Vol 8, No 8 (August 2016): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Voices that ever reverberate—in memory of Dr. Prof. Lawrence Grouse
Guangqiao Zeng, on behalf of Journal of Thoracic Disease
Fact checking in the history of uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Gaetano Rocco
Thymic epithelial tumors in a worldwide perspective: lessons from observational studies
Mirella Marino, Tommaso Salvitti, Edoardo Pescarmona, Giovannella Palmieri
The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer/the International Thymic Malignancies Interest Group proposal for the TNM staging systems for thymic epithelial tumors and large-scale retrospective data
Kazuya Kondo
Non-surgical treatment of locally advanced thymic epithelial tumors—a need for multicenter trials
Anja C. Roden
How large databases may impact clinical practices for rare tumors—postoperative chemotherapy in thymic malignancies
Nicolas Girard, Claire Merveilleux du Vignaux
A new instrument for assessing the experience of dying and death in the intensive care units from the perspective of relatives
Max Andresen, Max Andresen-Vasquez
Time of parenteral nutrition in paediatric critical care patients, prior nutritional status probably makes the difference?
Mònica Balaguer, Iolanda Jordan
A mortality score for acute respiratory distress syndrome: predicting the future without a crystal ball
Raquel S. Santos, Pedro L. Silva, Jose Rodolfo Rocco, Paolo Pelosi, Patricia Rieken Macêdo Rocco
More and sooner, but not necessarily better
Piyagarnt Vichayavilas, Katja Gist, Jon Kaufman
Atrial fibrillation post coronary artery bypass surgery: is there still a role for perioperative statins after STICS?
Amr F. Barakat, Ahmed N. Mahmoud, Islam Y. Elgendy
Ameliorating acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery: do high dose perioperative statins play a role?
Janet M. C. Ngu, Munir Boodhwani
Adjuvant immunotherapy in resected early non-small cell lung cancer—battle lost, hopefully not the war!
Branislav Jeremic, Nikola Cihoric, Pavol Dubinsky, Nenad Filipovic
Role for adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with resected small cell lung cancer
Lingling Du, Saiama N. Waqar, Daniel Morgensztern
Factors effecting one-year outcome after mechanical ventilation
Sibel Günay, Muzaffer Sariaydin, Ersin Günay
Pretreatment biopsy for thymic epithelial tumors—does histology subtype matter for treatment strategy?
Sukhmani K. Padda, Marlies Keijzers, Heather A. Wakelee
Endovascular treatment of the ascending aorta: new frontiers for thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair?
Chris Klonaris, Sotirios Georgopoulos, Athanasios Katsargyris
Therapeutic lymphangiogenesis after myocardial infarction: vascular endothelial growth factor-C paves the way
Polina Goichberg
Preventive percutaneous coronary intervention and aspiration thrombectomy—updates in the management of ST-elevation myocardial infarction
David S. Wald, Jonathan P. Bestwick
Pursuing early catheter ablation to treat atrial fibrillation in the congestive heart failure population: significance of the AATAC trial results
Karen P. Phillips
From the era of ineffective tumor vaccines to a future with effective immunotherapy
Wolter Igor Quincy de Waard, Michel Maria van den Heuvel
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for interstitial lung disease: what is on the other side of the bridge?
Sacha Rozencwajg, Matthieu Schmidt
The impact of ChART on the science of thymic malignancies
Frank Detterbeck
Rare airway tumors: an update on current diagnostic and management strategies
Marwan Saoud, Monali Patil, Samjot Singh Dhillon, Saraswati Pokharel, Anthony Picone, Mark Hennon, Sai Yendamuri, Kassem Harris

Original Article

Different characteristics of tuberculous pleural effusion according to pleural fluid cellular predominance and loculation
Jaehee Lee, Jae Kwang Lim, Seung Soo Yoo, Shin Yup Lee, Seung Ick Cha, Jae Yong Park, Chang Ho Kim
Gram-negative bacteria facilitate tumor outgrowth and metastasis by promoting lipid synthesis in lung cancer patients
Maosong Ye, Xia Gu, Yang Han, Meiling Jin, Tao Ren
Should tumor with direct adjacent lobe invasion (Tdali) be assigned to T2 or T3 in non-small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis
Zhilan Xiao, Christphor Cao, Jiandong Mei, Hu Liao, Tristan Yan, Lunxu Liu
Prognostic significance of CT-emphysema score in patients with advanced squamous cell lung cancer
Young Saing Kim, Eun Young Kim, Hee Kyung Ahn, Eun Kyung Cho, Yu Mi Jeong, Jeong Ho Kim
Intraoperative frozen sections of the regional lymph nodes contribute to surgical decision-making in non-small cell lung cancer patients
Wei Li, Xue-Ning Yang, Ri-Qiang Liao, Qiang Nie, Song Dong, Hao-Ran Zhai, Yi-Long Wu, Wen-Zhao Zhong
Nuss procedure for repair of pectus excavatum after failed Ravitch procedure in adults: indications and caveats
Gregor J. Kocher, Nathalie Gstrein, Dawn E. Jaroszewski, Mennatallah M. Ewais, Ralph A. Schmid
CT-guided microcoil VATS resection of lung nodules: a single-centre experience and review of the literature
Laura L. Donahoe, Elsie T. Nguyen, Tae-Bong Chung, Lan-Chau Kha, Marcelo Cypel, Gail E. Darling, Marc de Perrot, Shaf Keshavjee, Andrew F. Pierre, Thomas K. Waddell, Kazuhiro Yasufuku
Oxygen desaturation during a 6-minute walk test as a predictor of maximal exercise-induced gas exchange abnormalities in sarcoidosis
Cecile Chenivesse, Sarah Boulanger, Carole Langlois, Lidwine Wemeau-Stervinou, Thierry Perez, Benoit Wallaert
Sufficient myocardial protection of del Nido cardioplegia regardless of ventricular mass and myocardial ischemic time in adult cardiac surgical patients
Ji Seong Kim, Jin Hee Jeong, Sin Ju Moon, Hyuk Ahn, Ho Young Hwang
Sarcopenia of thoracic muscle mass is not a risk factor for survival in lung transplant recipients
Seokkee Lee, Hyo Chae Paik, Seok Jin Haam, Chang Young Lee, Kyung Sik Nam, Hee Suk Jung, Young Woo Do, Jee Won Shu, Jin Gu Lee
Risk factors for recurrence after sublobar resection in patients with small (2 cm or less) non-small cell lung cancer presenting as a solid-predominant tumor on chest computed tomography
Youngkyu Moon, Sook Whan Sung, Seok Whan Moon, Jae Kil Park
Erythroblast transformation-specific 2 correlates with vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis in rat heterotopic heart transplantation model
Xiaojuan Liu, Daliang Yan, Yangcheng Li, Xilin Sha, Kunpeng Wu, Jianhua Zhao, Chen Yang, Chao Zhang, Jiahai Shi, Xiang Wu
Lung cancer resection with concurrent off-pump coronary artery bypasses: safety and efficiency
Xuchen Ma, Fangjiong Huang, Zhitai Zhang, Feiqiang Song, Songlei Ou
A comparison of balloon angioplasty of native coarctation versus surgical repair for short segment coarctation associated with ventricular septal defect—a single-center retrospective review of 92 cases
Huifeng Zhang, Ming Ye, Gang Chen, Fang Liu, Lin Wu, Bing Jia
A lot to a little or a little to a lot—which dose-volume relationship ensures the best clinical outcome in the high dose radiation therapy of thoracic tumors? A prospective approach
Christina Schröder, Rita Engenhart-Cabillic, Hilke Vorwerk, Michael Schmidt, Winfried Huhnt, Eyck Blank, Dietrich Sidow, André Buchali
Use of laryngeal mask airway for non-endotracheal intubated anesthesia for patients with pectus excavatum undergoing thoracoscopic Nuss procedure
Xiaojun Du, Songsong Mao, Jianxiu Cui, Jue Ma, Guangyan Zhang, Yong Zheng, Haiyu Zhou, Liang Xie, Dongkun Zhang, Ruiqing Shi, Gang Chen
Serum selenium levels in patients with respiratory diseases: a prospective observational study
Yo-Han Lee, Seok Jeong Lee, Myoung Kyu Lee, Won-Yeon Lee, Suk Joong Yong, Sang-Ha Kim
Surgical outcomes associated with postoperative atrial fibrillation after robotic-assisted pulmonary lobectomy: retrospective review of 208 consecutive cases
Emily P. Ng, Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Kathryn L. Rodriguez, Matthew R. Thau, Carla C. Moodie, Joseph R. Garrett, Jacques P. Fontaine, Eric M. Toloza
Preoperative misdiagnosis analysis and accurate distinguish intrathymic cyst from small thymoma on computed tomography
Xin Li, Xingpeng Han, Wei Sun, Meng Wang, Guohui Jing, Xun Zhang
Characteristics of patients with pseudochylothorax—a systematic review
Adriana Lama, Lucía Ferreiro, María E. Toubes, Antonio Golpe, Francisco Gude, José M. Álvarez-Dobaño, Francisco J. González-Barcala, Esther San José, Nuria Rodríguez-Núñez, Carlos Rábade, Carlota Rodríguez-García, Luis Valdés
Randomized trial of epidural vs. subcutaneous catheters for managing pain after modified Nuss in adults
Dawn E. Jaroszewski, M’hamed Temkit, MennatAllah M. Ewais, Todd C. Luckritz, Joshua D. Stearns, Ryan C. Craner, Brantley D. Gaitan, Harish Ramakrishna, Christopher A. Thunberg, Ricardo A. Weis, Kelly M. Myers, Marianne V. Merritt, David M. Rosenfeld
Chronic kidney disease and the severity of coronary artery disease and retinal microvasculature changes: a cross-sectional study
Kevin Phan, Cheryl Au, Paul Mitchell, Gerald Liew, Adam J. H. Plant, Sarah B. Wang, Joseph Chiha, Aravinda Thiagalingam, George Burlutsky, Bamini Gopinath
Concomitant off-pump coronary artery bypass and non-cardiovascular surgery
Hong Chul Oh, Jung Wook Han, Jae-Woong Choi, Yong Han Kim, Ho Young Hwang, Ki-Bong Kim
Validation of EORTC and CALGB prognostic models in surgical patients submitted to diagnostic, palliative or curative surgery for malignant pleural mesothelioma
Alberto Sandri, Francesco Guerrera, Matteo Roffinella, Stefania Olivetti, Lorena Costardi, Alberto Oliaro, Pier Luigi Filosso, Paolo Olivo Lausi, Enrico Ruffini
Usefulness of conventional transbronchial needle aspiration in the diagnosis, staging and molecular characterization of pulmonary neoplasias by thin-prep based cytology: experience of a single oncological institute
Maria Teresa Ramieri, Ferdinando Marandino, Paolo Visca, Tommaso Salvitti, Enzo Gallo, Beatrice Casini, Francesca Romana Giordano, Claudia Frigieri, Mauro Caterino, Sandro Carlini, Massimo Rinaldi, Anna Ceribelli, Annarita Pennetti, Pier Luigi Alò, Mirella Marino, Edoardo Pescarmona, Massimo Filippetti
Correlation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing parameters with quality of life in stable COPD patients
Mahsa Mirdamadi, Besharat Rahimi, Enayat Safavi, Hamidreza Abtahi, Soheil Peiman
Accuracy of ultrasound for the diagnosis of cervical lymph node metastasis in esophageal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Xue-Feng Leng, Yi Zhu, Ge-Ping Wang, Jian Jin, Lei Xian, Yu-Hong Zhang
Division of the intersegmental plane during thoracoscopic segmentectomy: is stapling an issue?
Amaia Ojanguren, Dominique Gossot, Agathe Seguin-Givelet
Perioperative outcomes and lymph node assessment after induction therapy in patients with clinical N1 or N2 non-small cell lung cancer
Jessica Glover, Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Kavian Toosi, Emily Ng, Carla C. Moodie, Joseph R. Garrett, Jacques P. Fontaine, Eric M. Toloza
A survey among Brazilian thoracic surgeons about the use of preoperative 2D and 3D images
Federico Enrique Garcia Cipriano, Livia Arcêncio, Lycio Umeda Dessotte, Alfredo José Rodrigues, Walter Villela de Andrade Vicente, Paulo Roberto Barbosa Évora
Global DNA methylation and PTEN hypermethylation alterations in lung tissues from human silicosis
Xianan Zhang, Xiaowei Jia, Liangying Mei, Min Zheng, Chen Yu, Meng Ye
Initial experience of single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery sleeve lobectomy and systematic mediastinal lymphadenectomy for non-small-cell lung cancer
Hao Chen, Guobing Xu, Bin Zheng, Wei Zheng, Yong Zhu, Zhaohui Guo, Chun Chen
Clinical statistics analysis on the characteristics of pneumoconiosis of Chinese miner population
Mei-Fang Wang, Run-Ze Li, Ying Li, Xue-Qin Cheng, Jun Yang, Wen Chen, Xing-Xing Fan, Hu-Dan Pan, Xiao-Jun Yao, Tao Ren, Xin Qian, Liang Liu, Elaine Lai-Han Leung, Yi-Jun Tang
The analysis of components that lead to increased work of breathing in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
Sibei Chen, Ying Li, Zeguang Zheng, Qun Luo, Rongchang Chen
Impact of pre-transplant pulmonary infection developed in horizontal laminar flow unit on the outcome of subsequent allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Gan-Lin He, Ying-Jun Chang, Lan-Ping Xu, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Yu Wang, Kai-Yan Liu, Xiao-Jun Huang
Tubeless video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) under non-intubated, intravenous anesthesia with spontaneous ventilation and no placement of chest tube postoperatively
Fei Cui, Jun Liu, Shuben Li, Weiqiang Yin, Xu Xin, Wenlong Shao, Jianxing He
Modified bronchial anastomosis in video-assisted thoracoscopic sleeve lobectomy: a report of 32 cases
Hao Chen, Lin Huang, Guobing Xu, Bin Zheng, Wei Zheng, Yong Zhu, Zhaohui Guo, Chun Chen

Surgical Technique

A “reverse direction” technique of single-port left upper pulmonary resection
Min Zhang, Alan D. L. Sihoe, Ming Du
Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery left superior segmentectomy with systematic lymphadenectomy in the semiprone position
Zongwu Lin, Junjie Xi, Songtao Xu, Qun Wang
Left upper lobectomy and systematic lymph nodes dissection in enlarged pulmonary hilar lymph nodes in primary lung cancer patient by uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery
Jun-Qiang Fan, Jie Yao, Zhi-Bo Chang, Qi Wang
Modular 3-cm uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic left upper lobectomy with systemic lymphadenectomy
Qi Wang, Yi-Xin Cai, Yu Deng, Sheng-Ling Fu, Xiang-Ning Fu, Ni Zhang
VATS right upper lobe bronchial sleeve resection
Qianli Ma, Deruo Liu
Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery right upper lobectomy with systemic lymphadenectomy
Ding-Pei Han, Jie Xiang, He-Cheng Li, Jun-Biao Hang
Uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic right upper lobectomy with systematic lymphadenectomy
Gang Shen, Ying Chai, Lijian Huang, Maoying Yang, Guofei Zhang
Uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery for left upper lobe: single-direction lobectomy with systematic lymphadenectomy
Mingxiang Feng, Miao Lin, Yaxin Shen, Hao Wang

Review Article

Radiological contribution to the diagnosis of early postoperative complications after lung resection for primary tumor: a revisional study
Luciano Cardinale, Adriano Massimiliano Priola, Sandro Massimo Priola, Francesco Boccuzzi, Najada Dervishi, Elena Lisi, Andrea Veltri, Francesco Ardissone
Long noncoding RNAs are novel potential prognostic biomarkers for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: an overview
Han-Yu Deng, Yun-Cang Wang, Peng-Zhi Ni, Yi-Dan Lin, Long-Qi Chen
Left ventricular assist devices—current state and perspectives
Anatol Prinzing, Ulf Herold, Anna Berkefeld, Markus Krane, Rüdiger Lange, Bernhard Voss

Case Report

Protective effect of angulated aorta for saving coronary artery during endovascular repair for ascending aortic pseudoaneurysm
Myeong Gun Kim, Woong Chol Kang, Pyung Chun Oh, Yang Bin Jeon, Ji Yeon Lee, Eak Kyun Shin
Treatment decision based on the biological behavior of pulmonary benign metastasizing leiomyoma
Aurel Ottlakan, Bernadett Borda, Gyorgy Lazar, Laszlo Tiszlavicz, Jozsef Furak
Giant thymoma successfully resected via hemiclamshell thoracotomy: a case report
Weigang Zhao, Wentao Fang
A case of long-term survival after multimodal local treatments of intramedullary spinal cord metastasis of squamous cell lung cancer
Shojiro Minomo, Akihiro Tokoro, Tomoki Utsumi, Masahiro Ishihara, Masanori Akira, Shinji Atagi
Giant bronchogenic cyst with pericardial defect: a case report & literature review in Japan
Toshiko Kamata, Shigetoshi Yoshida, Takekazu Iwata, Yukio Nakatani, Ichiro Yoshino
Successful treatment of a bronchopleural fistula after en masse lobectomy
Mitsuhiro Kamiyoshihara, Takashi Ibe, Natsuko Kawatani, Fumi Ohsawa, Ryohei Yoshikawa
Perforation of esophagus and subsequent mediastinitis following mussel shell ingestion
Il Hwan Park, Hyun Kyo Lim, Seung Woo Song, Kwang Ho Lee
Non-intubated laparoscopic repair of giant Morgagni’s hernia for a young man
Miao Zhang, Heng Wang, Dong Liu, Xuefeng Pan, Wenbin Wu, Zhengqun Hu, Hui Zhang
Evaluation of airway resistance in primary small cell carcinoma of the trachea by MostGraph: a case study
Eri Hagiwara, Yasuhiro Gon, Kentaro Hayashi, Mai Takahashi, Yuko Iida, Hisato Hiranuma, Yoshiko Nakagawa, Tsukasa Hataoka, Kenji Mizumura, Shuichiro Maruoka, Tetsuo Shimizu, Noriaki Takahashi, Shu Hashimoto
Mycotic aortic arch aneurysm coexistent with constrictive pericarditis: is surgery a dangerous resort?
Peter S. Y. Yu, Simon C. H. Yu, Cheuk-Man Chu, Micky W. T. Kwok, Yuk-Hoi Lam, Malcolm J. Underwood, Randolph H. L. Wong
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in a young heart transplant recipient crossing the traditional boundaries
Khalil Ahmad, Christian Juhl Terkelsen, Kim Allan Terp, Ole Norling Mathiassen, Bjarne Linde Nørgaard, Henning Rud Andersen, Steen Hvitfeldt Poulsen


Association of rosuvastatin and delirium in severe sepsis with acute respiratory distress syndrome
Leili Pourafkari, Nader D. Nader, Jahan Porhomayon
What is more important: defibrillation or compression?
Wei Gu, Chun-Sheng Li
A new tool to assess relatives’ experience of dying and death in the intensive care unit
Isabell Fridh, Anna Forsberg
Early goal directed mobility in the ICU: ‘something in the way you move’
Claudia C. dos Santos, Margaret Herridge, Jane Batt
Bugs, genes, and the intensive care unit
Kerina Jane Denny, Jeffrey Lipman
Amiodarone and lidocaine for shock refractory ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: are they really effective?
Kazuhiro Sugiyama, Masahiro Kashiura, Yuichi Hamabe
Targeting metabolic peculiarities: a potentially novel therapeutic approach for KRAS-mutant lung cancer?
Omar Abdel-Rahman
Therapeutic hypothermia in ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI): a long way to go
Luca Liberale, Fabrizio Montecucco
Minimally invasive lobectomy for early stage non-small cell lung cancer—it can be done without sacrificing oncologic outcomes
Mark F. Berry
Beta-blockers in septic shock: a magnifying glass on the relation heart vessel
Calypso Mathieu, Laurent Zieleskiewicz, Marc Leone
Proposals for revisions of the classification of lung cancers with multiple pulmonary sites: the radiologist’s, thoracic surgeon’s and oncologist’s point of view
Stefania Rizzo, Francesco Petrella, Antonio Passaro, Filippo de Marinis, Massimo Bellomi
Impact of lymph node occult metastases in stage I non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): what is the evidence?
Giuseppe Marulli, Marco Mammana, Federico Rea
Savior or not: ADAM17 inhibitors overcome radiotherapy-resistance in non-small cell lung cancer
Katsuaki Ieguchi, Yoshiro Maru
Assessment of clinical criteria for sepsis—was the cart put before the horse?
Mylène Aublanc, Jean-Christophe Richard
Disability after prolonged mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit: tracking the fate of our patients
Lorenzo Ball, Paolo Pelosi
Insights into ascending aortic aneurysm pathogenesis using in vivo and ex vivo imaging systems in angiotensin II-infused mice
Mary B. Sheppard, Alan Daugherty, Hong Lu
Endovascular repair of the ascending aorta: the last frontier?
Drosos Kotelis, Johannes Kalder, Michael J. Jacobs
The evolution of mitral valve prolapse: insights from the Framingham Heart Study
Zhaozhuo Niu, Vincent Chan, Thierry Mesana, Marc Ruel
Heart rate reduction may be a major determinant of vascular tone in esmolol-treated septic shock patients—although still remains to be confirmed!
Antoine Kimmoun, Chaoije Wei, Bruno Levy, Djillali Annane
Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in lung cancer: a new prognostic parameter
Kobe Reynders, Dirk De Ruysscher
The bell tolls for indeterminant lung nodules: computer-aided nodule assessment and risk yield (CANARY) has the wrong tune
David O. Wilson, Jiantao Pu
Promising but still uncertain steps towards better prediction of functional outcome in ICU patients
Lieuwe D. Bos, Laura R. Schouten, Marcus J. Schultz
Outcomes with intravascular ultrasound-guided stent implantation: a meta-analysis of randomized trials in the era of drug-eluting stents
Soo-Jin Kang, Gary S. Mintz
Dual antiplatelet therapy duration after drug-eluting stents: how long?
Gérard Helft


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