Vol 11, Supplement 4 (March 15, 2019): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Population-based Research and Outcomes Associated with Thoracic Diseases)

Original Article

Use of the consolidated framework for implementation research to guide dissemination and implementation of new technologies in surgery
Anne C. Lambert-Kerzner, Davis M. Aasen, Douglas M. Overbey, Laura J. Damschroder, William G. Henderson, Karl E. Hammermeister, Michael R. Bronsert, Robert A. Meguid
National practice trends for the surgical management of lung cancer in the CMS population: an atlas of care
Joseph D. Phillips, Ian C. Bostock, Rian M. Hasson, Philip P. Goodney, David C. Goodman, Timothy M. Millington, David J. Finley

Review Article

Patient-reported outcomes in lung and esophageal cancer
Dhruvin H. Hirpara, Vaibhav Gupta, Lisa Brown, Biniam Kidane
Enhanced recovery after elective surgery for lung cancer patients: analysis of current pathways and perspectives
Giovanni Maria Comacchio, Nicola Monaci, Enrico Verderi, Marco Schiavon, Federico Rea
Multiple primary lung cancer: a rising challenge
Chen Chen, Xiaojie Huang, Muyun Peng, Wenliang Liu, Fenglei Yu, Xiang Wang
Optimizing health before elective thoracic surgery: systematic review of modifiable risk factors and opportunities for health services research
Sean M. Stokes, Elliot Wakeam, Mara B. Antonoff, Leah M. Backhus, Robert A. Meguid, David Odell, Thomas K. Varghese Jr
The role of small or single-institution prospective studies in thoracic research
Tara R. Semenkovich, C. Corbin Frye, M. Shea Harrison, Melanie Subramanian, Benjamin D. Kozower, Bryan F. Meyers, Varun Puri
Measuring the quality of multi-disciplinary thoracic oncology care
Elliot Wakeam, David Odell, Pamela Samson
Big data, big contributions: outcomes research in thoracic surgery
Benjamin J. Resio, Andrew P. Dhanasopon, Justin D. Blasberg
Developing prediction models for clinical use using logistic regression: an overview
Maren E. Shipe, Stephen A. Deppen, Farhood Farjah, Eric L. Grogan
ICD-10-CM/PCS: potential methodologic strengths and challenges for thoracic surgery researchers and reviewers
James M. Clark, Garth H. Utter, Miriam Nuño, Patrick S. Romano, Lisa M. Brown, David T. Cooke
Disparities in the surgical management of early stage non-small cell lung cancer: how far have we come?
Omar Toubat, Albert J. Farias, Scott M. Atay, P. Michael McFadden, Anthony W. Kim, Elizabeth A. David
Enhancing the study of enhanced recovery after thoracic surgery: methodology and population-based approaches for the future
Robert M. Van Haren, Scott M. Atay


The supplement “Population-based Research and Outcomes Associated with Thoracic Diseases” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Anthony W. Kim, Elizabeth A. David and David T. Cooke served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the supplement.