Review Article

Enhanced recovery after elective surgery for lung cancer patients: analysis of current pathways and perspectives

Giovanni Maria Comacchio, Nicola Monaci, Enrico Verderi, Marco Schiavon, Federico Rea


The concept of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), initially introduced in the field of colorectal surgery, has been developed in order to optimize the postoperative course. In recent years the number of authors analyzing the role of ERAS in lung cancer surgery is increasing, highlighting several interventions with positive effects on the postoperative course. Yet it is still difficult to draw definite conclusions and specific guidelines, as most of these studies largely differ for their methodological aspects and study populations. Herein we focus on the key elements of each single intervention, trying to identify what we can apply in a common pathway, and which aspects are still to be evaluated for the validation of an ERAS program.

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