Robotic thymectomy for advanced thymic epithelial tumor: indications and technical aspects

Kwon Joong Na, Chang Hyun Kang


Robotic thymectomy is widely accepted as a valuable treatment option for surgical resection of thymic epithelial tumor as minimally invasive surgery has shown better early clinical outcomes than open surgery. Technical advances in robotic surgery have expanded the indications for robotic thymectomy, and the technique can be used to perform complete resection of advanced thymic epithelial tumor requiring concomitant resection of adjacent structures. To ensure complete resection, a multi-disciplinary approach, with thorough preoperative evaluation, must be adopted to determine whether a patient shows surgical indications for advanced thymic epithelial tumor. The early clinical outcomes after robotic thymectomy to treat advanced thymic epithelial tumor are promising; however, the long-term oncologic outcomes should be evaluated in the further studies.