Vol 9, Supplement 11 (October 03, 2017): Journal of Thoracic Disease (Focused on Lung Cancer Precision Medicine)

Meet the Professor

Prof. Jianhua Chang: gaining a foothold in China, launching Chinese-style clinical trials
Molly Wang, Mike Cheung
Prof. Yuan Chen: with both a benevolent heart and healing hands
Macy Liu, Mike Cheung
Prof. Yun Fan: persistence guarantees expertise, patience conquers difficulties
Kai-Ping Zhang, Li Ma
Prof. Yi Hu: a doctor of acute insight and action
Renfang Wang, Tanlun Yu
Prof. Hong Jian: dreams come true—stay true to yourself!
Crystal Yan, Monica Liu, Vicky Wong
Prof. Junling Li: the responsibility of a doctor
Siying Yan, Vivian Kong
Prof. Anwen Liu: promoting knowledge in medicine and discipline construction, bring benefits to patients
Molly Wang, Lynn Ma
Prof. Kewei Ma: a kind soul with a beautiful heart who lives without regrets
Lili Liao, Bella Poon, Kevin Phan
Prof. Yongqian Shu: I do my best to make patients live longer and better
Crystal Yan, Fen Xiong, Tung-Lun Shih
Prof. Zhehai Wang: medicine requires great talent and high moral standards
Monica L. Liu, Yating Kong
Prof. Yilong Wu: a great doctor must have great virtue, and be the most proficient to reach supreme goodness
Weiyan Jiang, Tunglun Shih, Kevin Phan
Prof. Congying Xie: early screening and diagnosis, delivering happiness
Kai -Ping Zhang, Bella Poon
Prof. Li Zhang: what can serve the nation can only serve the world
Helen Seliman, Brad Li
Prof. Li Zhang, a brisk PUMCH doctor with sunshine
Renfang Wang, Chao-Xiu (Melanie) He
Prof. Helong Zhang: a skillful doctor loyal to his profession
Wenke Hsu, Jiaying Bai
“The doctor should doctor; the teacher should teach; the researcher should research”—an indepth interview with Prof. Qing Zhou
Chao-Xiu(Melanie) He, Chengying Lin


The supplement focused on Lung Cancer Precision Medicine was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Thoracic Disease and funded by the educational grants from the Guangdong Association of Thoracic Diseases (GATD), a nonprofit organization. Rafael Rosell served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the supplement.