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Preoperative CT-Guided percutaneous wire localization of ground glass pulmonary nodules with a modified Kopans wire

Maureen P. Kohi, David M. Naeger, Jasleen Kukreja, Nicholas Fidelman, Jeanne M. LaBerge, Roy L. Gordon, Robert K. Kerlan Jr


Purpose: To report a technique of using a modified Kopans wire to localize ground glass pulmonary nodules prior to resection.
Methods: CT-guided preoperative localization of ground glass nodules was performed using the modified Kopans wire.
Results: In both cases, the wire successfully localized the ground glass nodule and the surgeon was able to remove the nodule during video-assisted thoracoscopic wedge resection.
Conclusions: Preoperative CT-guided insertion of the modified Kopans wire can result in successful wedge resection of ground glass nodules. The reinforced segment of the modified Kopans wire serves as an excellent source of palpation and localization for the surgeon.

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