Vol 8, No 10 (October 01, 2016): Journal of Thoracic Disease


Classification of drugs to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB): evidence and perspectives
Adrian Rendon, Simon Tiberi, Anna Scardigli, Lia D’Ambrosio, Rosella Centis, Jose A. Caminero, Giovanni Battista Migliori
Statistical modeling to unravel multiple predictors of the choice of chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer
Zhongheng Zhang
Circulating biomarker for malignant pleural mesothelioma diagnosis: pay attention to study design
Zhi-De Hu
Percutaneous coronary intervention versus bypass grafting in left main coronary artery disease
Stine Munkholm-Larsen, Tristan D. Yan
Anastomotic leak: an early complication with potentially long-term consequences
Francisco Schlottmann, Daniela Molena
How to deal with subcentimeter lung cancer: a moving target!
Paul E. Van Schil
Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT): a call for personalized medicine
Usman Tahir, Robert W. Yeh
Onsite cardiac surgery standby during transcatheter aortic valve implantation: when and why
Marco Vola, Antoine Gerbay
Significance of depression in family caregivers of critically ill patients discharged home
Eui Geum Oh, Hyun Joo Lee, You Lee Yang, oung Man Kim
Does high-dose perioperative use of statins ameliorate acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery?
Roger van Groenendael, Peter Pickkers
From self-awareness to self-actualization: empowering sepsis survivors to a meaningful and enduring recovery
Brian J. Anderson, Mark E. Mikkelsen
Timing of RRT initiation in critically-ill patients: time for precision medicine
Eric Kipnis, Francesco Garzotto, Claudio Ronco
Myocardial revascularization: do age and sex matter?
Piroze M. Davierwala, Friedrich W. Mohr
Emerging strategies for the treatment of advanced small cell lung cancer
Joline SJ Lim, Dearbhaile Collins, Timothy A. Yap
Efficacy and safety of nivolumab combined with standard therapies for first-line therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Martin Metzenmacher, Daniel C. Christoph
Lung cancer screening: not all nodules are created equal
Gaurav Shukla, Noelle L. Williams, Christopher Luminais, Bo Lu, Wenyin Shi
Left atrial appendage exclusion for atrial fibrillation: does the protection from stroke prevail in the long-term?
Vaibhav R. Vaidya, Roshini Asirvatham, Jason Tri, Samuel J. Asirvatham
Best percutaneous coronary intervention approach for small caliber coronary arteries
Amir Solomonica, Ariel Roguin
Should we apply “early” initiation of renal replacement therapy to critically ill patients with acute kidney injury?
Matthieu Legrand
Robotic assisted lung resection needs further evidence
Marcello Migliore
Liquid biopsy in the practice of neo-oncology
Smadar Geva, Laila C. Roisman, Nir Peled
Changes in biometry and cerebroplacental hemodynamics in fetuses with congenital heart diseases
Alberto Borges Peixoto, Gabriele Tonni, Edward Araujo Júnior
Editorial on the article entitled “brigatinib efficacy and safety in patients with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-positive nonsmall cell lung cancer in a phase I/II trial”
Ivana Sullivan, David Planchard
Clinical efficacy of EGFR-TKIs in combination with chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer harboring EGFR mutations
Minghui Zhang, Mingyang Liu, Yan Wang
High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy: more than a higher amount of oxygen delivery
Eric Maury, Mikael Alves, Naike Bigé
New guidelines on duration of dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with coronary artery disease: what's the novelty?
Gérard Helft
Implementing computed tomography-based lung cancer screening in the community
James L. Mulshine, Laurie Fenton Ambrose
Anti-arrhythmics in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: lessons from a randomized controlled trial
Yann-Laurent Violin, Clément Derkenne, Daniel Jost, Jean-Pierre Tourtier
Current evidence in support of the second-generation anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) tyrosine kinase inhibitor alectinib for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer positive for ALK translocation
Hidetoshi Hayashi, Kazuhiko Nakagawa
Measures of outcome in lung cancer screening: maximising the benefits
Robert Peter Young, Raewyn Janice Hopkins
Bleeding in continuous flow left ventricular assist device recipients: an acquired vasculopathy?
Snehal R. Patel, Sasa Vukelic, Ulrich P. Jorde
Bioresorbable scaffolds and drug-eluting balloons for the management of spontaneous coronary artery dissections
Vasileios F. Panoulas, Alfonso Ielasi
Editorial on the article entitled “the impact of intimal tear location and partial false lumen thrombosis in acute type b aortic dissection”
Suk Jung Choo, Joon Bum Kim
Myocarditis with very high troponins: risk stratification by cardiac magnetic resonance
Rajesh Janardhanan
Von Willebrand factor, paravalvular leak, and a new vista for TAVR
Neal S. Kleiman, Michael J. Reardon
Early enteral nutrition still has advantages in patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy
Seung Hwan Lee, Jae Gil Lee
The APPS: an outcome score for the acute respiratory distress syndrome
Jesús Villar, Robert M. Kacmarek
Immunotherapy and lung cancer: from therapeutic cancer vaccination to novel approaches
Valentina Mazza, Federico Cappuzzo
Coronary bifurcation lesions: is less more?
Johan Bennett, Christophe Dubois


Lawrence H. Cohn, M.D. [1937–2016]
Taufiek Konrad Rajab, Jan D. Schmitto, Nanshan Zhong, Jianxing He

Original Article

The expression of SALL4 is significantly associated with EGFR, but not KRAS or EML4-ALK mutations in lung cancer
Xiangbo Jia, Rulin Qian, Binbin Zhang, Song Zhao
Primary adenosquamous carcinoma of the esophagus: an analysis of 39 cases
Peng-Zhi Ni, Yu-Shang Yang, Wei-Peng Hu, Wen-Ping Wang, Yong Yuan, Long-Qi Chen
A morphologic study of the airway structure abnormalities in patients with asthma by high-resolution computed tomography
Dan Wang, Jian Luo, Wen Du, Lan-Lan Zhang, Li-Xiu He, Chun-Tao Liu
An evaluation study of research efficiency of the Guangzhou institute of respiratory diseases based on malmquist index
Jian-Feng Liao, Juan Wang, Liang Liang, Yong-Ding Wu, Mei-Juan Huang, Tian-Qiang Liu, Lin Zhou, Xin-Wang Wang
Transoral endoscopic mediastinal surgery (TOEMS)—results of a first clinical study for scarless mediastinal lymph node biopsies
Wolfram Klemm, Steffen Frese, Gunda Leschber, André Nemat, Thomas Wilhelm
Clinicopathological features and prognosis of patients <45 years old with esophageal adenocarcinoma comparing to other age groups
Su Yang, Haibo Li, Chunyi Jia, Xiao Ma, Wei Guo, Hecheng Li
Detection of salivary aspiration using radionuclide salivagram SPECT/CT in patients with COPD exacerbation: a preliminary study
Peng Hou, Huaifu Deng, Zhida Wu, Haiping Liu, Ni Liu, Zeguang Zheng, Ping Chen
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy in non-sleepy patients with obstructive sleep apnea: results of a meta-analysis
Dongmei Zhang, Jinmei Luo, Yixian Qiao, Yi Xiao
Amide-linked local anesthetics induce apoptosis in human non-small cell lung cancer
Hong-Wei Wang, Le-Yi Wang, Li Jiang, Su-Ming Tian, Tai-Di Zhong, Xiang-Ming Fang
Endobronchial ultrasonography with guide sheath versus computed tomography guided transthoracic needle biopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions: a propensity score matched analysis
Chong Wang, Xiao Li, Zuli Zhou, Hui Zhao, Zhixin Li, Guanchao Jiang, Jun Wang
Prognostic value of on admission arterial PCO2 in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia
Zeynab Yassin, Mohammad Saadat, Hamidreza Abtahi, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani, Soheil Peiman
Using a chemiresistor-based alkane sensor to distinguish exhaled breaths of lung cancer patients from subjects with no lung cancer
Jiunn-Liang Tan, Zheng-Xin Yong, Chong-Kin Liam
Tigecycline combination for ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by extensive drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii
Hangyong He, Yali Zheng, Bing Sun, Xiao Tang, Rui Wang, Zhaohui Tong
Functional role of lncRNA DB327252 in lung cancer
Enwu Xu, Xuanwei Yu, Qian Zeng, Guibin Qiao, Yiwen Xuan, Yong Tang, Qihang Zhu, Jianxing He
Recurrent laryngeal nerve lymph node dissection may not be suitable for all early stage esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients: an 8-year experience
Shaobin Yu, Jihong Lin, Chenshu Chen, Jiangbo Lin, Ziyang Han, Wenwei Lin, Mingqiang Kang
Clinical analysis of non-AIDS patients pathologically diagnosed with pulmonary cryptococcosis
Kaixiong Liu, Haibo Ding, Bing Xu, Ruixiong You, Zhen Xing, Jianfeng Chen, Qichang Lin, Jieming Qu
Effectiveness of lung ultrasonography for diagnosis of pneumonia in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Yang Xia, Yinghua Ying, Shaobin Wang, Wen Li, Huahao Shen
Impact of anticancer drugs price cut on physician’s prescription choices on first-line chemotherapy regimens and health expenditure for advanced non-small cell lung cancer in China
Bei Li, Mei-Ying Li, Luan-Luan Sun, Jian Wang, Yan-Qing Zheng, Jing Hao
Should primary tumor be resected for non-small cell lung cancer with malignant pleural disease unexpectedly found during operation?—a systemic review and meta-analysis
Yuyang Xu, Nan Chen, Wang Zihuai, Yingyi Zhang, Jiandong Mei, Liu Chengwu, Liu Lunxu
Comparison of robot-assisted esophagectomy and thoracoscopic esophagectomy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Samina Park, Yoohwa Hwang, Hyun Joo Lee, In Kyu Park, Young Tae Kim, Chang Hyun Kang
Analysis of risk factors for and the prognosis of postoperative acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with Stanford type A aortic dissection
Mei-Fang Chen, Liang-Wan Chen, Hua Cao, Yong Lin
Single-port video-assisted thoracic surgery in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: a propensity-matched comparative analysis
Fuqiang Dai, Shenglan Meng, Longyong Mei, Chen Guan, Zheng Ma
Psychological impact of revealing a diagnosis of lung cancer to patients in China
Huimin Qian, Lili Hou
Changes in cholesterol level correlate with the course of pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial disease
Ji Young Hong, Go Eun Yang, Yousang Ko, Yong Bum Park, Yun Su Sim, Sung Hoon Park, Chang Youl Lee, Ki-Suck Jung, Myung Goo Lee
Effectiveness of temporary positive expiratory pressure (T-PEP) at home and at hospital in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Valentina Mascardi, Bruna Grecchi, Cornelius Barlascini, Paolo Banfi, Antonello Nicolini
Influence of old pulmonary tuberculosis on the management of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax in patients over the age of 70 years
Sang Cjeol Lee, Deok Heon Lee
The overexpression of KIFC1 was associated with the proliferation and prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer
Yafang Liu, Ping Zhan, Zejun Zhou, Ze Xing, Suhua Zhu, Chenhui Ma, Qian Li, Qingqing Zhu, Yingying Miao, Jianya Zhang, Tangfeng Lv, Yong Song
Does 11.5 mm guided single port surgery has clinical advantage than multi-port thoracoscopic surgery in spontaneous pneumothorax?
Hyun Woo Jeon, Young-Du Kim
Small cervical incision facilitates minimally invasive resection of non-invasive thoracic inlet tumor
Han-Yu Deng, Zhi-Hui Li, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Yun-Cang Wang, Gang Li, Yi-Dan Lin, Lun-Xu Liu
Role of oxidative stress and outcome of various surgical approaches among patients with bullous lung disease candidate for surgical interference
Ahmed Farouk, Mohammed H. Hassan, Mohammed Alaa Nady, Mohammed Farouk Abdel Hafez

Case Report

Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome accompanied by pulmonary arteriovenous malformation
Noriyuki Matsutani, Hitoshi Dejima, Yusuke Takahashi, Hirofumi Uehara, Hisae Iinuma, Fumihiko Tanaka, Masafumi Kawamura
Successful treatment of suspected organizing pneumonia in a patient with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection: a case report
Insu Kim, Jeong Eun Lee, Kye-Hyung Kim, Shinwon Lee, Kwangha Lee, Jeong Ha Mok
Autofluorescence imaging bronchoscopy as a novel approach to the management of tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica: a case report
Hiroaki Ihara, Ken Tajima, Hitomi Yoshikawa, Manabu Tajima, Norihiro Harada, Fumiyuki Takahashi, Toshimasa Uekusa, Tetsutaro Nagaoka, Kazuhisa Takahashi
Acute chest pain in a triathlete: rupture of the noncoronary sinus of Valsalva into the right ventricle
Ernan Zhu, Ralf Westenfeld, Mareike Gastl, Florian Bönner, Alexander Assmann, Amir M. Nia, Malte Kelm, Christian Jung
An unusual case of incomplete Carney triad: an 18-year-old girl suffering from multiple benign tumors
Guan Shi, Yong Cui, Ying He, Min Gong
Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia in an adult male due to a novel mutation: a case report
Yuanda Xu, Qi Qing, Xuesong Liu, Sibei Chen, Ziyi Chen, Xuefeng Niu, Yaxia Tan, Weiqun He, Xiaoqing Liu, Yimin Li, Rongchang Chen, Ling Chen
Prosthetic valve endocarditis after transcatheter aortic valve implantation-diagnostic and surgical considerations
Khalil Ahmad, Kaj Erik Klaaborg, Vibeke Hjortdal, Bjarne Linde Nørgaard, Christian Juhl Terkelsen, Kaare Jensen, Evald Høj Christiansen, Kim Allan Terp, Gratien Andersen, Steen Hvitfeldt, Henning Rud Andersen


Perspectives and implications of the new sepsis clinical practice guidelines
Denise McCormack, Miriam Kulkarni, Steven E. Keller
Endovascular stent graft repair of the ascending aorta—final frontier in the endovascular treatment of the aorta
Hiroshi Kubota
Radiosensitivity in the breast cancer management scenario: another step forward?
Icro Meattini, Giulio Francolini, Lorenzo Livi
A novel function of IL-33: suppression of innate antiviral immunity
Akio Matsuda
MELK kinase holds promise as a new radiosensitizing target and biomarker in triple-negative breast cancer
Carlos S. Moreno
Optimizing the lung cancer screening interval: the world is waiting
Carole A. Ridge, Phillip M. Boiselle
The modest outcome of clinical trials with bone marrow cells for myocardial repair: is the autologous source of cells the prime culprit?
Muhammad Siddique Shahid, Wael Lasheen, Khawaja Husnain Haider
A crucial first randomized controlled trial of thymectomy in nonthymomatous myasthenia gravis
Pierre R. Bourque, Jodi Warman Chardon
Quality of life in adults with congenital heart disease: what matters?
Kai G. Kahl, Mechthild Westhoff-Bleck
Efficacy of crizotinib in ALK fusion variants
Tetsu Kobayashi, Hajime Fujimoto, Esteban C. Gabazza
Oligometastases to the liver: predicting outcomes based upon radiation sensitivity
Haoming Qiu, Alan W. Katz, Michael T. Milano
Harnessing plasma genotyping for precision therapy against lung cancer
Xiang Yan, Bingliang Fang
The appropriate use of risk scores in the prediction of atrial fibrillation
Wesley T. O’Neal, Alvaro Alonso
Using sound advice—intravascular ultrasound as a diagnostic tool
Yasir Parviz, Khady N. Fall, Ziad A. Ali
The scaffolding must be removed once the house is built”—spontaneous coronary artery dissection and the potential of bioresorbable scaffolds
Keyvan Karimi Galougahi, Ori Ben-Yehuda, Akiko Maehara, Gary S. Mintz, Gregg W. Stone, Ziad A. Ali
Role of adjuvant therapy in early-stage small-cell lung cancer: comment on a population-based cohort study of patients with early-stage small-cell lung cancer
Hisashi Saji, Hideki Marushima, Haruhiko Nakamura
More options, more considerations: how new treatment options influence clinical decision making
In Hae Park
High salt diet and caffeine: food for thought
Alexander Staruschenko, Daria V. Ilatovskaya, Tengis S. Pavlov
Contemporary drug-eluting stents and companion polymers: durable is not synonymous with harm
Salvatore Cassese, Sebastian Kufner, Adnan Kastrati
Management of screening-detected stage I lung cancer
Raymond U. Osarogiagbon
Commentary on “Randomized trial of thymectomy in myasthenia gravis”
Alexandar Tzankov