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Relationship of pleural fluid pH and glucose: a multi-centre study of 2,971 cases

	author = {Deirdre B. Fitzgerald and Su Lyn Leong and Charley A. Budgeon and Kevin Murray and Andrew Rosenstengal and Nicola A. Smith and Silvia Bielsa and Amelia O. Clive and Nick A. Maskell and José M. Porcel and Y. C. Gary Lee},
	title = {Relationship of pleural fluid pH and glucose: a multi-centre study  of 2,971 cases},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Background: Pleural fluid pH and glucose levels are both recommended in the workup of pleural effusions. Whether their levels correlate and predict each other or contribute independent knowledge is unclear. We aimed to investigate the pH/glucose relationship, assess their concordance and ascertain whether performing both tests provides additional information to performing either test alone. 
Methods: The pH and glucose measurements from 2,971 pleural fluid samples, from three centers in Spain, UK and Australia, were categorized into Cancer (n=1,045), Infection (n=544), Tuberculosis (n=249) and Others (n=1,133) groups. The relationship between pH and glucose values and their concordance at clinically relevant cutoffs (pH 7.2 and glucose 3.3 mmol/L) were assessed. 
Results: The mean pH of the cohort was 7.38 (SD 0.22) and median glucose 5.99 (range, 0.00– 29.36) mmol/L. A regression model of the relationship between glucose (log-transformed) and pH with a restricted cubic spline showed linear (P},
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