Vol 10, Supplement 13 (May 29, 2018): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Immunotherapy & Thoracic Cancers)

Review Article

Is there a room for immune checkpoint inhibitors in early stage non-small cell lung cancer?
Elisa Gobbini, Matteo Giaj Levra
The role of radiology in the evaluation of the immunotherapy efficacy
Marco Calandri, Federica Solitro, Valeria Angelino, Federica Moretti, Andrea Veltri
Combining immunotherapy and radiotherapy in lung cancer
Neeraj Bhalla, Rachel Brooker, Michael Brada
Locally-advanced non-small cell lung cancer: shall immunotherapy be a new chance?
Andrea Riccardo Filippi, Jacopo Di Muzio, Serena Badellino, Cristina Mantovani, Umberto Ricardi
Advanced non-small cell lung cancer: the role of PD-L1 inhibitors
David F. Heigener, Martin Reck
Lung cancer, elderly and immune checkpoint inhibitors
Francesca Casaluce, Assunta Sgambato, Paolo Maione, Alessia Spagnuolo, Cesare Gridelli
Immunotherapy in the Asiatic population: any differences from Caucasian population?
Lunxi Peng, Yi-Long Wu
Immune checkpoint blockade for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: challenging clinical scenarios
Rebecca Tay, Arsela Prelaj, Raffaele Califano
Immune checkpoint inhibitors and small cell lung cancer: what’s new?
Sabine Schmid, Martin Früh
Thymic tumors and immune checkpoint inhibitors
Shintaro Yokoyama, Hiroaki Miyoshi
Immune-related adverse events with immune checkpoint inhibitors in thoracic malignancies: focusing on non-small cell lung cancer patients
Jordi Remon, Laura Mezquita, Jesús Corral, Noelia Vilariño, Noemi Reguart
Shining light on advanced NSCLC in 2017: combining immune checkpoint inhibitors
Meng Qiao, Tao Jiang, Caicun Zhou
Oncogene-addicted non-small cell lung cancer and immunotherapy
Georgios Tsakonas, Simon Ekman
A review of guidelines for lung cancer
Paolo Bironzo, Massimo Di Maio
Do immune checkpoint inhibitors need new studies methodology?
Roberto Ferrara, Sara Pilotto, Mario Caccese, Giulia Grizzi, Isabella Sperduti, Diana Giannarelli, Michele Milella, Benjamin Besse, Giampaolo Tortora, Emilio Bria
Next generation immune-checkpoints for cancer therapy
Chiara Donini, Lorenzo D’Ambrosio, Giovanni Grignani, Massimo Aglietta, Dario Sangiolo
Vaccine and immune cell therapy in non-small cell lung cancer
Helena Oliveres, Christian Caglevic, Francesco Passiglia, Simona Taverna, Evelien Smits, Christian Rolfo


The supplement “Immunotherapy & Thoracic Cancers” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Antonio Rossi and Silvia Novello served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the supplement.