Review Article

Lobectomy with angioplasty: which is the best technique for pulmonary artery reconstruction?

Jacopo Vannucci, Alberto Matricardi, Rossella Potenza, Mark Ragusa, Francesco Puma, Lucio Cagini


Lobectomies with bronchial and/or vascular reconstruction are conservative procedures aimed at managing locally advanced lung cancer, avoiding a pneumonectomy. Considering morbidity, mortality and the functional consequences of a pneumonectomy, such procedures must be in the technical armamentarium of every thoracic surgeon. Vascular reconstruction of the pulmonary artery (PA) is seldom performed with or without the bronchial sleeve resection. Both functional and oncologic outcomes have been reported to be better than after a pneumonectomy. Different technical options are now available but some aspects and technical details are not standardized. Indications, possible complications, planning and even definitions need to be more solid to allow for definitive improvement in such procedures. This analysis is aimed at assessing the acquired technical data with special emphasis on the PA reconstruction with autologous tissues.

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