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The effect of pollutional haze on pulmonary function

	author = {Shao-Kun Liu and Shan Cai and Yan Chen and Bing Xiao and Ping Chen and Xu-Dong Xiang},
	title = {The effect of pollutional haze on pulmonary function},
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	year = {2016},
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	abstract = {Detrimental health effects of atmospheric exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) have been investigated in numerous studies. Exposure to pollutional haze, the carrier of air pollutants such as PM and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has been linked to lung and cardiovascular disease, resulting increases in both hospital admissions and mortality. This review focuses on the constituents of pollutional haze and its effects on pulmonary function. The article presents the available information and seeks to correlate pollutional haze and pulmonary function.},
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