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Preservation solutions for cardiac and pulmonary donor grafts: a review of the current literature

	author = {Nicholas Latchana and Joshua R. Peck and Bryan Whitson and Sylvester M. Black},
	title = {Preservation solutions for cardiac and pulmonary donor grafts: a review of the current literature},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
	volume = {6},
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	year = {2014},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Hypothermic preservation of donor grafts is imperative to ameliorate ischemia related cellular damage prior to organ transplantation. Numerous solutions are in existence with widespread variability among transplant centers as to a consensus regarding the optimal preservation solution. Here, we present a concise review of pertinent preservation studies involving cardiac and pulmonary allografts in an attempt to minimize the variability among institutions and potentially improve graft and patient survival. A biochemical comparison of common preservation solutions was undertaken with an emphasis on Euro Collins (EC), University of Wisconsin (UW), histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK), Celsior (CEL), Perfadex (PER), Papworth, and Plegisol. An appraisal of the literature ensued containing the aforementioned preservation solutions in the setting of cardiac and pulmonary transplantation. Available evidence supports UW solution as the preservation solution of choice for cardiac transplants with encouraging outcomes relative to notable contenders such as CEL. Despite its success in the setting of cardiac transplantation, its use in pulmonary transplantation remains suboptimal and improved outcomes may be seen with PER. Together, we suggest, based on the literature that the use of UW solution and PER for cardiac and pulmonary transplants, respectively may improve transplant outcomes such as graft and patient survival.},
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