Vol 11, Supplement 14 (September 29, 2019): Journal of Thoracic Disease (The Advanced Lung Disease: Novel Therapies and Controversies Conference)

Review Article

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as rescue therapy for severe hypoxemic respiratory failure
Bhoumesh Patel, Subhasis Chatterjee, Seanna Davignon, J. Patrick Herlihy
Bedside troubleshooting during venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
Bhoumesh Patel, Michael Arcaro, Subhasis Chatterjee
Indications for lung transplant referral and listing
Omar Shweish, Goutham Dronavalli
The role of the immune system in lung transplantation: towards improved long-term results
Ramsey R. Hachem
Detection, classification, and management of rejection after lung transplantation
Amit D. Parulekar, Christina C. Kao
Pharmacotherapy and adjunctive treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
Shigeki Saito, Ala Alkhatib, Jay K. Kolls, Yasuhiro Kondoh, Joseph A. Lasky
Breathing lung transplantation with the Organ Care System (OCS) Lung: lessons learned and future implications
William Lightle, Daoud Daoud, Gabriel Loor
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease classification, phenotypes and risk assessment
Prasad Manian
Pharmacotherapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension
Vishal Parikh, Anju Bhardwaj, Ajith Nair
Postoperative management of lung transplant recipients
Christina C. Kao, Amit D. Parulekar
Evaluation and classification of pulmonary arterial hypertension
Sandeep Sahay
Update on management of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Ritwick Agrawal, Shahram Moghtader, Uma Ayyala, Venkata Bandi, Amir Sharafkhaneh
Review of donor and recipient surgical procedures in lung transplantation
Duy C. Nguyen, Gabriel Loor, Philip Carrott, Alexis Shafii
Assessment and treatment of the failing right heart: considerations for transplantation referral
Ziad Taimeh
Lung transplant with bronchial arterial revascularization: review of surgical technique and clinical outcomes
James J. Yun, Shinya Unai, Gosta Pettersson


The supplement “The Advanced Lung Disease: Novel Therapies and Controversies Conference” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any sponsorship or funding. Gabriel Loor, Prasad Manian and Amit Parulekar served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the supplement.