Surgical Technique

Anterior chest wall resection and sternal body wedge for primary chest wall tumour: reconstruction technique with biological meshes and titanium plates

Alberto Sandri, Giovanni Donati, Carlo Droz Blanc, Victor Auguste Nigra, Matteo Gagliasso, Roberto Barmasse


Chest wall neoplasms are either primary or metastatic with a malignancy rate of about 50% percent (1). Chest wall involvement from primary lung neoplasms are uncommon, occurring in approximately 5% of all primary lung tumours (2). Primary chest wall tumours origin from soft tissues, bone and cartilages; their incidence is 2–5% in the general population (3). Overall five-year survival after resection of primary chest wall neoplasms is approximately sixty percent; relapse occurs in up to 50% of patients, with a five-year survival of 17% (4).

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