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The SCOPE of definitive chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced esophageal cancer: what direction for the future?
Gilles Créhange, Thierry Conroy
Registry to evaluate early and long-term disease management in PAH (REVEAL)
Balaji Pakshirajan, Ajit S. Mullasari
Septic shock in the era of precision medicine
Jordi Rello, Francisco Valenzuela-Sánchez
Detection of circulating tumor cells in non-small cell lung cancer
Gerhard Hamilton, Barbara Rath
A preliminary study on the relationship between circulating tumor cells count and clinical features in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Milica Kontic, Miodrag Ognjanovic, Dragana Jovanovic, Marko Kontic, Simona Ognjanovic
Investigating CTCs in NSCLC—a reaction to the study of Jia-Wei Wan: a preliminary study on the relationship between circulating tumor cells count and clinical features in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Menno Tamminga, Hendricus (Harry) Johannes Marie Groen, Thijo Jeroen Nicolaas Hiltermann
Predictive scores in chronic total occlusions percutaneous recanalization: only fashionable or really useful?
Marouane Boukhris, Kambis Mashayekhi, Zied Ibn Elhadj, Alfredo R. Galassi
Major adverse cardiovascular and cerebral events in hypothyroid patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention
Giuseppe Pasqualetti, Valeria Calsolaro, Fabio Monzani
Could predicted post-pacing interval from theoretical mathematical formula replace the observed post-pacing interval in clinical practice?
Chin-Yu Lin, Li-Wei Lo, Shih-Ann Chen
Editorial on “Postoperative survival for patients with thymoma complicating myasthenia gravis—preliminary retrospective results of the ChART database”
Alper Toker, Berker Ozkan
Bioresorbable drug eluting scaffolds—are bioresorbable stents ready for today’s clinical practice?
Christoph Lutter, Michael Joner
Should we resuscitate or not—that is the question!
Michael Bernhard, Torben Kim Becker, Björn Hossfeld
Secondary prevention for CABG patients: take two arterial grafts at the time of your coronary operation
Mario Gaudino, Antonino Di Franco, Filippo Crea, Leonard N. Girardi
Danger associated molecular patterns in injury: a double-edged sword?
Guillaume Monneret, Fabienne Venet, Martin Cour, Laurent Argaud
Do not forget to give thiamine to your septic shock patient!
Jihad Mallat, Malcolm Lemyze, Didier Thevenin
Are the fallacies of the P value finally ended?
Luca Bertolaccini, Andrea Viti, Alberto Terzi

Original Article

Role of interleukin-17A in early graft rejection after orthotopic lung transplantation in mice
Qi-Rui Chen, Li-Feng Wang, Si-Si Xia, Ya-Mei Zhang, Jiang-Nan Xu, Hui Li, Yao-Zhong Ding
Single-port thoracoscopic surgery for pneumothorax under two-lung ventilation with carbon dioxide insufflation
Kook Nam Han, Hyun Koo Kim, Hyun Joo Lee, Dong Kyu Lee, Heezoo Kim, Sang Ho Lim, Young Ho Choi
Management of post-operative pain by placement of an intraoperative intercostal catheter after single port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a propensity-score matched study
Ching-Feng Wu, Ming-Ju Hsieh, Hung-Pin Liu, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Yun-Hen Liu, Yi-Cheng Wu, Yin-Kai Chao, Ching-Yang Wu
Epidemiology, incidence and mortality of lung cancer and their relationship with the development index in the world
Hosein Rafiemanesh, Mojtaba Mehtarpour, Farah Khani, Sayed Mohammadali Hesami, Reza Shamlou, Farhad Towhidi, Hamid Salehiniya, Behnam Reza Makhsosi, Ali Moini
High concordance of ALK rearrangement between primary tumor and paired metastatic lymph node in patients with lung adenocarcinoma
Likun Hou, Shengxiang Ren, Bo Su, Liping Zhang, Wei Wu, Wei Zhang, Zhengwei Dong, Yan Huang, Chunyan Wu, Gang Chen
Clinical characteristics of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients according to their smoking status
Tomoo Kishaba, Hiroaki Nagano, Yuichiro Nei, Shin Yamashiro
Different characteristics associated with intensive care unit transfer from the medical ward between patients with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with and without pneumonia
Hong-Joon Shin, Cheol-Kyu Park, Tae-Ok Kim, Hee-Jung Ban, In-Jae Oh, Yu-Il Kim, Yong-Soo Kwon, Young-Chul Kim, Sung-Chul Lim
Safety and feasibility of prolonged bronchoscopy involving diagnosis of lung cancer, systematic nodal staging, and fiducial marker placement in a high-risk population
Harman Kular, Lakshmi Mudambi, Donald R. Lazarus, Lorraine Cornwell, Angela Zhu, Roberto F. Casal
Survival impact of locoregional metachronous malignancy in survival of lung cancer patients who received curative treatment
Chi-Tsung Wen, Jui-Ying Fu, Ching-Feng Wu, Ming-Ju Hsieh, Yun-Hen Liu, Yi-Cheng Wu, Ying-Huang Tsai, Ching-Yang Wu
Experience of endovascular repair of thoracic aortic dissection after blunt trauma injury in a district general hospital
Chih-Hsien Lee, Jau-Kang Huang, Ten-Fang Yang
Gross tumor volume is the prognostic factor for squamous cell esophageal cancer patients treated with definitive radiotherapy
Yun Chen, Zhen Zhang, Guoliang Jiang, Kuaile Zhao
Evaluation of surgeon’s muscle fatigue during thoracoscopic pulmonary lobectomy using interoperative surface electromyography
Seung-Hyun Yoon, Myung-Chul Jung, Seong Yong Park
Physiologic assessment before video thoracoscopic resection for lung cancer in patients with abnormal pulmonary function
Amira Benattia, David Debeaumont, Vincent Guyader, Catherine Tardif, Christophe Peillon, Antoine Cuvelier, Jean-Marc Baste
Noninferiority of Shanghai Cingular biotech’s bovine pericardial valve preclinical study in juvenile ovine model
Jin-Miao Chen, Yu Ding, Shu-Yang Lu, Sun Pan, Mieradilijiang Abudupataer, Tao Hong, Chun-Sheng Wang
Abnormal bone mineral density and bone turnover marker expression profiles in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Lixin Yu, Hui Li, Shengcai Hou, Bin Hu, Liqiang Zhao, Jinbai Miao, Yang Wang, Tong Li, Zhenkui Zhang, Bin You, Baosen Pang, Yufang Liang, Yi Zhao, Wei Hao
Surgical treatment of synchronous multiple primary lung cancers: a retrospective analysis of 122 patients
Ming Liu, Wenxin He, Jie Yang, Gening Jiang
The reliability analysis of Xpert-positive result for smear-negative and culture-negative specimen collected from bone and joint tuberculosis suspects
Guomei Wei, Jing Mu, Guirong Wang, Fengmin Huo, Lingling Dong, Yunxu Li, Hairong Huang
A new LigaSure technique for the formation of segmental plane by intravenous indocyanine green fluorescence during thoracoscopic anatomical segmentectomy
Hiroaki Kuroda, Hitoshi Dejima, Tetsuya Mizumo, Noriaki Sakakura, Yukinori Sakao
Nm23-H1 was involved in regulation of KAI1 expression in high-metastatic lung cancer cells L9981
Jiacong You, Rui Chang, Bin Liu, Lingling Zu, Qinghua Zhou
For non-small cell lung cancer with T3 (central) disease, sleeve lobectomy or pneumonectomy?
Qian-Li Ma, Yong-Qing Guo, Bin Shi, Yan-Chu Tian, Zhi-Yi Song, De-Ruo Liu
Long term complications following 54 consecutive lung transplants
Walther Tabarelli, Hugo Bonatti, Dominique Tabarelli, Miriam Eller, Ludwig Müller, Elfriede Ruttmann, Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Clara Larcher, Christian Geltner
Effect of small body habitus on peri-operative outcomes after robotic-assisted pulmonary lobectomy: retrospective analysis of 208 consecutive cases
Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Wei-Wei Zhang, Kathryn L. Rodriguez, Matthew R. Thau, Emily P. Ng, Carla C. Moodie, Joseph R. Garrett, Jacques-Pierre Fontaine, Eric M. Toloza
Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the esophagus: clinical characteristics and prognostic evaluation of 49 cases with surgical resection
Han-Yu Deng, Peng-Zhi Ni, Yun-Cang Wang, Wen-Ping Wang, Long-Qi Chen
Co-morbid psychological dysfunction is associated with a higher risk of asthma exacerbations: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Li Zhang, Xin Zhang, Jing Zheng, Lan Wang, Hong-Ping Zhang, Lei Wang, Gang Wang
Prognostic significance of FoxM1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer
Qing Sun, Min Dong, Yujuan Chen, Jiawei Zhang, Jinpeng Qiao, Xuedan Guo
Lower diffusing capacity with chronic bronchitis predicts higher risk of acute exacerbation in chronic obstructive lung disease
Hwa Young Lee, Jin Woo Kim, Sang Haak Lee, Hyoung Kyu Yoon, Jae Jeong Shim, Jeong-Woong Park, Jae-Hyung Lee, Kwang Ha Yoo, Ki-Suck Jung, Chin Kook Rhee
Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis: analysis of 14 patients and literature review
Cheng-Wei Li, Man-Hui Li, Jiang-Xiong Li, Ru-Jia Tao, Jin-Fu Xu, Wei-Jun Cao
Comparison of treatment outcomes between single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy and lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer of early-stage: a retrospective observational study
Yuxing Lin, Wei Zheng, Yong Zhu, Zhaohui Guo, Bin Zheng, Chun Chen
Effects of common polymorphisms in miR-146a and miR-196a2 on lung cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis
Yan-Gang Ren, Xiao-Ming Zhou, Zhi-Gang Cui, Gang Hou
Diagnostic value of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in children with bronchiolitis obliterans
Dehui Chen, Na Xie, Yuneng Lin, Zifeng Yang, Wenkuan Liu, Shangzhi Wu, Jingbin Chen, Xiaoan Pan, Shaolin Yang, Yong Cai

Short Communication

Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Streptococcus pneumoniae caused different microbial structure and correlation network in lung microbiota
Heping Wang, Wenkui Dai, Chuangzhao Qiu, Shuaicheng Li, Wenjian Wang, Jianqiang Xu, Zhichuan Li, Hongmei Wang, Yuzheng Li, Zhenyu Yang, Xin Feng, Qian Zhou, Lijuan Han, Yinhu Li, Yuejie Zheng

Surgical Technique

Complex uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic sleeve lobectomy during live surgery broadcasting
Yang Yang, William Guido Guerrero, Iskander Algitmi, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

GCTAB Column

Video-assisted thoracoscopic superior segmentectomy of the right lower lobe
Xue Pan, Yan Zhang, Shuang Ren, Zheng Ding, Xiangnan Li, Dengyan Zhu, Chunyang Zhang, Jia Zhao
Chest wall reconstruction after resection using hernia repair piece
Yimin Wu, Guofei Zhang, Zhouyu Zhu, Ying Chai

Review Article

Lung B-line artefacts and their use
Christoph F. Dietrich, Gebhard Mathis, Michael Blaivas, Giovanni Volpicelli, Armin Seibel, Daniel Wastl, Nathan S. S. Atkinson, Xin-Wu Cui, Mei Fan, Dong Yi

Case Report

Tumor-to-tumor metastasis: an unusual case of breast cancer metastatic to a solitary fibrous tumor
Frank O. Velez-Cubian, Robert C. Gabordi, Prudence V. Smith, Eric M. Toloza
Localized malignant pleural sarcomatoid mesothelioma misdiagnosed as benign localized fibrous tumor
Kwan-Chang Kim, Hong-Phuc Vo
Dynamic 3D printed titanium copy prosthesis: a novel design for large chest wall resection and reconstruction
Javier Aragón, Itzell Pérez Méndez
Nuss procedure for surgical stabilization of flail chest with horizontal sternal body fracture and multiple bilateral rib fractures
Sung Kwang Lee, Do Kyun Kang
Pulmonary migratory infiltrates due to mycoplasma infection: case report and review of the literature
Wenjie You, Bi Chen, Jing Li, Juan Shou, Shan Xue, Xueqing Liu, Handong Jiang
Delayed iatrogenic diaphragmatic hernia after thoracoscopic lobectomy
Sai-Bo Pan, Jian-Bin Zhang, Bai-Qin Zhao, Ying Chai
Pitfalls in oncology: a unique case of thoracic splenosis mimicking malignancy in a patient with resected breast cancer
Francesco Gelsomino, Maria Rita Castellani, Alfonso Marchianò, Matteo Duca, Paola Mariani, Gianluca Aliberti, Marco Maccauro, Leonardo Duranti, Giuseppe Capri, Filippo Guglielmo de Braud, Giulia Valeria Bianchi
Dimethylacetamide-induced occupational toxic hepatitis with a short term recurrence: a rare case report
Wei Gong, Xin Liu, Baoli Zhu
Pericardial synovial sarcoma presenting with large recurrent pericardial effusion
Hyo Chul Youn, Yangyoun Lee, Soo-Cheol Kim


Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds in patients with acute myocardial infarction: a new step forward to optimized reperfusion?
Fernando Alfonso, Javier Cuesta, Teresa Bastante, Fernando Rivero, Marcos García-Guimaraes, Teresa Alvarado, Amparo Benedicto, Bernardo Cortese, Robert Byrne, Adnan Kastrati
Why a second look might be worth it: immuno-modulatory therapies in the critically ill patient
Benedikt H. Siegler, Thorsten Brenner, Florian Uhle, Sebastian Weiterer, Markus A. Weigand, Stefan Hofer
Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds—time to vanish?
Diego Arroyo, Stéphane Cook, Serban Puricel


Is there a role for continuous infusion of β-lactam antibiotics in severe sepsis?
Angela Bates, Ari R. Joffe
Lactate: the Black Peter in high-risk gastrointestinal surgery patients
Patrick M. Honore, Rita Jacobs, Inne Hendrickx, Elisabeth De Waele, Herbert D. Spapen
The Kigali modification of the berlin definition: a new epidemiological tool for ARDS?
Chiara Lazzeri, Adriano Peris
Evidence and controversies regarding the screening for subclinical hypothyroidism in patients with cardiovascular disease
Baris Gencer, Nicolas Rodondi
Statins and acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery: has the last word been told?
Stefano Romagnoli, Zaccaria Ricci
Lessons learned from 2 decades of CAP therapy data: ways to improve patient management
Michael T. Bender, Michael S. Niederman
Mechanisms of stent thrombosis: insights from optical coherence tomography
Seung-Yul Lee, Myeong-Ki Hong
Optimal sequencing of adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy in resected non-small cell lung cancer with pathological N2 disease
George Rodrigues
Novel prediction tool for veno-arterial extracorporeal membranous oxygenation in acute myocardial infarction patients
Yosuke Matsumura, Taka-Aki Nakada, Ryuzo Abe
Is the grey-to-white ratio valuable enough in prediction for cardiac arrest patients rescued with extracorporeal resuscitation?
Ya-Fang Chen, Yih-Sharng Chen
Thiamine as a metabolic resuscitator in septic shock: one size does not fit all
Nara A. Costa, Paula S. Azevedo, Bertha F. Polegato, Leonardo A. M. Zornoff, Sergio A. R. Paiva, Marcos F. Minicucci

Original Article

Catamenial pneumothorax: a rare entity? Report of 5 cases and review of the literature
Aikaterini N. Visouli, Kaid Darwiche, Andreas Mpakas, Paul Zarogoulidis, Antonios Papagiannis, Kosmas Tsakiridis, Nikolaos Machairiotis, Aikaterini Stylianaki, Nikolaos Katsikogiannis, Nicolaos Courcoutsakis, Konstantinos Zarogoulidis

Review Articles

A review of current and novel therapies for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Rokhsara Rafii, Maya M. Juarez, Timothy E. Albertson, Andrew L. Chan
Superior sulcus (Pancoast) tumors: current evidence on diagnosis and radical treatment
Christophoros N. Foroulis, Paul Zarogoulidis, Kaid Darwiche, Nikolaos Katsikogiannis, Nikolaos Machairiotis, Ilias Karapantzos, Kosmas Tsakiridis, Haidong Huang, Konstantinos Zarogoulidis
Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy: A descriptive analysis
Steven Leong, Hong Ju, Henry Marshall, Rayleen Bowman, Ian Yang, Ann-Maree Ree, Cathy Saxon, Kwun M Fong
Epidemiology and prognosis of breast cancer in young women
Hussein A. Assi, Katia E. Khoury, Haifa Dbouk, Lana E. Khalil, Tarek H. Mouhieddine, Nagi S. El Saghir
Update in diagnosis and therapy of coexistent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic heart failure
Qiaojun Zeng, Shanping Jiang
Acute respiratory distress syndrome: new definition, current and future therapeutic options
Vito Fanelli, Aikaterini Vlachou, Shirin Ghannadian, Umberto Simonetti, Arthur S. Slutsky, Haibo Zhang
Revisiting signs, strengths and weaknesses of Standard Chest Radiography in patients of Acute Dyspnea in the Emergency Department
Luciano Cardinale, Giovanni Volpicelli, Alessandro Lamorte, Jessica Martino, Andrea veltri
Molecular biology of lung cancer
Wendy A. Cooper, David C. L. Lam, Sandra A. O’Toole, John D. Minna
Hormonal therapies in young breast cancer patients: when, what and for how long?
Alexandre Christinat, Simona Di Lascio, Olivia Pagani
The management of the advanced colorectal cancer: management of the pulmonary metastases
Charalambos Zisis, Kosmas Tsakiridis, Ioanna Kougioumtzi, Paul Zarogoulidis, Kaid Darwiche, Nikolaos Machairiotis, Bojan Zaric, Nikolaos Katsikogiannis, Georgios Kesisis, Aikaterini Stylianaki, Zhigang Li, Konstantinos Zarogoulidis
Pleural infection-current diagnosis and management
Andrew Rosenstengel, YC Gary Lee
COPD in India: Iceberg or volcano?
Arvind B. Bhome
Whole genome sequencing for lung cancer
Marissa Daniels, Felicia Goh, Casey M Wright, Krishna B Sriram, Vandana Relan, Belinda E Clarke, Edwina E Duhig, Rayleen V Bowman, Ian A Yang, Kwun M Fong

Original Articles

Establishment of an orthotopic lung cancer model in nude mice and its evaluation by spiral CT
Xiang Liu, Jun Liu, Yubao Guan, Huiling Li, Liyan Huang, Hailing Tang, Jianxing He
Hydration with magnesium and mannitol without furosemide prevents the nephrotoxicity induced by cisplatin and pemetrexed in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Keiko Muraki, Ryo Koyama, Yuichiro Honma, Shigehiro Yagishita, Takehito Shukuya, Rina Ohashi, Fumiyuki Takahashi, Kenji Kido, Shin-ichiro Iwakami, Shinichi Sasaki, Akihiko Iwase, Kazuhisa Takahashi


Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: the phoenix of thoracic surgery?
Luca Bertolaccini, Andrea Viti, Giovanni Di Perri, Alberto Terzi

Art of Operative Techniques

Thoracoscopic anatomic pulmonary resection
Jianxing He, Xin Xu

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