Acupuncture for Thoracic Disease Column

Published: 2019-03-25

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has always been closely related to the treatment of thoracic diseases. As a significant part of TCM, acupuncture gradually becomes one of the most widely utilized complementary and alternative therapies during the treatment of thoracic diseases. For the instructional and educational purpose of sharing and furthering the development of TCM in the treatment of thoracic diseases, the Journal of Thoracic Disease as a result of this, excitingly announces the launch of a new column: the Acupuncture for Thoracic Disease Column!

With this column, high-quality articles in various article types about acupuncture associated with thoracic diseases will be collected from experts around the world aiming to promote double development of the two great fields. These articles, inspiring development and innovation in the field of acupuncture and thoracic diseases, will provide in-depth learning and knowledge for our reader and the ultimate benefit for our patients.

Embarking on an exciting expedition into the world of acupuncture and thoracic diseases, JTD welcomes all to join us on this exciting voyage!