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Construction and management of ARDS/sepsis registry with REDCap

	author = {Xiaoqing Pang and Natascha Kozlowski and Sulong Wu and Mei Jiang and Yongbo Huang and Pu Mao and Xiaoqing Liu and Weiqun He and Chaoyi Huang and Yimin Li and Haibo Zhang},
	title = {Construction and management of ARDS/sepsis registry with REDCap},
	journal = {Journal of Thoracic Disease},
	volume = {6},
	number = {9},
	year = {2014},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Objective: The study aimed to construct and manage an acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)/sepsis registry that can be used for data warehousing and clinical research. 
Methods: The workflow methodology and software solution of research electronic data capture (REDCap) was used to construct the ARDS/sepsis registry. Clinical data from ARDS and sepsis patients registered to the intensive care unit (ICU) of our hospital formed the registry. These data were converted to the electronic case report form (eCRF) format used in REDCap by trained medical staff. Data validation, quality control, and database management were conducted to ensure data integrity. 
Results: The clinical data of 67 patients registered to the ICU between June 2013 and December 2013 were analyzed. Of the 67 patients, 45 (67.2%) were classified as sepsis, 14 (20.9%) as ARDS, and eight (11.9%) as sepsis-associated ARDS. The patients’ information, comprising demographic characteristics, medical history, clinical interventions, daily assessment, clinical outcome, and follow-up data, was properly managed and safely stored in the ARDS/sepsis registry. Data efficiency was guaranteed by performing data collection and data entry twice weekly and every two weeks, respectively. 
Conclusions: The ARDS/sepsis database that we constructed and manage with REDCap in the ICU can provide a solid foundation for translational research on the clinical data of interest, and a model for development of other medical registries in the future.},
	issn = {2077-6624},	url = {}