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Single-center experience with the combination of Cardioplexol™ cardioplegia and MiECC for isolated coronary artery bypass graft procedures

Hendrik Tevaearai Stahel, Silvio Barandun, Emilie Kaufmann, Brigitta Gahl, Lars Englberger, Hansjoerg Jenni, Alberto Weber, Thierry Aymard, Erich Gygax, Thierry Carrel


Background: Cardioplexol™ with its low volume (100 mL) was originally conceived as cardioplegic solution for MiECC procedures. Introduced in its current form in 2008 in our clinic, it has immediately demonstrated attractive advantages including the easy and rapid administration by the surgeon him/herself, the almost immediate cardiac arrest and a prolonged delay before a second dose is necessary. We report here the results of our initial experience with this simple solution.
Methods: Single centre, retrospective observational analysis of prospectively collected data of isolated coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedures performed with a MiECC.
Results: Of 7,447 adult cardiac surgical operations performed during a 76 months period, 2,416 were isolated CABG-MiECC procedures. Patients were 81.3% males, 66.2±9.7 years old and had a median logistic EuroSCORE of 3.2. In average 3.2±0.8 vessels were bypassed. Median cross-clamp time was 45 minutes and more than 75% of the patients received only one 100 mL dose of Cardioplexol™. At reperfusion more than 90% of the hearts spontaneously recovered a rhythmic activity. Maximal value of troponin T during the first hours following myocardial reperfusion was 0.9±4.5 ng/mL (median =0.4 ng/mL). Mortality at 30 days was 0.9%.
Conclusions: Cardioplexol™ seems very promising. It appears especially efficient and safe when used for CABG procedures performed with a MiECC.

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