Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Journal of Thoracic Disease Annual Report 2012

Published: 2012-12-24
Dear authors, reviewers, readers and colleagues who support JTD all the time,

Wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance!

On behalf of the editorial office, we are here to express our great appreciation for everything you have contributed to our journal.

This is the fourth year since the successful launch of Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD) in the winter of 2009. From 2012 onward, JTD is upgraded to a bimonthly journal.

The year 2012 witnesses a great harvest in the quantity and quality of studies submitted to our journal, indicating a wider recognition of JTD by international peers. In this year, we have published 6 issues with 134 articles in total. The main article types include editorials, original articles, review articles, case reports, guidelines, perspectives, and research highlights. Each issue covers 6 to 8 columns providing a kaleidoscopic view for chest physicians and surgeons worldwide.

Currently, original articles, review articles and case reports account for 51% of the articles in the six issues of 2012. In Vol.4, No.5 (October 2012), we published a special topic on Circulating Tumor Cells, featuring key perspectives from renowned experts in this field. These respected papers, along with many others, add to the growing body of JTD’s highlights, and should inspire in many ways more high-quality submissions in the future.

In the meanwhile, global interest in JTD grows rapidly. Up to now, we have 662 registered members in our website (, 72 reviewers and 547 readers. Based on website traffic statistics starting from January 1 to December 17, 2012, Google Analytics identified 43,651 clicks from 166 countries/regions on JTD’ s online data that were responsible for 91,172 pageviews, with the hottest mouse hits coming from the United States.

The archiving/indexing of JTD has expanded to many biomedical databases, including Pubmed, PubMed Central, Scopus, Index Copernicus, CINAHL, EBSCO, Chemical Abstracts Service, WZB library and Free Medical Journals. A total of 37 world-renowned university libraries have JTD in store. Among them are libraries of Northwest University, Stanford University, Boston University, Miami University, Washington University, New York University, Sydney University, Pittsburg University, Leipzig University, University of Tsukuba, and Keio University. Paralleled with its widespread awareness and recognition, citations of JTD’s articles by other SCI-indexed papers are on the rise. We are delighted to see a 38% increase in the rate of citations over paper numbers as compared with last year. While the hectic drive for the journal’s inclusion in Thomson Reuters’ JCR continues to be our goal in the upcoming year, we are robustly confident that our dream will come true.

We are glad to tell you that the Chinese version of JTD (JTD China) was launched in March this year. JTD China will be equivalently a Chinese translation, with rigorously censored contents that have been actually published in JTD, and nothing more. JTD China will benefit JTD with more popularity in China, a territory with the largest cohort of medical professionals in Asia, and in the world.

Our special thanks would go to Dr Gaetano Rocco, Dr Kwun Fong and Dr Keertan Dheda, Guest Editors of special issues to be published. We are now working with Dr Gaetano Rocco, our Deputy Editor-in-Chief, on a special issue on VATS. This special issue is dedicated to the first world meeting on uniportal VATS in Naples features narrated video from renowned VATS specialists, and will be published in the third quarter of 2013. We believe this special issue presented with the videos on the latest VATS techniques can attract more readerships and further boost the reputation of our journal in related field. We are still expecting two more special issues organized by Dr Kwun Fong and Dr Keertan Dheda respectively. Our special thanks also go to Dr Paul Zarogoulidis, who cooperated with JTD in publishing a proceeding (V4S1, as a supplement for JTD) dedicated to 21st Panhellenic Congress on Thoracic Diseases in Dec. 2012. This proceeding is a precious collection of abstracts and articles on thoracic disease. Finally, our cordial gratitude also goes to Dr Larry Grouse, the Executive Director of International COPD Coalition (ICC). Dr Grouse initiated an ICC column at JTD which publishes the voices for patient rights and actions for patient benefits. This column is an important attempt of JTD’s collaboration with global societies, and so far has become a successful paradigm for future programs. In addition, JTD has been endorsed by ICC since August 2012.

We are also working hard in promoting our journal. Highlights of each issue of JTD (EDM design: is distributed to more than 15,000 experts worldwide. Apart from cooperation with many large website, such as MDLinx (a large website for Medical News & Information) and (the largest physician community in China), we have exhibited our journal in multiple major conferences such as World Conference on Lung Cancer, Best of ASCO (in China), CSCO and symposiums such as the 3rd Asian-Pacific VATS Performance of the 6th China Lung Cancer MITS Forum, China-German Lung Cancer Forum (CGLCF), The third Guangzhou International Lung cancer forum and China-French Thoracic Oncology Seminar.

The upcoming 2013 heralds a new start! We believe together with you we can make JTD a trend-setting journal in the 21st Century.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,

Dr. Prof. Nanshan Zhong, MD
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Former President of Chinese Medical Association (2005-2009)
Journal of Thoracic Disease

Jianxing He, MD, FACS
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
The First Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical College,
Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease,
State Key Laboratary of Respiratory Disease
Executive Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Thoracic Disease