Video assistant thoracoscopic (VATS) lobectomy: right lower lobe

Tiejun Zhao, Hezhong Chen, Lixin Yang, Hai Jin, Zhigang Li, Jiajun Zhang


The 60-year-old female had a nodule in the right lower lobe of the lung, which was identified as a tumor by CT and PET-CT. Then the right lower lobectomy was performed. The posterior trocar placement, different from other surgery, is in the 5th intercostals space in the anterior latissimus dorsi, which can be built by a small incision when operation is needed. There is a vessel heteromorphosis that the inferior pulmonary vein and the mid pulmonary vein share the same stem. Also, this patient has many intumescentia lymph nodes. We can see, the lymph nodes can be ablated completely by VATS.