Video-assisted left upper bronchial sleeve lobectomy

Yi Han, Shijie Zhou, Daping Yu, Xiaoyun Song, Zhidong Liu


Compare with pneumonectomy, sleeve lobectomy has advantage in long-term outcomes and cost-effective measures. As a result, sleeve lobectomy procedure is considered and practiced as the standard therapy for central lung cancers which are anatomically suitable regardless of lung function. The advent of minimally invasive surgery brings numerous advantages, such as shorter hospital stay, alleviated post-operative pain, faster recover and so on, to the patient. In return, it did demands all the surgeons to master the video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) operative skill to meet the patient’s expectation. Although mirror the pathway of open sleeve surgery, the video-assisted bronchial sleeve lobectomy (VABSL) brings numerous obstacles for the surgeon: one needs to accommodate transmission from direct-view to locally 2D screen, from multi-angle multi-direction operation field to one directional operation field, before he can adapt to the VATS operative skill. In addition, VATS surgery did have its’ learning curve for the surgeon and the assistant. Here we present a video of a patient underwent sleeve lobectomy for communicating operative techniques.