Highlights in Lung Cancer: explore treatment and care for Lung Cancer with world experts

Published: 2013-08-12

As the 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer is around the corner, Journal of Thoracic Disease is going to publish a focus issue dedicated to lung cancer which will be available for the conference. Our guest editor for this focus issue is Prof. Kwun Fong, Co-President with Prof Michael Boyer of 15th IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer.

To translate evidence to practice, this issue will focus on the latest and most topical advances in lung cancer research and care focusing on developments that have the highest potential to change practice or policy.

It entails articles summarizing the genetic susceptibility to lung cancer and associated conditions, namely smoking and COPD, guidelines to assist clinicians in 2013, review of the emerging data of lung cancer genomics, modern transthoracic approaches to the diagnosis of lung cancer, ablative techniques ( RFA, MWA and cryotherapy), modern brocnchoscopic advances for lung cancer (fluorescence, NBI, optical coherence, navigation and endobronchial ultrasound), surgical techniques for lung cancer and how best to provide supportive and symptom care in lung cancer.

Each topic for the special issue will be supervised by a key expert including Adi Gazdar, John Minna, Kazuo Yasufuku, Suresh Senan, Christine Berg, Gary Pratt, Brett Hughes, Peter Goldstraw, Karin Steinke, Gerard Silvestri, David Currow, and Tom Sutedja, Paul Zimmerman. Please enjoy.

Topics to be covered in the special issue are as follows:

Genetic susceptibility to lung cancer and co-morbidities
Author: Ian Yang, John Holloway, Kwun Fong
The Prince Charles Hospital, Department of Thoracic Medicine, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Rode Road, Chermside, Brisbane 4032, Australia.

The pivotal role of Pathology in the management of Lung Cancer
Author: Morgan Davidson, Lindy Clarke, Adi Gazdar
The Prince Charles Hospital, Rode Road, Chermside, Brisbane QLD 4032, Australia

Molecular biology of lung cancer
Author: Wendy Cooper, David Lam, Sandra O'Toole, John Minna
Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Missenden Rd, Camperdown, NSW, Australia

Genomics of lung cancer
Author: Marissa Daniels, Kwun Fong, Ramaswamy Govindan
The Prince Charles Hospital, Department of Thoracic Medicine, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Rode Road, Chermside, Brisbane 4032, Australia.

Diagnostic Bronchoscopy – Current and Future Perspectives
Author: Steven Leong, Tawimas Shaipanich, Stephen Lam, Kazuo Yasufuku
Department of Thoracic Medicine, The Prince Charles Hospital, Rode Rd, Chermside, Brisbane, Australia

Modern diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiology
Author: Wai-Kit Lee, Eddie WF Lau, Kwang Chin, Oliver Sedlaczek, Karin Steinke
Department of Medical Imaging, St. Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne, 41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065, Australia

CT screening for lung cancer
Author: Henry Marshall, Rayleen Bowman, Christine Berg
Department of Thoracic Medicine, The Prince Charles Hospital, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Exhaled breath analyses for lung cancer
Author: Annette Dent, Paul Zimmerman, Tom Sutedja
Vrije Universiteit Medical Center ,Amsterdam – the Netherlands

Recent advances in radiotherapy for thoracic tumours
Author: Michael Fay, Christopher M. Poole, Gary Pratt
Division of Oncology, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Queensland Health, Brisbane, Australia

Chemotherapy for NSCLC
Author: Zarnie Lwin, David Gandara
Medical Oncologist. Senior Lecturer at Mater Health Services, University of Queensland

Chemotherapy Advances in Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Author: Jim Coward, Bryan A. Chan
Inflammation & Cancer Therapeutics Group, Mater Research, Level 4, Translational Research Institute, 37 Kent Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, QLD 4102, Australia

Targeted therapy in lung cancer
Author: Ben Solomon, Peter Savas, Brett Hughes
The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, East Melbourne, Victoria 3008, Australia

Surgery in 2013
Author: Rishen Naidoo, Morgan Windsor, Peter Goldstraw
Department of Cardiac Surgery, The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, 4520, Australia

A review of clinical practice guidelines for lung cancer
Author: Jutta von Dinklage, David Ball, Gerard Silvestri
Cancer Council Australia, Sydney, Australia

Supportive and palliative care for lung cancer
Author: Patsy Yates, Penny Schofield, David Currow
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queensland University of TechnologyVictoria Park Rd, Kelvin Grove, QLD, 4059, Australia.