Vol 7, No 8 (August 28, 2015): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Respiratory Sleep Disorders)

Original Article

Risk factors for acute kidney injury in overweight patients with acute type A aortic dissection: a retrospective study
Honglei Zhao, Xudong Pan, Zhizhong Gong, Jun Zheng, Yongmin Liu, Junming Zhu, Lizhong Sun
Quantative computerized tomography assessment of lung density as a predictor of postoperative pulmonary morbidity in patients with lung cancer
Tevfik Kaplan, Gokce Kaan Atac, Nesimi Gunal, Bulent Kocer, Aslıhan Alhan, Sezai Cubuk, Orhan Yucel, Ebru Ozan Sanhal, Koray Dural, Serdar Han
Identification of immunohistochemical markers for distinguishing lung adenocarcinoma from squamous cell carcinoma
Cheng Zhan, Li Yan, Lin Wang, Yang Sun, Xingxing Wang, Zongwu Lin, Yongxing Zhang, Yu Shi, Wei Jiang, Qun Wang
Bronchial artery embolization for malignant hemoptysis: a single institutional experience
Amar S. Mehta, Osman Ahmed, Danial Jilani, Steve Zangan, Jonathan Lorenz, Brian Funaki, Thuong Van Ha, Rakesh Navuluri
Randomized controlled trials of induction treatment and surgery versus combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy in stages IIIA-N2 NSCLC: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zuen Ren, Shijie Zhou, Zhidong Liu, Shaofa Xu
Vitamin D binding protein gene polymorphisms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis
Huan Chen, Lei Zhang, Zhiyi He, Xiaoning Zhong, Jianquan Zhang, Meihua Li, Jing Bai
Prognostic factors for resection of isolated pulmonary metastases in breast cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jun Fan, Dali Chen, Heng Du, Cheng Shen, Guowei Che
Surgical treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis: is video-assisted thoracic surgery “better” than thoracotomy?
Yi Han, Dezhi Zhen, Zhidong Liu, Shaofa Xu, Shuku Liu, Ming Qin, Shijie Zhou, Daping Yu, Xiaoyun Song, Yunsong Li, Ning Xiao, Chongyu Su, Kang Shi
Functional residual capacity in beagle dogs with and without acute respiratory distress syndrome
Qi Liu, Yong-Hua Gao, Dong-Ming Hua, Wen Li, Zhe Cheng, Hui Zheng, Rong-Chang Chen
Effect of dobutamine on lung aquaporin 5 in endotoxine shock-induced acute lung injury rabbit
Cai-Zhi Sun, Hua Shen, Xiao-Wei He, Lei Bao, Yang Song, Zheng Zhang, Hai-Dong Qin
Endobronchial closure of bronchopleural fistula using Amplatzer device
Laura V. Klotz, Wolfgang Gesierich, Sabine Schott-Hildebrand, Rudolf A. Hatz, Michael Lindner

Surgical Technique

Incidental bronchial injury by soft coagulation
Tomoki Shibano, Shunsuke Endo, Shinichi Otani, Tomoyuki Nakano


Uniportal VATS—a new era in lung cancer surgery
Calvin S. H. Ng, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Thomas A. D’Amico, Gaetano Rocco


High-flow oxygen cannula: a very effective method to correct severe hypoxemia
Jean-Louis Vincent
Issues of energy and protein feeding in critically ill: the permissive underfeeding trial
Peter J. M. Weijs
Solitary pure ground-glass nodules measuring 5 mm or less: current imaging management, question and suggestion
Li Fan, Shi-Yuan Liu
18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography characterization of solitary pulmonary nodules: can we do better?
Ana María García Vicente, Víctor M. Pérez-García, Ángel Soriano Castrejón
Chronic total occlusion: no more meta-analysis, please—a randomized clinical trial is urgently needed
Alfredo Bardají, Gil Bonet
Chronic total improvement in ventricular function and survival
Marouane Boukhris, Zied Ibn Elhadj, Alfredo R. Galassi
A meta-analysis of left atrial appendage closure for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation—adding to the debate but elements remain unresolved
Syed Mohammad Afzal Sohaib, Kevin F. Fox
High flow on the rise—pediatric perspectives on the FLORALI trial
Christophe Milési, Julien Baleine, Julia le Bouhellec, Marti Pons-Odena, Gilles Cambonie
High flow nasal cannula—coming to a hypoxic patient near you!
Jan Hau Lee, Michael A. Gentile
Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation—what have we learned?
John M. Stulak
Surgical ablation for atrial fibrillation: an editorial
Pouya Nezafati, Mojgan Gharipour, Mohammad Hassan Nezafati
Big-data Clinical Trial (BCT): the third talk
Stephen D. Wang, Yaxing Shen
The air we breathe and lung disease
Mary B. Rice, Atul Malhotra
Electronic cigarettes: the new face of nicotine delivery and addiction
Laura E. Crotty Alexander, Anuja Vyas, Dean E. Schraufnagel, Atul Malhotra


1. The series “Respiratory Sleep Disorders” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Walter T. McNicholas and Yuanming Luo served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.

2. The series “GCTAB Column” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease and funded by the educational grants from the Greater China Thoracoscopic Advisory Board (GCTAB).