Vol 7, No 7 (July 30, 2015): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Early and sustained blood pressure control is necessary for stroke prevention
Steven G. Chrysant
Video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy versus stereotactic radiotherapy for stage I lung cancer
Javier Aragón, Itzell Perez, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas
Improve survival from prolonged mechanical ventilation: beginning with first step
Chun Pan, Haibo Qiu
A new free-cost e-service supporting clinicians to manage their difficult-to-treat TB cases: the ERS-WHO TB consilium
Lia D’Ambrosio, Marina Tadolini, Rosella Centis, Giovanni Battista Migliori
Full or hypocaloric nutritional support for the critically ill patient: is less really more?
Arthur R.H. Van Zanten
Noninvasive respiratory support for acute respiratory failure—high flow nasal cannula oxygen or non-invasive ventilation?
Gerard F. Curley, John G. Laffy, Haibo Zhang, Arthur S. Slutsky
Magnetic resonance imaging for staging of non-small-cell lung cancer—technical advances and unmet needs
Gregor Sommer, Bram Stieltjes
Management of subsolid pulmonary nodules in CT lung cancer screening
Marjolein A. Heuvelmans, Matthijs Oudkerk
The impact of percutaneous coronary intervention of chronic total occlusions on left ventricular function and clinical outcomes
Georgios E. Christakopoulos, Muhammad Nauman J. Tarar, Emmanouil S. Brilakis
Illuminating anthracycline cardiotoxicity: the renaissance of evidence-based onco-cardiology
Isaac B. Rhea, Guilherme H. Oliveira

Original Article

The role of SOX-2 on the survival of patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Wenlong Shao, Hanzhang Chen, Jianxing He
A chest drainage system with a real-time pressure monitoring device
Chih-Hao Chen, Tsang-Pai Liu, Ho Chang, Tung-Sung Huang, Hung-Chang Liu, Chao-Hung Chen
EPHX1 rs2234922 polymorphism and lung cancer susceptibility in Asian populations: a meta-analysis
Xuefang Xu, Hongxia Hua, Bing Fan, Qing Sun, Xuedan Guo, Jiawei Zhang
A modified nebulization modality versus classical ultrasonic nebulization and oxygen-driven nebulization in facilitating airway clearance in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized controlled trial
Qiaoling Luo, Zeguang Zheng, Huihong Cen, Mei Jiang, Qin Chen
Predictors of dynamic hyperinflation during the 6-minute walk test in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
Rui Chen, Lin Lin, Jing-Wei Tian, Bin Zeng, Lei Zhang, Xin Chen, Hai-Yan Yan
Human embryonic lung fibroblasts treated with artesunate exhibit reduced rates of proliferation and human cytomegalovirus infection in vitro
Ai-Hong Zeng, Yang-Ying Ou, Ming-Ming Guo, Xuan Dai, De-Zhi Zhou, Rui Chen
Low molecular weight heparin once versus twice for thromboprophylaxis following esophagectomy: a randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled trial
Jie-Qiong Song, Li-Zhen Xuan, Wei Wu, Jun-Feng Huang, Ming Zhong
Midterm results of “treat and repair” for adults with non-restrictive ventricular septal defect and severe pulmonary hypertension
Zhenlei Hu, Bo Xie, Xinming Zhai, Jidong Liu, Jianmin Gu, Xudong Wang, Hui Zheng, Song Xue
Major morbidity after video-assisted thoracic surgery lung resections: a comparison between the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons definition and the Thoracic Morbidity and Mortality system
Alberto Sandri, Kostas Papagiannopoulos, Richard Milton, Emmanuel Kefaloyannis, Nilanjan Chaudhuri, Emily Poyser, Nicholas Spencer, Alessandro Brunelli
Clinical efficacy of crizotinib in Chinese patients with ALK-positive non-small-cell lung cancer with brain metastases
Yuan-Yuan Lei, Jin-Ji Yang, Wen-Zhao Zhong, Hua-Jun Chen, Hong-Hong Yan, Jie-Fei Han, Lu-Lu Yang, Yi-Long Wu
Clarithromycin might attenuate the airway inflammation of smoke-exposed asthmatic mice via affecting HDAC2
Min Hao, Jiangtao Lin, Jun Shu, Xiaoyan Zhang, Qiongzhen Luo, Lin Pan, Jing Guo
Urinary excretion of 9α,11β-prostaglandin F2 and leukotriene E4 in patients with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
Tae-Rim Shin, Joo-Hee Kim, Cheol-Hong Kim, In-Gyu Hyun, Jeong-Hee Choi
Accidental invisible intrathoracic disseminated pT4-M1a: a distinct lung cancer with favorable prognosis
Wen-Zhao Zhong, Wei Li, Xue-Ning Yang, Ri-Qiang Liao, Qiang Nie, Song Dong, Hong-Hong Yan, Xu-Chao Zhang, Hai-Yan Tu, Bin-Chao Wang, Jian Su, Jin-Ji Yang, Qing Zhou, Yi-Long Wu
Effectiveness of hemostasis with Foley catheter after vacuum-assisted breast biopsy
Shao-Mei Fu, Xue-Mei Wang, Chu-Yang Yin, Hui Song
Female breast cancer incidence and mortality in 2011, China
Manman Jia, Rongshou Zheng, Siwei Zhang, Hongmei Zeng, Xiaonong Zou, Wanqing Chen
Clinical experience with titanium mesh in reconstruction of massive chest wall defects following oncological resection
Haitang Yang, Jicheng Tantai, Heng Zhao
Mediastinoscopic esophagectomy for patients with early esophageal cancer
Qian-Yun Wang, Jing-Pei Li, Lei Zhang, Nan-Qing Jiang, Zhong-Lin Wang, Xiao-Ying Zhang

Statistic Corner1

Some tips about statistics on medical research
Na Qin, Jiahui Zhang, Weihong Zhang, Juncheng Dai, Wensen Chen


1. The series “Statistics Corner” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Luca Bertolaccini served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.