Vol 11, Supplement 6 (April 2019): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Mechanical Circulatory Support for Heart and Lung Failure)

Original Article

Initial experience with telemonitoring in left ventricular assist device patients
Stephan Hohmann, Christian Veltmann, David Duncker, Thorben König, Dominik Berliner, Jasmin Hanke, Günes Dogan, Anamika Chatterjee, Christina Feldmann, Bryan Lynch, Daniel Burkhoff, Axel Haverich, Johann Bauersachs, Jan D. Schmitto
Predictors and impact of right heart failure severity following left ventricular assist device implantation
Ronald D. Baxter, Kristen M. Tecson, Sasha Still, Justin D. G. Collier, Joost Felius, Susan M. Joseph, Shelley A. Hall, Brian Lima
Outcomes and factors associated with early mortality in pediatric and neonatal patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for heart and lung failure
Farid Azizov, Julia Merkle, Javid Fatullayev, Kaveh Eghbalzadeh, Ilija Djordjevic, Carolyn Weber, Sergey Saenko, Axel Kroener, Mohamed Zeriouh, Anton Sabashnikov, Gerardus Bennink, Thorsten Wahlers
Five years’ experience with a peripheral veno-arterial ECMO for mechanical bridge to heart transplantation
Vitaly Poptsov, Ekaterina Spirina, Anastasiya Dogonasheva, Elizaveta Zolotova
Left ventricular assist device implantation with concomitant tricuspid valve repair: is there really a benefit?
Konstantin Zhigalov, Marcin Szczechowicz, Ahmed Mashhour, Bakitbek K. Kadyraliev, Sabreen Mkalaluh, Jerry Easo, Juergen Ennker, Harald C. Eichstaedt, Alexander Weymann
Results of concomitant groin-free percutaneous temporary RVAD support using a centrifugal pump with a double-lumen jugular venous cannula in LVAD patients
Bastian Schmack, Mina Farag, Jamila Kremer, Leonie Grossekettler, Andreas Brcic, Philip W. Raake, Michael M. Kreusser, Ranny Goldwasser, Aron-Frederik Popov, Ashham Mansur, Matthias Karck, Arjang Ruhparwar
Less invasive ventricular enhancement (LIVE) as potential therapy for ischaemic cardiomyopathy end-stage heart failure
Antonio Loforte, Jacopo Alfonsi, Gregorio Gliozzi, Gianluca Folesani, Mariafrancesca Fiorentino, Mauro Biffi, Giuseppe Marinelli, Roberto Di Bartolomeo, Davide Pacini
The role of extracorporeal life support in the management with severe idiopathic pulmonary artery hypertension undergoing lung transplantation: are those patients referred too late?
Anton Sabashnikov, Prashant N. Mohite, Mohamed Zeriouh, Bartlomiej Zych, Diana García-Sáez, Johanna Maier, Alexander Weymann, Javid Fatullayev, Balakrishnan Mahesh, Aron-Frederik Popov, Ulrich Stock, Fabio De Robertis, Toufan Bahrami, Thorsten Wahlers, Martin Carby, André R. Simon, Anna Reed

Review Article

The donor heart and organ perfusion technology
Hong Chee Chew, Peter S. Macdonald, Kumud K. Dhital
Monitoring of adult patient on venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in intensive care medicine
Julia Merkle, Farid Azizov, Javid Fatullayev, Carolyn Weber, Johanna Maier, Kaveh Eghbalzadeh, Anton Sabashnikov, Roman Pfister, Thorsten Wahlers, Guido Michels

Surgical Technique

Minimally invasive embolectomy of HeartWare left ventricular assist device outflow graft
Haitham Mutlak, Birgit Assmus, Aron-Frederik Popov
Impella 5.0® as bridge-to-recovery short-term mechanical circulatory support after LVAD explantation
Anja Osswald, Bastian Schmack, Ranny Goldwasser, Michael M. Kreusser, Philip W. Raake, Matthias Karck, Arjang Ruhparwar


Left ventricular assist devices exchange: why, when and how to do it—experience from experts
Bastian Schmack, Anton Sabashnikov, Alexander Weymann, Mohamed Zeriouh, Achim Koch, Arjang Ruhparwar, Andre Ruediger Simon, Aron Frederik Popov


The supplement “Mechanical Circulatory Support for Heart and Lung Failure” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Anton Sabashnikov and Aron-Frederik Popov served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the supplement.