Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD) has been indexed in Pubmed

Published: 2011-12-11

Dear colleagues,

Something cheerful comes in this cold winter! An email arrived from beyond the oceans to tell us that Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD) has been officially covered in Pubmed Central. Successful coverage in the prestigious Pubmed database may mean recognition of JTD by international peers, and a closer move towards the master publication list of SCI-indexed journals.

Peacefully it was born in the winter of 2009 and humbly it grows, yet JTD has never missed the so much support and input worldwide. In this regard, we are grateful to our authors and reviewers who have contributed to make a difference at JTD, and to our audience who has delivered constructive opinions to make JTD more readable and relevant.

No pains, no gains. We have come over a tough way over the past two years, but that was worthwhile. To this date JTD has published a great number of articles with 80% of them submitted from outside mainland China. Citations of JTD articles by other SCI-indexed journals have been constantly on the rise. According to manual calculation, the impact factor of JTD could be close to 1, should it be accepted for coverage in web of science. The upcoming 2012 will be a new beginning! At this moment of time, we are confident in achieving new progress with the consistent backup from our friends.

Finally we wish you a merry Christmas in advance!

JTD editorial board