Case Report

Re-crossing the distal cell in bifurcation verified by using an enhanced stent visualization system and optical coherence tomography: a report of two cases

Ruofei Jia, Zening Jin, Hong Li, Jing Han


The coronary guidewire re-crossing position before the final kissing balloon post-dilation is important to reduce the incidence of incomplete stent apposition in bifurcation lesions. Angiography and intravascular ultrasonography are unreliable at detecting the site of wire re-crossing. The high resolution of optical coherence tomography (OCT) offers the advantage of precise assessment of construction in bifurcation. However, the OCT technique still has some limitations, including the requirement for additional contrast and expense. We present two cases where the ClearStent Live system technique was used to estimate the wire location, which was verified by using OCT. In conclusion, ClearStent can be used with or to replace the intracoronary imaging technique in selected cases.

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