Southern Switzerland, Ospedale san Giovanni, Bellinzona, Switzerland

Treatment of breast cancer in young women: Do we need more aggressive therapies?
Author: Giuseppe Cancello
European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

Premature menopause in young breast cancer: effects on quality of life and possible treatment interventions
Author: Ann H. Partridge, Shoshana Rosenberg
Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA,USA

Challenges in managing breast cancer during pregnancy
Author: Flora Zagouri
Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Fertility counseling of young breast cancer patients 
Author: Lucia Del Mastro, Matteo Lambertini, Alessia Levaggi, Sara Giraudi, Claudia Bighin
SS Sviluppo Terapie Innovative, National Institute for Cancer Research, Genova, Italy 

Sexuality and breast cancer
Author: Ana Catarina Pinto
Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium