Video 1 Scenario using a controlled bleeding of the Right A6.
Video 2 Scenario using an uncontrolled bleeding of the Right A6; this is for the crisis scenario with cardiac arrest.
Video 3 First session of team training done in OR. Briefing and debriefing was done in the same room with the full team but also guests and external consultants. After this session we have modified the logistic with scenario broadcasted in the briefing and debriefing room to respond to simulation guidelines.
Video 4 Robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (RATS) simulation with a scenario of cardiac arrest.
Video 5 Scenario of 2 steps pulmonary tear in LUL with technical mistakes highlighted.

Authors: Jean-Marc Baste, Benjamin Bottet, Jean Selim, Matthieu Sarsam, Antoine Lefevre-Scelles, Marie-Melody Dusseaux, Sébastien Franchina, Anne-Sophie Palenzuela, Abdeslam Chagraoui, Christophe Peillon, Alexandre Thouroude, Jean-Pierre Henry, Jean-Michel M. Coq, Louis Sibert, Cédric Damm