Welcome to the Chinese edition of Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD)

Published: 2022-06-02

We are glad to share with you that select JTD content is now available in Chinese:

The JTD Chinese edition (the Chinese edition of Journal of Thoracic Disease) is a Chinese-language column that addresses the growing need for trusted medical information in China. The initiative of the JTD Chinese edition aims to raise awareness of medical advances among clinicians through translated content, enhancing the links between Chinese scientists and the international medical community.

The translation of a selection of full-text content from JTD applies rigorous standards to ensure accuracy and quality control. The JTD Chinese edition will deliver the quality clinical and scientific content to the Chinese medical and clinical research community.

Access to the JTD Chinese edition includes:

1. Access via Article options.

2. Access via the JTD Chinese edition button of the home page.