Vol 8, No 12 (December 31, 2016): Journal of Thoracic Disease

Grand Rounds1

Preface to Grand Rounds Column
Guangqiao Zeng, on behalf of Journal of Thoracic Disease
A 43-year-old man with cough, expectoration and recurrent wheezing
Hongyu Wang, Ruchong Chen, Jiaxing Xie, Qingling Zhang, Yu Deng, Qingsi Zeng, Zheng Zhu, Ming Ding, Zhengdao Lai, Martin Kolb, Paul O’Byrne, Rongchang Chen, Nanshan Zhong


Drug-eluting stent restenosis treatment: an “old” stent, a “new” balloon or a “newer” scaffold?
Dario Buccheri, Giuliana Cimino
New developments towards the management of severe cases of tracheobronchomalacia
David C. van der Zee
Personalized interventions for tracheobronchomalacia
Tayfun Caliskan, Sarah Sungurlu, Septimiu Murgu
Tracheobronchomalacia treatment: how far have we come?
Daniel López-Padilla, Ricardo García-Luján, Luis Puente Maestu, Eduardo de Miguel Poch
High flow nasal cannula in extubated patients: is it advantageous over conventional oxygen therapy?
Jian-Jun Zhang, Bing Dai
Systematic long-term follow-up programs in patients with simple congenital heart diseases: how long is long?
Marco Zuin, Gianluca Rigatelli
Acute respiratory distress syndrome and mechanical ventilation: ups and downs of an ongoing relationship trap
Christoph Haberthür, Manfred D. Seeberger
Put pressure worldwide on blood pressure control
Simona Costanzo, Giovanni de Gaetano, Licia Iacoviello
Delirium prevention: another piece of the puzzle
Beth M. T. Teegarden, Donald S. Prough
The current evidence on diagnosis and treatment of acute aortic syndrome
Shintaro Minegishi, Hiroki Watanabe, Nobuyuki Horita, Yuji Shibata, Takeshi Kaneko, Tomoaki Ishigami
Nasal high flow oxygen therapy after extubation: the road is open but don’t drive too fast!
Antoine Rabbat, Kim Blanc, Aurélie Lefebvre, Christine Lorut
Does the number of incisions in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery matter?
Henrik Jessen Hansen, Gonzalo Varela, René Horsleben Petersen, William S. Walker
Shorter antibiotic courses in community-acquired pneumonia—ready for prime time
Erica J. Shaddock, Charles Feldman
Quality of life in adults living with congenital heart disease: beyond morbidity and mortality
Amanda L. Hunter, Lorna Swan
Continuous infusion of beta-lactams: a blissful option for the intensive care unit
Andrew F. Shorr, Marya D. Zilberberg
Coronary surgery in elderly: it is never too late
Pierpaolo Chivasso, Umberto Benedetto
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy and cardiovascular outcomes in obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: where are we now?
Walter T. McNicholas
The BREATHE-appeal: harmonize interaction between patient and ventilator!
Thomas Bein, Steffen Weber-Carstens
The timing of elective ascending aortic aneurysm replacement for non-syndromic patients and the implication of bicuspid aortic valve-related aortopathy
Ali Khoynezhad
Who is at risk of dissection or rupture in moderately dilated ascending aorta?
Pyung Chun Oh, Woong Chol Kang
Evaluation of symptomatic patients without airflow obstruction: back to the future
Jose Luis Lopez-Campos, Bernardino Alcazar
Detection of patient-ventilator asynchrony should be improved: and then what?
Hermann Wrigge, Felix Girrbach, Gunther Hempel
Transapical beating-heart chordae implantation in mitral regurgitation: a new horizon for repairing mitral valve prolapse
Patrizio Lancellotti, Marc Radermecker, Rodolphe Durieux, Thomas Modine, Cécile Oury, Khalil Fattouch
Antifungal use in intensive care units: another uncertainty that highlights the need for precision medicine
Rima Moghnieh, Zeina A. Kanafani, Souha S. Kanj
Optimizing sedation in critically ill patients: by technology or change of culture?
Thomas Stroem, Palle Toft
Postextubation management of patients at high risk for reintubation
Kenneth Nugent
Towards engineering integrated cardiac organoids: beating recorded
Yu Shrike Zhang, Cunjiang Yu
Listen to patient’s complaints more than ECHO
Ho Jin Kim, Joon Bum Kim
Do isolated calf deep vein thrombosis need anticoagulant treatment?
Gualtiero Palareti
Locoregional recurrence after VATS surgery for NSCLC
Pierre-Emmanuel Falcoz, Gilbert Massard
Von Willebrand factor multimers during transcatheter aortic valve replacement—an additional clue for detecting post-procedural aortic regurgitation?
Andras Peter Durko, Arie Pieter Kappetein
Growing importance of valvular heart disease in the elderly
Yan Chen, Kai-Hang Yiu
One, two, three or four ports… does it matter? Priorities in lung cancer surgery
Herbert Decaluwé
Adjuvant chemotherapy for a T3 additional tumor nodule in the same lobe: ready for prime time?
M. Jawad Latif, David R. Jones
Minimally invasive thymectomy for thymoma: does surgical approach matter or is it a question of stage?
Andrew J. Kaufman, Raja M. Flores
Prevention of organ dysfunction in septic shock: still looking for an effective treatment
Giovanni Landoni, Alessandro Belletti, Alessandro Putzu, Alberto Zangrillo
What is the role of empirical treatment for suspected invasive candidiasis in non-neutropenic non transplanted patients in the intensive care unit?—Empiricus strikes back!
Cédric Bretonnière, Karim Lakhal, Thierry Lepoivre, David Boutoille, Florent Morio

Original Article

Does videomediastinoscopy with frozen sections improve mediastinal staging during video-assisted thoracic surgery pulmonary resections?
Alessandro Gonfiotti, Stefano Bongiolatti, Domenico Viggiano, Sara Borgianni, Roberto Borrelli, Giorgia Tancredi, Massimo O. Jaus, Leonardo Politi, Camilla E. Comin, Luca Voltolini
Fibred confocal fluorescence microscopy in the diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases
Peng Meng, Gan Liang Tan, Su Ying Low, Angela Takan, Yuen Li Ng, Devanand Anantham
The application of thromboelastogram in detection of indexes of antiplatelet therapy for coronary heart disease
Shu-Wu Zhao, Yu-Ping Wang, Lin-Dong Xu, Wei Gang
Segmental bronchi collapsibility: computed tomography-based quantification in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and correlation with emphysema phenotype, corresponding lung volume changes and clinical parameters
Christopher Kloth, Wolfgang Maximilian Thaiss, Hendrik Ditt, Jürgen Hetzel, Eva Schülen, Konstantin Nikolaou, Marius Horger
Localization of in-stent neoatherosclerosis in relation to curvatures and bifurcations after stenting
Yongpeng Zou, Xingtao Huang, Linxing Feng, Jingbo Hou, Lei Xing, Bo Yu
Video-assisted versus conventional thoracotomy pneumonectomy: a comparison of perioperative outcomes and short-term measures of convalescence
Yuanqi Liu, Yang Gao, Huajun Zhang, Yuanda Cheng, Ruimin Chang, Weixing Zhang, Chunfang Zhang
Safety and feasibility of uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Junqiang Fan, Jie Yao, Qi Wang, Zhibo Chang
Calcification of arteries supplying the gastric tube increases the risk of anastomotic leakage after esophagectomy with cervical anastomosis
Liang Zhao, Gefei Zhao, Jiagen Li, Bin Qu, Susheng Shi, Xiaoli Feng, Hao Feng, Jun Jiang, Qi Xue, Jie He
Management of acute postoperative pain with continuous intercostal nerve block after single port video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomic resection
Ming-Ju Hsieh, Kuo-Cheng Wang, Hung-Pin Liu, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Ching-Yang Wu, Yun-Hen Liu, Yi-Cheng Wu, Yin-Kai Chao, Ching-Feng Wu
Is early postoperative administration of pregabalin beneficial for patients with lung cancer?—randomized control trial
Takuro Miyazaki, Tetsuya Sakai, Shuntaro Sato, Naoya Yamasaki, Tomoshi Tsuchiya, Keitaro Matsumoto, Ryotaro Kamohara, Go Hatachi, Ryoichiro Doi, Takeshi Nagayasu
MicroRNAs are novel non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers for pulmonary embolism: a meta-analysis
Han-Yu Deng, Gang Li, Jun Luo, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Xiao-Yan Yang, Yi-Dan Lin, Lun-Xu Liu
The impact of operative approaches on outcomes of middle and lower third esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Ju-Wei Mu, Shu-Geng Gao, Qi Xue, You-Sheng Mao, Da-Li Wang, Jun Zhao, Yu-Shun Gao, Jin-Feng Huang, Jie He
Body mass index—percent forced vital capacity—respiratory hospitalization: new staging for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients
Tomoo Kishaba, Hiroaki Nagano, Yuichiro Nei, Shin Yamashiro
Survival after subsequent non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-small cell lung cancer in patients with malignant thymoma
Jacob S. Parzen, James E. Bates, Michael T. Milano, Sughosh Dhakal
Effect of gender on perioperative outcomes after robotic-assisted pulmonary lobectomy
Jessica R. Glover, Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Wei Wei Zhang, Kavian Toosi, Tawee Tanvetyanon, Emily P. Ng, Carla C. Moodie, Joseph R. Garrett, Jacques P. Fontaine, Eric M. Toloza
Prognostic value of right upper mediastinal lymphadenectomy in Sweet procedure for esophageal cancer
Zhi-Qiang Wang, Han-Yu Deng, Yang Hu, Yong Yuan, Wen-Ping Wang, Yun-Cang Wang, Long-Qi Chen
Parma tracheostomy technique: a hybrid approach to tracheostomy between classical surgical and percutaneous tracheostomies
Alberto Molardi, Filippo Benassi, Tullio Manca, Andrea Ramelli, Antonella Vezzani, Francesco Nicolini, Giorgio Romano, Matteo Ricci, Davide Carino, Maria Vincenza Di Chicco, Tiziano Gherli
A bench evaluation of fraction of oxygen in air delivery and tidal volume accuracy in home care ventilators available for hospital use
Loredana Baboi, Fabien Subtil, Claude Guérin
Glucose-insulin-potassium correlates with hemodynamic improvement in patients with septic myocardial dysfunction
Won-Young Kim, Moon Seong Baek, Young Shin Kim, Jarim Seo, Jin Won Huh, Chae-Man Lim, Younsuck Koh, Sang-Bum Hong
Prognostic significance of red cell distribution width in elderly patients undergoing resection for non-small cell lung cancer
Junji Ichinose, Tomohiro Murakawa, Mitsuaki Kawashima, Kazuhiro Nagayama, Jun-ichi Nitadori, Masaki Anraku, Jun Nakajima
Correlation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 expression with recurrences in primary spontaneous pneumothorax patients
Wen-Chin Chiu, Yi-Chen Lee, Yu-Han Su, Chee-Yin Chai, Stephen Chu-Sung Hu, Shyng-Shiou F. Yuan, Shah-Hwa Chou
Association between postoperative bulla neogenesis at the staple line and resected lung weight for primary spontaneous pneumothorax: a retrospective study using the inverse-probability of treatment weighted method in patients grouped according to age
Kenji Tsuboshima, Machiko Nagata, Teppei Wakahara, Yasumi Matoba, Yoshimasa Maniwa
LMO4 is a prognostic marker involved in cell migration and invasion in non-small-cell lung cancer
Wenjun Wang, Sipei Wu, Minzhang Guo, Jianxing He
The efficacy of thoracoscopic fissureless lobectomy in patients with dense fissures
Hitoshi Igai, Mitsuhiro Kamiyoshihara, Ryohei Yoshikawa, Fumi Osawa, Natsuko Kawatani, Takashi Ibe, Kimihiro Shimizu
Utility of thrombophilia testing in patients with venous thrombo-embolism
Masataka Kudo, Huang L. Lee, Ian A. Yang, Philip J. Masel
Minimalist video-assisted thoracic surgery biopsy of mediastinal tumors
Federico Tacconi, Paola Rogliani, Benedetto Cristino, Francesco Gilardi, Leonardo Palombi, Eugenio Pompeo, for the Awake Thoracic Surgery Research

Expert Consensus

Recommendations for the management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in South Africa: a position statement of the South African Thoracic Society
Coenraad F. N. Koegelenberg, Gillian M. Ainslie, Keertan Dheda, Brian W. Allwood, Michelle L. Wong, Umesh G. Lalloo, Mohamed S. Abdool-Gaffar, Hoosain Khalfey, Elvis M. Irusen

Evidenced-Based Clinical Problem Solving Article2

How should this patient with repeated aspiration pneumonia be managed and treated?—a proposal of the Percutaneous ENdoscopIc Gastrostomy and Tracheostomy (PENlIGhT) procedure
Zhongheng Zhang, Jason Akulian, Yucai Hong, Ning Liu, Yuhao Chen, on behalf of AME Critical Care Collaborative Group

Surgical Technique

Optimizing the exposure in minimally invasive mitral surgery: a new left atrial retractor system
Ernesto Greco, David Rose, Francesco Irace, Giacomo Frati
Surgical technique: establishing a pre-clinical large animal model to test aortic valve leaflet substitute
Martin Schweiger, Walter Knirsch, Niko Cesarovic, Bernard Krüger, Martin Schmiady, Thomas Frauenfelder, Laura Fres, Hitendu Dav, Simon Philipp Hoerstrup, Michael Hübler

Review Article

Ischemic mitral valve prolapse
Francesco Nappi, Spadaccio Cristiano, Antonio Nenna, Massimo Chello
Veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: cannulation techniques
Carl Banfi, Matteo Pozzi, Nils Siegenthaler, Marie-Eve Brunner, Didier Tassaux, JeanFrancois Obadia, Karim Bendjelid, Raphaël Giraud
Duration of antibiotic therapy in the intensive care unit
Gabor Zilahi, Mary McMahon, Pedro Povoa, Ignacio Martin-Loeches
Tracheal and bronchial tumors
Patricio Varela, Luca Pio, Elisa Brandigi, Irene Paraboschi, Nazhia Khen-Dunlop, Erik Hervieux, Cecile Muller, Girolamo Mattioli, Sabine Sarnacki, Michele Torre
Review of tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration in the South African paediatric age group
Tamer Ali Sultan, Arjan Bastiaan van As
Endobronchial tuberculosis—a review
Talha Shahzad, Muhammad Irfan
The anaesthetic consideration of tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration in children
Pinar Kendigelen
Recent advances in diagnostic bronchoscopy
Philip G. Ong, Labib G. Debiane, Roberto F. Casal
Tracheobronchial tuberculosis
Vikas Pathak, Ray W. Shepherd, Samira Shojaee
The role of bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of airway disease
Tyler J. Paradis, Jennifer Dixon, Brandon H. Tieu

Case Report

Unusual cause of massive hemothorax: spontaneous rupture of nonfunctioning mediastinal paraganglioma
Feng Lin, Chengwu Liu, Lin Ma, Qiang Pu, Yunke Zhu, Zhilan Xiao, Chenglin Guo, Xiaolong Zhang, Chuan Li, Lunxu Liu
Thoracoscopic esophageal repair with barbed suture material in a case of Boerhaave’s syndrome
Toru Nakano, Chiaki Sato, Tadashi Sakurai, Kurodo Kamiya, Takashi Kamei, Noriaki Ohuchi
Peripheral venous catheter fracture with embolism into the pulmonary artery
Andrea Dell’Amore, Chady Ammari, Alessio Campisi, Rocco D’Andrea
Duct ectasia in an accessory breast successfully treated with a flap technique: a case report
Xiaohui Zhang, Stephen R. Grobmyer, Yujing Wang, Qiang Sun, Hanyuan Huang
Pemetrexed-induced radiation recall dermatitis in a patient with lung adenocarcinoma: case report and literature review
Jin Ge, Vivek Verma, Andrew Hollander, Corey Langer, Charles B. Simone II
Unusual clotted haemothorax caused by spontaneous intramural haematoma of the oesophagus: a case report
Chenglin Guo, Jiandong Mei, Pujun Guan, Feng Lin, Qiang Pu, Lunxu Liu
One-stage hybrid surgery for acute Stanford type A aortic dissection with David operation, aortic arch debranching, and endovascular graft: a case report
Lulu Liu, Chaoyi Qin, Jianglong Hou, Da Zhu, Bengui Zhang, Ma Hao, Guo Yingqiang
Non-intubated subxiphoid uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic thymectomy using glasses-free 3D vision
Long Jiang, Jun Liu, Wenlong Shao, Jingpei Li, Jianxing He


Comments: totally endoscopic (VATS) first rib resection for thoracic outlet syndrome
Bo Povlsen
Subxiphoid video-assisted major lung resections: the skeptic’s speech
Alberto Terzi, Andrea Viti
Surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Christophoros N. Foroulis
Scientific prove of better quality of life and postoperative pain by minimal invasive thoracic surgery
Aris Koryllos, Erich Stoelben
A decade of robotics in lung cancer surgery
Brian E. Louie
Marfan syndrome is the main independent predictor of recurrent aortic dissection in patients enrolled in the International Registry of Aortic Dissection (IRAD)
Florian S. Schoenhoff, Thierry P. Carrel
Keap1/Nrf2 impairing revised: are we missing the single nucleotide polymorphisms?
Lucia Anna Muscarella, Vito Michele Fazio
Clinical value of nodal micrometastases in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: time for reconsideration?
Angelo Carretta
Dexmedetomidine for prevention of delirium in elderly patients after non-cardiac surgery
Elliott A. Karren, Adam B. King, Christopher G. Hughes
Lung ultrasound in acute respiratory distress syndrome and beyond
Cameron Baston, T. Eoin West
Updated practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of aspergillosis: challenges and opportunities
Michail Alevizakos, Dimitrios Farmakiotis, Eleftherios Mylonakis
Updated guidelines for the diagnosis and management of aspergillosis
Elizabeth Ann Misch, Nasia Safdar


Flap choice for closure of open window thoracotomy: a response to the author of the article entitled “the omentum flap for empyema treatment: indications and disadvantages”
Shuichi Shinohara, Yasuhiro Chikaishi, Taiji Kuwata, Masaru Takenaka, Soichi Oka, Ayako Hirai, Naoko Imanishi, Koji Kuroda, Fumihiro Tanaka
High density lipoprotein cholesterol and risk of death
Ziyad Al-Aly
Randomized trial of thymectomy in myasthenia gravis
Gil I. Wolfe, Henry J. Kaminski, Joshua R. Sonnett, Inmaculada B. Aban, Hui-Chien Kuo, Gary R. Cutter
Focusing on spontaneous coronary artery dissection: actuality and future perspectives
Dario Buccheri, Giulia Zambelli
A complicated clinical problem: surgical treatment decisions for patients with early-stage lung cancer
Jianfei Shen, Yang Liu, Chengyang Dai, Baofu Chen, Chang Chen, Gaetano Rocco, Alessandro Brunelli, Chia-Chuan Liu, Rene Horsleben Petersen, Jianxing He, Written on behalf of the AME Thoracic Surgery Collaborative Group


1. The series “Grand Rounds” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Guangqiao Zeng served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.

2. The series “Evidenced-Based Clinical Problem Solving Article” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Zhongheng Zhang served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.