We are in the 22nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery

Published: 2014-06-18

What we found in the delegate bags?

Currently, the 22nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery (from June 15–18) is undergoing in Copenhagen, Denmark. Surprisingly, each attendee found the Journal of Thoracic Disease in the delegate bag of the Conference. Yes, 1,300 hard copies of JTD’s Special Issue “European Perspectives in Thoracic Surgery”( has been delivered beforehand to Copenhagen as the delegate bag insert for the 22nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery(Figure 1). And this special issue has made JTD won waves of praises.

Figure 1

Prof. Fedrico Venuta, the Chair of the 22nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery commented that, “JTD is developing at a skyrocketing speed!”(Figure 2).

Figure 2

Prof. Alessandro Brunelli, the ESTS Secretary-General and Guest Editor of the special issue, also spoke highly of the quality and efficiency of JTD, which were recognized through the organization of this special issue, as this issue is ESTS's first time to cooperate with JTD. He said the ESTS looks forward to more further cooperation with JTD.( Figure 3)

Figure 3

Prof. Peter Goldstraw also expressed his confidence in JTD with the words, “ JTD is a novel rising star among so many medical journals”.

Prof. Dirk Van Raemdonck, the captain of the European Team of Case Challenges Section in the Conference, displayed his pity for his article missing the time to be included in this great special issue due to his busy commitments. But when he saw the high quality of the hard copy, he was determined to complete the article on lung plantation in Europe for JTD later on. Probably, the best comes last! (Figure 4)

Figure 4

As the first impact factor (IF) of JTD is to come out in June this year, Prof. Thomas D’Amico, Prof Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Prof. Fedrico Venuta,Alessandro Brunelli, Prof. Henrik Jenssen Hansen, Prof. Thomas Rice…etc. all conveyed their congratulations and best wishes to JTD.

“Academic World Cup”---- 6th Collaborative Symposium on General Thoracic Surgery

As the first day of the Congress has passed, what was the most exciting event? The answer is the 6th Collaborative Symposium on General Thoracic Surgery organized by ESTS-AATS-STS-JACS. It is the “Academic World Cup”, for three international teams competed to find the best solutions to challenging clinical scenarios. The American Team led by Prof. Thomas D’Amico, European Team captained by Prof. Dirk Van Raemdonck, and Asia Team led by Prof. Alen Sihoe were the three competing teams. In the first round, each team gave 24 clinical cases and relevant questions to the other two teams. In the final competition, the questions were proposed by the Chairs of the Section. After two rounds of fierous competitions, the American Team finally won the Master Cup.(Figure 5)

Figure 5

What are the feelings of the three Captains after the exciting competition? Let's watch what they have said in the interviews by JTD Editors.

Video 1, Interview with Asian Team’s Captain Alen Sihoe

Video 2, Interview with American Team’s Captain Thomas D’Amico

Video 3, Interview with European Team’s Captain Dirk Van Raemdonck