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Review Article

Structured and evidence-based training of technical skills in respiratory medicine and thoracic surgery
Pia Iben Pietersen, Christian B. Laursen, René Horsleben Petersen, Lars Konge
Women in thoracic surgery: social media and the value of mentorship
Erin M. Corsini, Jessica G. Y. Luc, Mara B. Antonoff
Management of life-threatening hemoptysis in the ICU
Ananth V. Charya, Van K. Holden, Edward M. Pickering
An overview of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement in the intensive care unit
Margaret Wei, Elliot Ho, Pravachan Hegde
Women in thoracic surgery: lesson learned from medical industry partners
Cecilia Pompili, Annette Brüls, Emily Elswick, Kate Masschelein, Leah Backhus
Outcomes of robotic esophagectomy
Amy Young, José María Alvarez Gallesio, David B. Sewell, Rebecca Carr, Daniela Molena
Minimally invasive and robotic coronary artery bypass grafting—a 25-year review
Johannes Bonatti, Stephanie Wallner, Ingo Crailsheim, Martin Grabenwöger, Bernhard Winkler
Radiotherapy in brain metastases from EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer
Shruti Bhandari, Neal Dunlap, Goetz Kloecker
Preoperative evaluation and indications for pulmonary metastasectomy
Ryu Kanzaki, Eriko Fukui, Takashi Kanou, Naoko Ose, Soichiro Funaki, Masato Minami, Yasushi Shintani, Meinoshin Okumura
How to prepare for academic leadership: scientific training curriculum
Isabelle Opitz, Thorsten Walles
The role of pulmonary metastasectomy for pulmonary metastasis from head and neck cancer
Satoshi Shiono
Lymphadenectomy in pulmonary metastasectomy
Stefan Welter, Varun Gupta, Ioannis Kyritsis
Ultrasound use in the ICU for interventional pulmonology procedures
Ivana Milojevic, Kewakebt Lemma, Rahul Khosla
Multimodal and palliative treatment of patients with pulmonary metastases
Natalie Baldes, Michael Eberlein, Servet Bölükbas
From less invasive to minimal invasive extracorporeal circulation
Kyriakos Anastasiadis, Polychronis Antonitsis, Apostolos Deliopoulos, Helena Argiriadou
Robotic mitral valve surgery: a review and tips for safely negotiating the learning curve
Caroline Toolan, Kenneth Palmer, Omar Al-Rawi, Tim Ridgway, Paul Modi
Management of brain metastases in elderly patients with lung cancer
Joanna Socha, Anna Rychter, Lucyna Kepka
Robotic lobectomy: how to teach thoracic residents
Ricardo Mingarini Terra, Pedro Henrique Cunha Leite, Alberto Jorge Monteiro Dela Vega
Radiotherapy for brain metastases from small-cell lung cancer in distinct clinical indications and scenarios
Lucyna Kepka, Joanna Socha, Beata Sas-Korczynska
Pulmonary metastasectomy: limits to credibility
Tom Treasure, Fergus Macbeth
The epidemiology and biology of pulmonary metastases
William D. Gerull, Varun Puri, Benjamin D. Kozower
State of the art: percutaneous tracheostomy in the intensive care unit
Christian Ghattas, Sammar Alsunaid, Edward M. Pickering, Van K. Holden
How can men be good allies for women in surgery? #HeForShe
Douglas E. Wood
Anesthesia for minimally invasive cardiac surgery
Alexander White, Chinmay Patvardhan, Florian Falter
WBRT for brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer: for whom and when?—Contemporary point of view
Beata Sas-Korczynska, Monika Rucinska
Local ablative therapy of brain metastasis from non-small cell lung cancer: benefits and limitations
Felipe de Azevedo Rosas, Sérgio Leonardo Favareto, Douglas Guedes de Castro
Combination of immunotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer
Rafal Suwinski
Insights from advancements and pathbreaking research on the minimally invasive treatment of atrial fibrillation
Anna Witkowska, Piotr Suwalski
Radiological imaging and pathological findings of small lung adenocarcinoma: a narrative review
Yukinori Sakao, Hiroaki Kuroda, Yuichi Saito, Yoshikane Yamauchi, Fumi Yokote, Masufumi Kawamura, Yasushi Yatabe
Why do we need harmonization in thoracic surgery: a view from above by the European Union of Medical Specialists
Toni Lerut, Dirk Van Raemdonck, Gilbert Massard
Prophylactic cranial irradiation in non-small cell lung cancer: evidence and future development
Justyna Chalubinska-Fendler, Lucyna Kepka
Foreign body aspiration
Divyansh Bajaj, Ashutosh Sachdeva, Desh Deepak
Managing complications of pleural procedures
John G. Williams, Andrew D. Lerner
Results of redo pulmonary metastasectomy
Vincenzo Ambrogi, Alessandro Tamburrini, Riccardo Tajé
The critical role of learning from investigating and debriefing adverse events
Siva Raja, Virginia R. Litle
Pulmonary metastasectomy in colorectal carcinoma
Paul Beckers, Lawek Berzenji, Suresh K. Yogeswaran, Patrick Lauwers, Giada Bilotta, Nikol Shkarpa, Jeroen Hendriks, Paul E. Van Schil
Hippocampal avoidance in prophylactic cranial irradiation for small cell lung cancer: benefits and pitfalls
Aswin George Abraham, Wilson Roa
Endoscopic vein harvesting
Enoch Akowuah, Daniel Burns, Joseph Zacharias, Bilal H. Kirmani
Radiotherapy of brain metastasis from lung cancer in limited resource settings
Jai Prakash Agarwal, Anil Tibdewal, Sulagna Mohanty, Naveen Mummudi
Training residents in robotic thoracic surgery
Evan T. Alicuben, Sean C. Wightman, Kimberly A. Shemanski, Elizabeth A. David, Scott M. Atay, Anthony W. Kim
Auditorium of the future: e learning platform
Hasan F. Batirel, Jalal Assouad, Harry Etienne, Xavier Benoit D’Journo
Pulmonary metastasectomy in germ cell tumors and prostate cancer
Federico Raveglia, Lorenzo Rosso, Mario Nosotti, Giuseppe Cardillo, Gabrielle Maffeis, Marco Scarci
An evolving role for endobronchial ultrasonography in the intensive care unit
Or Kalchiem-Dekel, Saamia Hossain, Cosmin Gauran, Jason A. Beattie, Bryan C. Husta, Robert P. Lee, Mohit Chawla
Does a thoracoscopic approach provide better outcomes for pulmonary metastases?
Aizemaiti Rusidanmu, Wenjie Chin, Jinming Xu, Luming Wang, Zhehao He, Xiayi Lv, Jian Hu
Overview of the outcomes of robotic segmentectomy and lobectomy
Giulia Veronesi, Pierluigi Novellis, Gianluca Perroni
Minimally invasive ventricular assist device implantation
Ameen Al-Naamani, Florian Fahr, Asim Khan, Christian Bireta, Michael Nozdrzykowski, Stefan Feder, Nikhil Deshmukh, Manal Jubeh, Sandra Eifert, Khalil Jawad, Uwe Schulz, Michael A. Borger, Diyar Saeed
The neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio is associated with postoperative mortality of cardiac surgery
Qixun Wang, Jinghang Li, Xiaowei Wang
Teaching non-technical skills: the patient centered approach
Gianluca Casali, Gareth Lock, Nuria M. Novoa
Women in thoracic surgery: perspectives from South America
Maria Teresa R. Tsukazan, Paula A. Ugalde
Wound care management: tracheostomy and gastrostomy
Sammar Alsunaid, Van K. Holden, Akshay Kohli, Jose Diaz, Lindsay B. O’Meara
Minimally invasive tricuspid valve surgery
Abdelrahman Abdelbar, Ayman Kenawy, Joseph Zacharias
Beyond the learning curve: a review of complex cases in robotic thoracic surgery
Travis C. Geraci, Joshua Scheinerman, David Chen, Amie Kent, Costas Bizekis, Robert J. Cerfolio, Michael D. Zervos
Women in thoracic surgery: European perspectives
Cecilia Pompili, Giulia Veronesi, Nuria M. Novoa, Maria Teresa Gomez-Hernandez, Annabel J. Sharkey, Farah Bhatti, Isabelle Opitz
Minimally invasive resection of benign cardiac tumors
Ayman Kenawy, Abdelrahman Abdelbar, Joseph Zacharias
Supportive care for patients with brain metastases from lung cancer
Akanksha Sharma, Maciej M. Mrugala
Global status of the robotic thoracic surgery
Ricardo Mingarini Terra, Pedro Henrique Cunha Leite, Alberto Jorge Monteiro Dela Vega
Mobility during and after training: autobiography and advice to early career colleagues
Carolina Torres, Anna Elisabeth Frick
Pulmonary metastasectomy in the era of targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Christopher Y. Bong, B. Mark Smithers, Terence C. Chua
The intersection of bronchoscopy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Julie Lin, Laura Frye
Women in thoracic surgery: Asian perspective
Aki K. Kobayashi
Therapeutic bronchoscopy facilitates liberation from mechanical ventilation and improves quality of life for critically ill patients with central airway obstruction
Bryan S. Benn
The national and global impact of “Women in Thoracic Surgery”
Lauren Kane, Virginia R. Litle, Shanda H. Blackmon, Jane Yanagawa
Patient selection and preoperative evaluation of percutaneous dilation tracheostomy in the intensive care unit
Mark Barash, Jonathan S. Kurman
New indicators for systematic assessment of aortic morphology: a narrative review
Jingyang Luan, Le Mao, Ziqing Zhu, Weiguo Fu, Ting Zhu
Harmonisation of respiratory medicine: the success story of European curriculum development
Daiana Stolz, Nathalie Tabin, Amy Farr
US women in thoracic surgery: reflections on the past and opportunities for the future
Ourania Preventza, Leah Backhus
Pulmonary metastasectomy in renal cell carcinoma: a mainstay of multidisciplinary treatment
Joseph Seitlinger, Mathilde Prieto, Joelle Siat, Stéphane Renaud
Medical thoracoscopy in intensive care unit
Sanket Thakore, Abdul Hamid Alraiyes, Fayez Kheir
From female surgical resident to academic leaders: challenges and pathways forward
Gunda Leschber
Robotic first rib resection for thoracic outlet syndrome
Farid Gharagozloo, Nabhan Atiquzzaman, Mark Meyer, Barbara Tempesta, Scott Werden
Managing complications of percutaneous tracheostomy and gastrostomy
Aline N. Zouk, Hitesh Batra
Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
Yasir Abu-Omar, Ibrahim T. Fazmin, Jason M. Ali, Marc P. Pelletier
Realities and challenges for female cardiothoracic surgeons: an African perspective
Susanna M. Vosloo
Are electronic cigarettes and vaping effective tools for smoking cessation? Limited evidence on surgical outcomes: a narrative review
Amber Famiglietti, Jessica Wang Memoli, Puja Gaur Khaitan
Narrative review of the role of artificial intelligence to improve aortic valve disease management
Martin Thoenes, Anurag Agarwal, David Grundmann, Carmen Ferrero, Andrew McDonald, Peter Bramlage, Richard P. Steeds

Original Article

Smoking history and the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Da-Li Chen, Qing-Yuan Li, Qun-You Tan
Intra-operative events and countermeasures during esophagectomy via transcervical incision inflatable single-port mediastinoscope combined with laparoscopy
Chengdong Liu, Zihao Chen, Rongqiang Wei, Kenan Huang, Bin Wu, Zhifei Xu, Yunhao Fang, Xinyu Ding, Hua Tang
Efficacy of a novel chest tube system in a swine model of hemothorax
Ross I. Donaldson, Eric M. Zimmermann, Oliver J. Buchanan, Todd L. Graham, James D. Ross
Elevated plasma Sirtuin2 level predicts heart failure after acute myocardial infarction
Meili Zheng, Xiangpeng Du, Lei Zhao, Hao Sun, Mulei Chen, Xinchun Yang
Evaluation of pembrolizumab for the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a retrospective, single-centre, single-arm study
Tianxing Guo, Yun Ding, Long Chen, Lihuan Zhu, Jinlan Lin, Jiguang Zhang, Yangyun Huang, Wujin Li, Rongjia Lin, Xiaojie Pan
Red blood cell distribution width is associated with adverse cardiovascular events after septal myectomy
Shengwei Wang, Changpeng Song, Hao Cui, Changsheng Zhu, Rong Wu, Xiaohong Huang, Yongqiang Lai, Shuiyun Wang
Application of prosthesis eversion method for ascending aorta replacement guarantees better clinical outcomes of type A acute aortic dissection surgery
Zhipeng Hu, Zhiwei Wang, Jinxing Chang, Min Zhang, Xiaoping Hu, Zongli Ren, Bowen Li, Rui Hu
RPB5-mediating protein promotes the progression of non-small cell lung cancer by regulating the proliferation and invasion
Yu Feng, Ke Chen, Liangbin Pan, Wei Jiang, Pei Pang, Guocai Mao, Biao Zhang, Shaomu Chen
Effects of treatment with long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMA) and long-acting beta-agonists (LABA) on lung function improvement in patients with bronchiectasis: an observational study
Su Yeon Lee, Jae Seung Lee, Sei Won Lee, Yeon-Mok Oh
The effectiveness of vitamin C for patients with severe viral pneumonia in respiratory failure
Song-I Lee, Chae-Man Lim, Younsuck Koh, Jin-Won Huh, Jae Seung Lee, Sang-Bum Hong
Video-assisted versus open thoracotomy lobectomy: comparison on lymphadenectomy and survival in early stage of lung cancer
Dariusz A. Dziedzic, Marcin Zbytniewski, Grzegorz M. Gryszko, Marcin M. Cackowski, Renata Langfort, Tadeusz M. Orlowski, on behalf of the Polish Lung Cancer Study Group (PLCSG)
Quantification of volume changes in the descending aorta after frozen elephant trunk procedure using the Thoraflex hybrid prosthesis for type A aortic dissection
Marco Virgilio Usai, Abdulhakim Ibrahim, Alexander Oberhuber, Angelo Maria Dell’Aquila, Sven Martens, Arash Motekallemi, Andreas Rukosujew
Quality assessment of robot assisted thoracic surgical resection of non-small cell lung cancer: nodal upstaging and mediastinal recurrence
Ghada M. Shahin, Besir Topal, Sjaak Pouwels, Thanasie L. Markou, Rody Boon, Jos A. Stigt
Chronic chest pain and paresthesia after video-assisted thoracoscopy for primary pneumothorax
Maria Cattoni, Nicola Rotolo, Maria Giovanna Mastromarino, Giuseppe Cardillo, Mario Nosotti, Paolo Mendogni, Alessandro Rizzi, Federico Raveglia, Alessandra Siciliani, Erino Angelo Rendina, Lucio Cagini, Alberto Matricardi, Pier Luigi Filosso, Erika Passone, Stefano Margaritora, Maria Letizia Vita, Pietro Bertoglio, Andrea Viti, Lorenzo Dominioni, Andrea Imperatori
Patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can generate sufficient inspiratory flows via Easyhaler® dry powder inhaler: a pooled analysis of two randomized controlled trials
L. Pekka Malmberg, Anna S. Pelkonen, Ville Vartiainen, Mikko Vahteristo, Satu Lähelmä, Rain Jõgi
The development and validation of a nomogram for predicting brain metastases in lung squamous cell carcinoma patients: an analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database
Jingya Zhang, Jiali Xu, Shidai Jin, Wen Gao, Renhua Guo, Liang Chen
The effects of total pleural covering on pneumothorax recurrence and pulmonary function in lymphangioleiomyomatosis patients without history of pleurodesis or thoracic surgeries for pneumothorax
Emily Suzuki, Masatoshi Kurihara, Kenji Tsuboshima, Kenichi Watanabe, Shouichi Okamoto, Kuniaki Seyama
Diaphragmatic hernia after Ivor Lewis esophagectomy for cancer: a retrospective analysis of risk factors and post-repair outcomes
Francesco Puccetti, Andrea Cossu, Paolo Parise, Lavinia Barbieri, Ugo Elmore, Agnese Carresi, Stefano De Pascale, Uberto Fumagalli Romario, Riccardo Rosati
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive surgery versus thoracotomy for centrally located non-small cell lung cancer
Zhengjun Li, Mozhu Xia, Chang Liu, Tao Wang, Yi Ren, Yongyu Liu
Correlation analysis between serum neuron-specific enolase and the detection of gene mutations in lung adenocarcinoma
Fang-Zhou Xu, Yan-Bei Zhang
Comparative study of the loop-mediated isothermal amplification method and the QIAGEN therascreen PCR kit for the detection of EGFR mutations in non-small cell lung cancer
Yuichi Saito, Nobumasa Takahashi, Atsuka Matsui, Satoru Michiyuki, Yoshikane Yamauchi, Yoshihiko Shimizu, Eishin Hoshi, Yukinori Sakao, Masafumi Kawamura
Association between Asthma and Internet Addiction Status in Korean Adolescents
Chang Hoon Han, Jae Ho Chung, Su Jin Lee
Biomechanical strength dependence on mammalian airway length
Zhao Huang, Lei Wang, Chen-Xi Zhang, Zhi-Hao Cai, Wen-Hao Liu, Wei-Miao Li, Shu-Gao Ye, Xiao-Fei Li, Jin-Bo Zhao
Clinical mid-term outcomes of the Chinese-made CL-V bileaflet mechanical heart valve in Chinese patients
Liang Qi, Shidong Liu, Yan Qiang, Honglin Zhao, Ruisheng Liu, Dianwei Cheng, Bing Song, Quanlin Guan
Supraclavicular lymph node metastasis in elderly patients undergoing esophageal squamous cell carcinoma radical surgery: construction of risk and prognostic predictive nomograms
Ling Chen, Shaobin Yu, Xiaohong Jiang, Mingqiang Kang
Chemoradiation as a nonsurgical treatment option for early-stage esophageal cancers: a retrospective cohort study
Ranjan Pathak, Maureen E. Canavan, Samantha Walters, Michelle C. Salazar, Daniel J. Boffa
How the COVID-19 pandemic changed treatment of severe aortic stenosis: a single cardiac center experience
Bartlomiej Perek, Anna Olasinska-Wisniewska, Marcin Misterski, Mateusz Puslecki, Marek Grygier, Piotr Buczkowski, Maciej Lesiak, Tomasz Stankowski, Lukasz Szarpak, Kurt Ruetzler, Oguz Turan, Marek Jemielity
Risk factors for and outcomes of prolonged mechanical ventilation in patients received DeBakey type I aortic dissection repairment
Min Ge, Zhigang Wang, Tao Chen, Yongqing Cheng, Jiaxin Ye, Lichong Lu, Cheng Chen, Dongjin Wang
Seasonal interest in pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum: a retrospective analysis of Google Trends data
Piotr Skrzypczak, Mikołaj Kamiński, Krystian Pawlak, Cezary Piwkowki
Efficacy and safety of omitting chest drains after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Lin Huang, Henrik Kehlet, Bo Laksáfoss Holbek, Tina Kold Jensen, René Horsleben Petersen
Pulmonary metastasectomy in soft tissue sarcomas: a systematic review
Davor Stamenovic, Peter Hohenberger, Eric Roessner
Survival and prognostic factors for patients with malignant central airway obstruction following airway metallic stent placement
Hui-Wen Qian, Ping Zhang, Xin Wang, Yi Zhang, Juan Li, En-Jian Zhong, Shun-Dong Ji, Jing Li, Li-Rong Zou, Sheng Xu, Yong-Hong Zhang, Jian-An Huang, Jin-Ming Yang, Chong-Ke Zhong, Cheng Ji
The reference values of peak expiratory flow rate in Thailand children
Klaita Srisingh, Chutima Phuaksaman
The value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension
Qin Luo, Xue Yu, Zhihui Zhao, Qing Zhao, Xiuping Ma, Qi Jin, Lu Yan, Yi Zhang, Zhihong Liu
Mutational signatures in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung
Atsushi Osoegawa, Kazuki Takada, Tatsuro Okamoto, Seijiro Sato, Masayuki Nagahashi, Tetsuzo Tagawa, Masanori Tsuchida, Eiji Oki, Shujiro Okuda, Toshifumi Wakai, Masaki Mori
Association between airflow limitation and prognosis in patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
Myoung Kyu Lee, Sae Byol Kim, Ji-Ho Lee, Seok Jeong Lee, Sang-Ha Kim, Won-Yeon Lee, Suk Joong Yong, Jong-Han Lee, Beomsu Shin
Bovine pericardial versus porcine stented replacement mitral valves: early hemodynamic performance and clinical results of a randomized comparison of the Perimount and the Mosaic valves
Bo Fu, Xiankun Liu, Runsheng Wei, Qingliang Chen, Zhigang Guo, Nan Jiang
The lower the eosinophils, the stronger the inflammatory response? The relationship of different levels of eosinophils with the degree of inflammation in AECOPD
Mei-Yu Lv, Li-Xia Qiang, Zhi-Heng Li, Shou-De Jin
Cardiac surgery practice during the COVID-19 outbreak: a regionwide survey
Luca Salvatore De Santo, Antonino Salvatore Rubino, Michele Torella, Denise Galbiati, Gabriele Iannelli, Severino Iesu, Francesco Paolo Tritto, Brenno Fiorani, Luigi Chiariello, Antonio De Bellis, Giuseppe Di Benedetto, Carlo Zebele, Marisa De Feo
A predictive model for identifying candidates for adjuvant chemotherapy based on recurrence risk profile of resected, node-negative (N0) non-small cell lung cancer
Timur A. Krivitsky, Gavin M. Wright, Muteb Al Zaidi
Prognostic nomogram for surgery of lung cancer in HIV-infected patients
Lin Wang, Liwei Wu, Jianjian Liu, Laiyi Wan, Hui Chen, Yijun Zhu, Jun Wang, Hongwei Li, Lei Shi, Leilei Li, Yanzheng Song
Prognostic value of estimated glomerular filtration rate and presence of proteinuria in type B aortic intramural hematoma
Yang Yang, Weihao Li, Mingyuan Liu, Xiaoming Zhang, Qingle Li
Effect of vancomycin loading dose on clinical outcome in critically ill patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia
Jin Gu Yoon, Kyungmin Huh, You Min Sohn, Hyo Jung Park, Soo Jin Na, Kyeongman Jeon
B-type natriuretic peptide as a surrogate marker for survival in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Ju Yong Lim, Sung Ho Jung, Suk Jung Choo, Cheol Hyun Chung, Jae Won Lee, Joon Bum Kim
Risk factors of chest wall invasion in non-small cell lung cancer
Nozomu Motono, Shun Iwai, Aika Yamagata, Yoshihito Iijima, Katsuo Usuda, Sohsuke Yamada, Hidetaka Uramoto
Hiatal hernia after robotic-assisted coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Rami M. Abazid, Alireza Khatami, Jonathan G. Romsa, James C. Warrington, Cigdem Akincioglu, Robert Z. Stodilka, Stephanie Fox, Bob Kiaii, William C. Vezina
The safety and efficacy of CKD-497 in patients with acute upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis symptoms: a multicenter, double-blind, double-dummy, randomized, controlled, phase II clinical trial
Seung Won Ra, Sun Young Kim, Yun Young Lim, Shin Jung Park, Chin Kook Rhee, Deog Kyeom Kim, Yong Bum Park, Chang Youl Lee, Hyoung Kyu Yoon, Jeong-Woong Park, Kwang Ha Yoo
Introduction of robotic surgery leads to increased rate of segmentectomy in patients with lung cancer
Anna K. Gergen, Allana M. White, John D. Mitchell, Robert A. Meguid, David A. Fullerton, Christopher D. Scott, Michael J. Weyant
Adjuvant treatment can improve prognosis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer ≤3 cm after sublobectomy: a propensity score analysis
Haibo Ma, Jiwei Cheng, Yongkui Yu, Baoxing Liu, Jianjun Qin, Wenqun Xing, Suxia Luo
Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for treatment of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19): a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized and non-randomized controlled trials
Risa Ebina-Shibuya, Ho Namkoong, Nobuyuki Horita, Hideaki Kato, Yu Hara, Nobuaki Kobayashi, Takeshi Kaneko
SAMHD1 can suppress lung adenocarcinoma progression through the negative regulation of STING
Yun Wu, Yuxu Niu, Yue Wu, Xiaoyu Chen, Xiaoyong Shen, Wen Gao
Uniport vs. multiport video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for anatomical lung resection—which is less invasive?
Natsumi Matsuura, Hitoshi Igai, Fumi Ohsawa, Tomohiro Yazawa, Mitsuhiro Kamiyoshihara
Bacteriology, antibiotic resistance and risk stratification of patients with culture-positive, community-acquired pleural infection
Marianthi Iliopoulou, Vasileios Skouras, Zoe Psaroudaki, Magda Makarona, Evangelos Vogiatzakis, Eleni Tsorlini, Eleni Katsifa, Dionisios Spyratos, Dimitra Siopi, Ourania Kotsiou, Stelios Xitsas, Maria Martsoukou, Ioanna Sigala, Ioannis Kalomenidis
Prevalence and clinical significance of pleural effusion in patients with acute pulmonary embolism: a retrospective study
Jiarui Zhang, Haixia Zhou, Adila Aili, Maoyun Wang, Yongchun Shen, Qun Yi
Clock dial integrated positioning combined with single utility port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a new localization method for lung tumors
Chao Zhou, Xinming Li, Wentao Li, Jun Qian

Letter to the Editor

An extended modification of transmanubrial osteomuscular sparing approach: salvage resection for recurrent superior sulcus lung cancer after definitive chemoradiotherapy
Noriaki Sakakura, Takeo Nakada, Yusuke Takahashi, Hiroaki Kuroda
Why does pulmonary vein thrombus predominantly develop after left upper lobectomy?
Tadashi Umehara, Koji Takumi, Kazuhiro Ueda, Masami Sato
Careful consideration should be paid in the new imaging modality evaluation
Tetsuro Sekine, Masatoki Nakaza, Shinichiro Kumita
What should we realistically expect from robotic bronchoscopy in the near future?
Elliot Ho, Abhinav Agrawal, Douglas Kyle Hogarth, Septimiu Murgu
Endobronchial valves: a bridge to definitive surgical management in COVID-19 recurrent pneumothorax
Joanne Szewczyk, Brian Cody Adkinson, Sisir Akkineni, Dao M. Nguyen, Sixto A. Arias, Nestor R. Villamizar
Robotic bronchoscopy: is it classic?
Taichiro Goto
Virtual-assisted lung mapping: is it actually better than finger palpation?
Taichiro Goto
What is the optimal large airway size reduction value to determine malacia: exploratory bronchoscopic analysis in patients in Mounier-Kuhn syndrome
Evelise Lima, Pedro Rodrigues Genta, Rodrigo Abensur Athanazio, Ascedio José Rodrigues, Maria Aparecida Miyuki Nakamura, Samia Zahi Rached, Eduardo Leite Vieira Costa, Rafael Stelmach

Surgical Technique

Implementation of simulation-based crisis training in robotic thoracic surgery: how to improve safety and performance?
Jean-Marc Baste, Benjamin Bottet, Jean Selim, Matthieu Sarsam, Antoine Lefevre-Scelles, Marie-Melody Dusseaux, Sébastien Franchina, Anne-Sophie Palenzuela, Abdeslam Chagraoui, Christophe Peillon, Alexandre Thouroude, Jean-Pierre Henry, Jean-Michel M. Coq, Louis Sibert, Cédric Damm
Robotic thymectomy for myasthenia gravis surgical techniques and outcomes
Beebarg Raza, Ankit Dhamija, Ghulam Abbas, Alper Toker
Technique of robotic esophagectomy
Tadeusz D. Witek, John J. Brady, Inderpal S. Sarkaria
Robotic pulmonary segmentectomy
Kelsey A. Musgrove, Charlotte R. Spear, Kamil Abbas, Britney R. Harris, Ghulam Abbas


Erratum to impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on sleep
Laura Pérez-Carbonell, Imran Johan Meurling, Danielle Wasserman, Valentina Gnoni, Guy Leschziner, Anna Weighall, Jason Ellis, Simon Durrant, Alanna Hare, Joerg Steier, on behalf of the BSS task force on early detection screening
Erratum to clinical implication of MEN1 mutation in surgically resected thymic carcinoid patients
Xiongfei Li, Mingbiao Li, Tao Shi, Renwang Liu, Dian Ren, Fan Yang, Sen Wei, Gang Chen, Jun Chen, Song Xu