Uniportal video assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy: going directly from open surgery to a single port approach

Marco Anile, Daniele Diso, Sara Mantovani, Miriam Patella, Emanule Russo, Carolina Carillo, Ylenia Pecoraro, Ilaria Onorati, Tiziano De Giacomo, Erino A. Rendina, Federico Venuta


Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopy (VATS) has gaining a special place in the thoracic surgery scenario; nowadays even major pulmonary resections can be performed through this approach. We hereby review our initial experience with uniportal VAT lobectomy, performed passing directly from the open approach to a single port approach. We attempted 26 lobectomies through VATS with a single incision of about 5 cm and 22 of them were completed: eight left lower lobectomies, six right upper lobectomies, five left upper lobectomies and three right lower lobectomies. At pathological staging all but four patients were stage I; three patients were T2N1M0 and one had a micrometastasis in a lymph node of station 7 (T1N2M0— Stage IIIA) and they all underwent adjuvant chemotherapy. No perioperative mortality was observed. One patient had a myocardial infarction in the first postoperative day requiring placement of four stents and another one required thoracentesis after drainage removal. The mean time for drainage removal was 3 days and the length of hospitalization was 4.2±1.1. Pain as measured by the visual analogical scale (VAS) scale was graded as 4.9, 2.6 and 0.5 during the first postoperative day, at discharge and after 1 month respectively.