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Professor Mario Cazzola: prospect of the COPD medicine

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Mario Cazzola is a Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Director of the Postgraduate School of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Rome, Italy, where he is also Chief of the Respiratory Clinical Pharmacology Unit.

Prof. Walter McNicholas: sleep apnea—a disease calling for attention

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As a leading international authority in translational research on sleep-related breathing disorders who has published over 170 papers in Pub-Med listed Journals, and has held competitive grants from agencies such as the Health Research Board (Ireland) on a continuous basis for nearly 30 years, Professor Walter McNicholas is now the Vice President of the European Sleep Research Society and President of the European Board of Accreditation in Pneumology.

Prof. Denis E. O’Donnell: personalized treatment of COPD

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Working in Queen’s University, Canada, Professor Denis E. O’Donnell Mainly focuses his clinical efforts on COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation. He is actually a versatile specialist on multiple disciplines as Biomedical & Molecular Sciences, Rehabilitation Medicine and Kinesiology & Health Studies.

Prof. Peter Dicpinigaitis: the treatment of chronic cough in adults

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At the 1st International Cough Conference in 2013, JTD had a successful interview with Prof. Peter Dicpinigaitis(Co-Chairman of the 1st ICC) from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who talked about the role of capsaicin in cough reflex sensitivity testing and shared his experience in the evaluation and treatment of adult cough.

Professor Stephen Kwok-Wing Tsui: targeting pathogen genomes

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With his rich experience in combating SARS and other diseases, Professor Stephen Kwok-Wing Tsui, Associate Director of CUHK-BGI Innovation Institute of Trans-omics, informed JTD his prediction of prospect of SARS and flu virus research from the perspective of genomics on the 10th Anniversary of Anti-SARS symposium in April 2013.

Prof. Klaus F. Rabe: COPD as a systematic disease

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At the 3rd international Conference on Respiratory Disease, Professor Klaus F. Rabe of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Kiel (Ex-chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal), reported the identification of COPD from asthma at the early stage, drug development for COPD patients and prediction of future development of COPD research.

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