Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease

Posted On 2020-10-12 15:16:41

This series on “Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease“ is edited by Dr. Ammar Chaudhry, from Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Informatics, Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duarte, California, USA.

This series features contributions from renowned experts in the field and aims to highlight key developments in the imaging sciences and their respective impact across spectrum of thoracic disorders. The details and application of modern imaging techniques are presented in context of patient management with overall goal of improving readers understanding of the role advanced imaging plays in managing thoracic disorders. This series also explores future directions of imaging development and its associated impact on patient care.

Editorial on Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease
Utility and efficacy of advanced imaging in thoracic disorders
Ammar Chaudhr

Original Article on Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease
Keratin 17 is an imaging biomarker in lung cancers
Priya Bhattacharji, William Moore, Kavitha Yaddanapudi

Role of cardiac nuclear stress perfusion exam after computed tomographic coronary angiogram for evaluation of obstructive coronary artery disease in patients with chest pain
Maryam Gul, Mubashir Sheikh, Abbas Chaudhry, Luke Gerges, Hadi Al Halabi, Eric Feldman, Ammar Chaudhry

Refining dataset curation methods for deep learning-based automated tuberculosis screening
Tae Kyung Kim, Paul H. Yi, Gregory D. Hager, Cheng Ting Lin

Role of immunotherapy and co-mutations on KRAS-mutant non- small cell lung cancer survival
Idoroenyi Amanam, Isa Mambetsariev, Rohan Gupta, Srisairam Achuthan, Yingyu Wang, Rebecca Pharaon, Erminia Massarelli, Marianna Koczywas, Karen Reckamp, Ravi Salgia

Review Article on Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease
Rapid progression of disease from immunotherapy following targeted therapy: insights into treatment management and sequence
Rebecca Pharaon, Isa Mambetsariev, Jeremy Fricke, Ravi Salgia

Radiogenomics of lung cancer
Chi Wah Wong, Ammar Chaudhry

Thoracic imaging finding of rheumatic diseases
Maryam Gul, Sadia Moinuddin, Aisha Alam, Iqra Aftab, Zunairah Shah, Ammar Chaudhry

Biomarkers in immunotherapy: literature review and future directions
Rebecca Pharaon, Maria A. Koczywas, Sabrina Salgia, Atish Mohanty, Erminia Massarelli

Thyroid cancer diagnosis in the era of precision imaging
Kimberley-Jane Bonjoc, Hannah Young, Susanne Warner, Thomas Gernon, Ellie Maghami, Ammar Chaudhry

Role of theranostics in thoracic oncology
Aleksandr Filippov, Kimberley-Jane C. Bonjoc, Junie Chea, Nicole Bowles, Erasmus Poku, Ammar Chaudhry

Role of imaging in lung transplantation evaluation
Alexander D. Calvert, Todd R. Hazelton

Role of precision imaging in esophageal cancer
Sherif B. Elsherif, Sonia Andreou, Mayur Virarkar, Erik Soule, Dheeraj Reddy Gopireddy, Priya R. Bhosale, Chandana Lall

The focused issue “Role of Precision Imaging in Thoracic Disease” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease without any funding or sponsorship. Ammar Chaudhry is serving as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.