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Sleep complaints and sleep breathing disorders in upper and lower obstructive lung diseases

Matteo Ferrando, Diego Bagnasco, Valeria Roustan, Giorgio Walter Canonica, Fulvio Braido, Ilaria... More >>

Statistics Corner Column more

How to create a surgical database?

Dania Nachira, Luca Bertolaccini, Mahmoud Ismail, Marco Chiappetta, Elisa Meacci, Stefano... More >>

Use of the Cox regression analysis in thoracic surgical research

Alice Brembilla, Anne Olland, Marc Puyraveau, Gilbert Massard, Frédéric Mauny, Pierre-Emmanuel... More >>

How to describe bivariate data

Alessandro Bertani1, Gioacchino Di Paola2, Emanuele Russo1, Fabio Tuzzolino2 More >>

Cough Section more

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Cough—Chinese Thoracic Society (CTS) Asthma Consortium

Kefang Lai, Huahao Shen, Xin Zhou, Zhongmin Qiu, Shaoxi Cai, Kewu Huang, Qiuping Wang, Changzheng... More >>

Cough frequency monitors: can they discriminate patient from environmental coughs?

Stefan T. Kulnik, Natalie M. Williams, Lalit Kalra, John Moxham, Surinder S. Birring More >>



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Treatment of severe idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis—is sildenafil the next (in)stage?
Conal Hayton, Christopher Craig, Nazia Chaudhuri
Improving pain after video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy—advantages of a wound retractor camera port
Walker Julliard, Alexander S. Krupnick
Right ventricular-pulmonary artery coupling—an emerging perspective in transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Sameer Arora, Nikita Patil, John Vavalle
Right ventricular-pulmonary artery coupling in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement: is it relevant?
Sameer A. Hirji, Tsuyoshi Kaneko
Immune checkpoint inhibitors in esophagogastric cancer: still a long way to go
Christos Fountzilas, Steven N. Hochwald
Editorial on “Complications after esophagectomy are associated with extremes of body mass index”
Erin M. Corsini, Boris Sepesi
Adjunctive therapies in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis—where do we stand?
Brandon Nokes, Kamyar Afshar
Long-term outcomes and quality of life should be the future focus of research measuring effectiveness of lung cancer surgery approaches
Rishindra M. Reddy
Aligning airway management strategy with resuscitation priorities for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Nicholas E. Burjek, Katharine M. Burns, Narasimhan Jagannathan
The promise and challenges of deep learning models for automated histopathologic classification and mutation prediction in lung cancer
Pradnya D. Patil, Brian Hobbs, Nathan A. Pennell
Protective ventilation for lung cancer surgery, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle
Steven Milman, Thomas Ng
Mechanical ventilation during lobectomy: is this lung behaving as a “baby”?
Ala-Eddin S. Sagar, Roberto F. Casal
Is nerve-sparing surgery enough to prevent chronic postthoracotomy pain?
Kristine Pearson-Chauhan, Asokumar Buvanendran
Understanding the mechanisms of immune-evasion by lung cancer in the context of chronic inflammation in emphysema
Ramin Salehi-Rad, Steven M. Dubinett

Original Article

Incidence of malignancy and survival in patients with idiopathic pleuritis
Simon Bertram Reuter, Paul Frost Clementsen, Uffe Bodtger
Computational fluid dynamic study of different incision length of coronary artery bypass grafting in a native coronary stenosis model
Kaoru Matsuura, Wei Wei Jin, Hao Liu, Goro Matsumiya
Clinical implications of discrepant results between genotypic MTBDRplus and phenotypic Löwenstein-Jensen method for isoniazid or rifampicin drug susceptibility tests in tuberculosis patients
Ji Young Kang, Jung Hur, Shinyoung Kim, Sanghoon Jeon, Jaeha Lee, Youn Jeong Kim, Seok Chan Kim, Yeon Joon Park, Young Kyoon Kim, Hwa Sik Moon
Clinical efficacy of high-flow oxygen therapy through nasal cannula in patients with acute heart failure
Min Gyu Kang, Kyehwan Kim, Sunmi Ju, Hyun Woong Park, Seung Jun Lee, Jin-Sin Koh, Seok-Jae Hwang, Jin-Yong Hwang, Jae Seok Bae, Jong-Hwa Ahn, Jeong Yoon Jang, Yongwhi Park, Young-Hoon Jeong, Choong Hwan Kwak, Jeong Rang Park
Perioperative systemic magnesium sulphate to minimize acute and chronic post-thoracotomy pain: a prospective observational study
Verena Ghezel-Ahmadi, David Ghezel-Ahmadi, Joachim Schirren, Charalambos Tsapopiorgas, Grietje Beck, Servet Bölükbas
The association between living below the relative poverty line and the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Young Seok Lee, Jee Youn Oh, Kyung Hoon Min, Sung Yong Lee, Kyung Ho Kang, Jae Jeong Shim
Thoracoscopic thymectomy with partial superior vena cava resection for locally advanced thymomas
Ning Xu, Zhitao Gu, Chunyu Ji, Xuefei Zhang, Tangbing Chen, Wentao Fang
An audit of mortality by using ECMO specific scores and APACHE II scoring system in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in a tertiary intensive care unit in Hong Kong
Wai Tsan Ng, Lowell Ling, Gavin M. Joynt, Kai Man Chan
Pathological discrepancies in the diagnosis of thymic epithelial tumors: the Tallinn-Lyon experience
Kersti Oselin, Nicolas Girard, Katrin Lepik, Aidi Adamson-Raieste, Tõnu Vanakesa, Ingemar Almre, Tiina Leismann, Lara Chalabreysse
Galactomannan detection in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid corrected by urea dilution for the diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis among nonneutropenic patients
Yuetian Yu, Cheng Zhu, Hui Shen, Chunyan Liu, Ruru Guo, Yuan Gao, Wenjuan Wu, Liangjing Lu
The clinical value of a new method of functional lymph node dissection in video-assisted thoracic surgery right non-small cell lung cancer radical resection
Sui Chen, Shijie Huang, Shaobin Yu, Ziyang Han, Lei Gao, Zhimin Shen, Mingqiang Kang
Application of alveolar recruitment strategy and positive end-expiratory pressure combined with autoflow in the one-lung ventilation during thoracic surgery in obese patients
Zhi-Guo Shi, Wan-Ming Geng, Guang-Kuo Gao, Chun Wang, Wei Liu
Initial clinical impact of inhaled nitric oxide therapy for refractory hypoxemia following type A acute aortic dissection surgery
Guo-Guang Ma, Guang-Wei Hao, Hao Lai, Xiao-Mei Yang, Lan Liu, Chun-Sheng Wang, Guo-Wei Tu, Zhe Luo
Comparison of lymph node dissection and lymph node sampling for non-small cell lung cancers by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Weigang Zhao, Tangbing Chen, Jian Feng, Zhitao Gu, Zhexin Wang, Chunyu Ji, Wentao Fang
Re-challenge chemotherapy in patients with sensitive relapse small-cell lung cancer and interstitial lung disease
Shingo Nasu, Hidekazu Suzuki, Kazunori Moriizumi, Yuki Hara, Satoshi Tanaka, Hiromune Takada, Satomu Morita, Ayako Tanaka, Takayuki Shiroyama, Naoko Morishita, Norio Okamoto, Tomonori Hirashima
Pneumonitis as a complication of immune system targeting drugs?—a meta-analysis of anti-PD/PD-L1 immunotherapy randomized clinical trials
Mohamed Rahouma, Massimo Baudo, Maha Yahia, Mohamed Kamel, Katherine D. Gray, Adham Elmously, Galal Ghaly, Ihab Eldessouki, Ahmed Abouarab, Ali N. Cheriat, Naglaa Abdel Karim, Abdelrahman Mohamed, John Morris, Mario Gaudino
One-stage video-assisted thoracic surgery for bilateral multiple pulmonary nodules
Guoqiu Xu, Xiangning Fu
Mechanical circulatory support for refractory cardiogenic shock post-acute myocardial infarction—a decade of lessons
Sanjeet Singh Avtaar Singh, Sudeep Das De, Francesco Nappi, Ahmed Al-Adhami, Yasser Hegazy, Jonathan Dalzell, Harikrishna Doshi, Andrew Sinclair, Philip Curry, Mark Petrie, Colin Berry, Nawwar Al-Attar
A comparison of fractional flow reserve determination and coronary angiography results in patients with unstable angina and analysis of related factors
Xue Tian, Zhe Tang
Clinical characteristics and prognosis of ground-glass opacity nodules in young patients
Jun Wang, Han Ma, Chong-Jun Ni, Jing-Kang He, Hai-Tao Ma, Jin-Feng Ge
Risk of recurrence in stage I adenocarcinoma of the lung: a multi-institutional study on synergism between type of surgery and type of nodal staging
Francesco Guerrera, Filippo Lococo, Andrea Evangelista, Ottavio Rena, Luca Ampollini, Jacopo Vannucci, Luca Errico, Paolo Olivo Lausi, Luigi Ventura, Valentina Marchese, Massimiliano Paci, Pier Luigi Filosso, Alberto Oliaro, Caterina Casadio, Francesco Puma, Enrico Ruffini, Francesco Ardissone
Effect of second primary cancer on the prognosis of patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Bingqun Wu, Yong Cui, Jintao Tian, Xiaoping Song, Pengcheng Hu, Shenhai Wei
Association of the TLR1 variant rs5743557 with susceptibility to tuberculosis
Miaomiao Zhang, Jing Wang, Yu Wang, Shouquan Wu, Andrew J. Sandford, Jun Luo, Jian-Qing He

Short Communication

Radical aggressive treatment among non-small cell lung cancer patients with malignant pleural effusion without extra-thoracic disease
Oscar Arrieta, Ixel Escamilla-López, Iván Lyra-González, Feliciano Barrón, Laura Alejandra Ramírez-Tirado, Edgar Vergara, José Francisco Corona-Cruz, Federico Maldonado, Edgardo Jiménez-Fuentes

Letter to the Editor

Survival implications of transbronchial cryobiopsy and other diagnostic modalities in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Jasleen K. Pannu, Justin C. Hewlett, Aaron B. Smith, Wendi R. Mason, Heidi Chen, Otis B. Rickman, Robert J. Lentz, Jonathan A. Kropski, Fabien Maldonado


Erratum to epidemiology, incidence and mortality of lung cancer and their relationship with the development index in the world
Hosein Rafiemanesh, Mojtaba Mehtarpour, Farah Khani, Sayed Mohammadali Hesami, Reza Shamlou, Farhad Towhidi, Hamid Salehiniya, Behnam Reza Makhsosi, Ali Moini

Review Article

Molecular biology of lung cancer
Wendy A. Cooper, David C. L. Lam, Sandra A. O’Toole, John D. Minna
Nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary infections
Margaret M. Johnson, John A. Odell
Treatment of advanced non small cell lung cancer
Maria Anna Bareschino, Clorinda Schettino, Antonio Rossi, Paolo Maione, Paola Claudia Sacco, Rosario Zeppa, Cesare Gridelli
Chemotherapy advances in small-cell lung cancer
Bryan A. Chan, Jermaine I. G. Coward
Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy: A descriptive analysis
Steven Leong, Hong Ju, Henry Marshall, Rayleen Bowman, Ian Yang, Ann-Maree Ree, Cathy Saxon, Kwun M Fong
Targeted therapy in lung cancer: IPASS and beyond, keeping abreast of the explosion of targeted therapies for lung cancer
Peter Savas, Brett Hughes, Benjamin Solomon
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for stage I NSCLC: Recent advances and controversies
Suresh Senan, David A. Palma, Frank J. Lagerwaard
The anticipation and management of air leaks and residual spaces post lung resection
Michael Rolf Mueller, Beatrice A. Marzluf
Exploiting sensitization windows of opportunity in hyper and hypo-fractionated radiation therapy
Anish Prasanna, Mansoor M. Ahmed, Mohammed Mohiuddin, C. Norman Coleman
Ultrasound techniques in the evaluation of the mediastinum, part 2: mediastinal lymph node anatomy and diagnostic reach of ultrasound techniques, clinical work up of neoplastic and inflammatory mediastinal lymphadenopathy using ultrasound techniques and how to learn mediastinal endosonography
Christian Jenssen, Jouke Tabe Annema, Paul Clementsen, Xin-Wu Cui, Mathias Maximilian Borst, Christoph Frank Dietrich
Revisiting signs, strengths and weaknesses of Standard Chest Radiography in patients of Acute Dyspnea in the Emergency Department
Luciano Cardinale, Giovanni Volpicelli, Alessandro Lamorte, Jessica Martino, Andrea veltri
The continuing role of chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer in the targeted therapy era
Zarnie Lwin, Jonathan W. Riess, David Gandara
MicroRNAs in mesothelioma: from tumour suppressors and biomarkers to therapeutic targets
Glen Reid
Pleural controversies: image guided biopsy vs. thoracoscopy for undiagnosed pleural effusions?
Giles Dixon, Duneesha de Fonseka, Nick Maskell
Preservation solutions for cardiac and pulmonary donor grafts: a review of the current literature
Nicholas Latchana, Joshua R. Peck, Bryan Whitson, Sylvester M. Black
Active-specific immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer
Hauke Winter, Natasja K. van den Engel, Margareta Rusan, Nina Schupp, Christian H. Poehlein, Hong Ming Hu, Rudolf A. Hatz, Walter J. Urba, Karl Walter Jauch, Bernard A. Fox, Dominik Rüttinger
Advanced imaging in COPD: insights into pulmonary pathophysiology
Stephen Milne, Gregory G. King
Advances in lung adenocarcinoma classification: a summary of the new international multidisciplinary classification system (IASLC/ATS/ERS)
Elizabeth R. Tang, Andrew M. Schreiner, Bradley B. Pua
Diagnosis and early detection of COPD using spirometry
David P. Johns, Julia A.E. Walters, E. Haydn Walters
Improving radiotherapy planning, delivery accuracy, and normal tissue sparing using cutting edge technologies
Carri K. Glide-Hurst, Indrin J. Chetty
Pediatric lung transplantation: indications and outcomes
Stephen Kirkby, Don Hayes Jr
Staging lymph node metastases from lung cancer in the mediastinum
Mario D. Terán, Malcolm V. Brock
JTD special edition ‘Hot Topics in COPD’—The microbiome in COPD
Daniel C. Chambers, Shaan L. Gellatly, Philip Hugenholtz, Philip M. Hansbro
Lung donor selection criteria
John Chaney, Yoshikazu Suzuki, Edward Cantu III, Victor van Berkel
Molecular markers to predict clinical outcome and radiation induced toxicity in lung cancer
Joshua D. Palmer, Nicholas G. Zaorsky, Matthew Witek, Bo Lu
Lung cancer screening: identifying the high risk cohort
Michael W. Marcus, Olaide Y. Raji, John K. Field
Pleural controversies: indwelling pleural catheter vs. pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusions
Marc Fortin, Alain Tremblay
New techniques for assessing response after hypofractionated radiotherapy for lung cancer
Sarah A. Mattonen, Kitty Huang, Aaron D. Ward, Suresh Senan, David A. Palma
Supportive and palliative care for lung cancer patients
Patsy Yates, Penelope Schofield, Isabella Zhao, David Currow

Original Article

Nonintubated thoracoscopic lung resection: a 3-year experience with 285 cases in a single institution
Ke-Cheng Chen, Ya-Jung Cheng, Ming-Hui Hung, Yu-Ding Tseng, Jin-Shing Chen
Delays in the diagnosis of lung cancer
Peter M Ellis, Rachel Vandermeer
The diagnostic utility of endobronchial ultrasonography with a guide sheath and tomosynthesis images for ground glass opacity pulmonary lesions
Takehiro Izumo, Shinji Sasada, Christine Chavez, Takaaki Tsuchida
Hydration with magnesium and mannitol without furosemide prevents the nephrotoxicity induced by cisplatin and pemetrexed in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Keiko Muraki, Ryo Koyama, Yuichiro Honma, Shigehiro Yagishita, Takehito Shukuya, Rina Ohashi, Fumiyuki Takahashi, Kenji Kido, Shin-ichiro Iwakami, Shinichi Sasaki, Akihiko Iwase, Kazuhisa Takahashi
Local control rates with five-fraction stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic cancer to the lung
Deepinder Singh, Yuhchyau Chen, Mary Z. Hare, Kenneth Y. Usuki, Hong Zhang, Thomas Lundquist, Neil Joyce, Michael C. Schell, Michael T. Milano
Theoretical models of carcinogenic particle deposition and clearance in children’s lungs
Robert Sturm
A novel paradigm in the treatment of oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Salma K Jabbour, Parima Daroui, Dirk Moore, Edward Licitra, Molly Gabel, Joseph Aisner
Radiotherapy for a second primary lung cancer arising post-pneumonectomy: planning considerations and clinical outcomes
Sashendra Senthi, Cornelis J. A. Haasbeek, Frank J. Lagerwaard, Wilko F. Verbakel, Patricia F. de Haan, Ben J. Slotman, Suresh Senan
Impact of metformin use on survival in locally-advanced, inoperable non-small cell lung cancer treated with definitive chemoradiation
Inaya Ahmed, Adam Ferro, Alan Cohler, John Langenfeld, Sujani G. Surakanti, Joseph Aisner, Wei Zou, Bruce G. Haffty, Salma K. Jabbour
Utility of EBUS-TBNA for diagnosis of mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis: a multicentre Australian experience
James Geake, Gary Hammerschlag, Phan Nguyen, Peter Wallbridge, Grant A. Jenkin, Tony M. Korman, Barton Jennings, Douglas F. Johnson, Louis B. Irving, Michael Farmer, Daniel P. Steinfort
Comparative outcomes of squamous and non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients in phase II studies of ASA404 (DMXAA) – retrospective analysis of pooled data
Mark J McKeage, Michael B Jameson, AS1404-201 Study Group Investigators
High prevalence of gene abnormalities in young patients with lung cancer
Osamu Nagashima, Rina Ohashi, Yasuko Yoshioka, Ai Inagaki, Manabu Tajima, Yoshika Koinuma, Shin-ichiro Iwakami, Akihiko Iwase, Shinichi Sasaki, Shigeru Tominaga, Kazuhisa Takahashi
Home-based exercise: promising rehabilitation for symptom relief, improved functional status and quality of life for post-surgical lung cancer patients
Amy J. Hoffman, Ruth Ann Brintnall, Alexander von Eye, Lee W. Jones, Gordon Alderink, Lawrence H. Patzelt, Jean K. Brown
Thoracic malignant solitary fibrous tumors: A population-based study of survival
Michael T Milano, Deepinder P Singh, Hong Zhang
Differences in chemosensitivity between primary and paired metastatic lung cancer tissues: In vitro analysis based on the collagen gel droplet embedded culture drug test (CD-DST)
Masahiko Higashiyama, Jiro Okami, Jun Maeda, Toshiteru Tokunaga, Ayako Fujiwara, Ken Kodama, Fumio Imamura, Hisayuki Kobayashi
High-resolution CT findings of patients with pulmonary nocardiosis
Naoki Tsujimoto, Takeshi Saraya, Ken Kikuchi, Saori Takata, Yasuyuki Kurihara, Sayuki Hiraoka, Hiroshi Makino, Shota Yonetani, Koji Araki, Haruyuki Ishii, Hajime Takizawa, Hajime Goto
Signal stratification of autoantibody levels in serum samples and its application to the early detection of lung cancer
Graham F. Healey, Stephen Lam, Peter Boyle, Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley, Laura J. Peek, John F. R. Robertson

Case Report

First report of a novel liquid nitrogen adjustable flow spray cryotherapy (SCT) device in the bronchoscopic treatment of disease of the central tracheo-bronchial airways
Robert Browning, Scott Parrish, Saiyad Sarkar, J. Francis Turner Jr
Severe amiodarone induced pulmonary toxicity
Nicholas Nacca, Castigliano M Bhamidipati, Luke S Yuhico, Sowmya Pinnamaneni, Tamas Szombathy


Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Nico van Zandwijk, Christopher Clarke, Douglas Henderson, A. William Musk, Kwun Fong, Anna Nowak, Robert Loeragan, Brian McCaughan, Michael Boyer, Malcolm Feigen, David Currow, Penelope Schofeild, Beth Ivimey Nick Pavlakis, Jocelyn McLean, Henry Marshall, Steven Leong, Victoria Keena, Andrew Penman

Research Highlight

Gene expression assays as prognostic and predictive markers in early stage non-small cell lung cancer
Tom Donnem, Roy M Bremnes, Lill-Tove Busund, Sigve Andersen, Francesco Pezzella

Short Communication

The sleep apnea cardiovascular endpoints (SAVE) trial: Rationale and start-up phase
R Doug McEvoy, Craig S Anderson, Nick A Antic, Baoyuan Chen, Quanying He, Emma Heeley, Shaoguang Huang, Yining Huang, Jiguang Wang, Nanshan Zhong

Circulating Tumor Cells

Detection methods of circulating tumor cells
Klaus Pantel, Catherine Alix-Panabières

Review Article

Atypical antibody responses to influenza
Dalton Hermans, Richard J. Webby, Sook-San Wong
What can individuals do to reduce personal health risks from air pollution?
Robert Laumbach, Qingyu Meng, Howard Kipen
The role of rotors in atrial fibrillation
David E. Krummen, Vijay Swarup, Sanjiv M. Narayan
Current outcomes of off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: evidence from randomized controlled trials
Daniel Fudulu, Umberto Benedetto, Gustavo Guida Pecchinenda, Pierpaolo Chivasso, Vito Domenico Bruno, Filippo Rapetto, Alan Bryan, Gianni Davide Angelini
Staging lymph node metastases from lung cancer in the mediastinum
Mario D. Terán, Malcolm V. Brock
Improving radiotherapy planning, delivery accuracy, and normal tissue sparing using cutting edge technologies
Carri K. Glide-Hurst, Indrin J. Chetty
Esophageal cancer: staging system and guidelines for staging and treatment
Mark F. Berry
Implementing the new IASLC/ATS/ERS classification of lung adenocarcinomas: results from international and Chinese cohorts
Ming-Ching Lee, Kyuichi Kadota, Daniel Buitrago, David R. Jones, Prasad S. Adusumilli
Premature menopause in young breast cancer: effects on quality of life and treatment interventions
Shoshana M. Rosenberg, Ann H. Partridge
Strategies for the acquisition of transcriptional and epigenetic information in single cells
Guang Li, Elda Dzilic, Nick Flores, Alice Shieh, Sean M. Wu
The role of transforming growth factor (TGF)-β in the infarcted myocardium
Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis
Utility of cardiac magnetic resonance for evaluation of mitral regurgitation prior to mitral valve surgery
Neil K. Mehta, Jiwon Kim, Jonathan Y. Siden, Sara Rodriguez-Diego, Javid Alakbarli, Antonino Di Franco, Jonathan W. Weinsaft
Adjuvant, neoadjuvant, and definitive radiation therapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma
Gwendolyn Cramer, Charles B. Simone II, Theresa M. Busch, Keith A. Cengel

Original Article

Suppressive oligonucleotides inhibit inflammation in a murine model of mechanical ventilator induced lung injury
Julia Scheiermann, Dennis M. Klinman
Five-year update on the mouse model of orthotopic lung transplantation: Scientific uses, tricks of the trade, and tips for success
Xue Lin, Wenjun Li, Jiaming Lai, Mikio Okazaki, Seiichiro Sugimoto, Sumiharu Yamamoto, Xingan Wang, Andrew E. Gelman, Daniel Kreisel, Alexander Sasha Krupnick
A pooled analysis of advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer patients with stable treated brain metastases in two phase II trials receiving bevacizumab and pemetrexed as second-line therapy
Matthew A. Gubens, Jody C. Chuang, Wallace Akerley, Corey J. Langer, Christelle Clément- Duchêne, Melanie San Pedro-Salcedo, A. Dimitrios Colevas, Konstantin Dragnev, Mark A. Socinski, Heather A. Wakelee
Pleurodesis: a comparison of two sclerosing agents for pleural effusions in Mozambique
Ivo Figueiredo, Anilsa Cossa, Anila Hassane, José Sousa, Joaquim Pondo, João Teixeira, Kevan Akrami, Susannah K. Graves, Atul Malhotra, Elizabete A. Nunes

Case Report

Intraoperative near-infrared imaging can identify subcentimeter colorectal cancer lung metastases during pulmonary metastasectomy
Andrew D. Newton, Jarrod D. Predina, Lydia G. Frenzel-Sulyok, Michael H. Shin, Yiqing Wang, Sunil Singhal
A novel strategy for cardiopulmonary support during lung transplantation
Ramiro Fernandez, Malcolm M. DeCamp, Ankit Bharat


Conservatism strikes back: later is better than earlier dialysis for acute kidney injury
Dana Bielopolski, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
Sleep and critical illness: bridging the two pillars at the ATS 2016
Stuti J. Jaiswal, Atul Malhotra, Robert L. Owens
Temperature and duration targets during post-arrest care: choosing the right prescription for the right patient
John C. Greenwood, Abhishek Bhardwaj, Benjamin S. Abella
Examining the paradox of high high-density lipoprotein and elevated cardiovascular risk
Kavisha Singh, Anand Rohatgi
Mortality after red blood cell transfusions from previously pregnant donors: complexities in the interpretation of large data
Susan Kuldanek, Christopher C. Silliman
Optogenetic tools for cell biological applications
Abhirup Mukherjee, Nicole A. Repina, David V. Schaffer, Ravi S. Kane
Editorial on “Transcription factor SPZ1 promotes TWIST-mediated epithelial—mesenchymal transition and oncogenesis in human liver cancer”
Dan J. Raz
Editorial on “Can CT-PET and endoscopic assessment post-neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy predict residual disease in esophageal cancer”
Chia-Ju Liu, Wei Lu
The hemodynamic impact of acute nasal continuous positive airway pressure treatment in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: is it safe?
Bo Xu, Reena Mehra
Tumor spread through air space (STAS) is an important predictor of clinical outcome in stage IA lung adenocarcinoma
Hui-Zi Chen, Erin M. Bertino, Kai He
Antiviral prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus reactivation in immune competent patients—the jury remains out
Sara A. Mansfield, Charles H. Cook
Allosterically targeting EGFR drug-resistance gatekeeper mutations
Nicholas Spellmon, Chunying Li, Zhe Yang
Imaging homeostatic sleep pressure and circadian rhythm in the human brain
Zhuo Fang, Hengyi Rao
Tumor mutational burden (TMB) as a biomarker of response to immunotherapy in small cell lung cancer
Yanis Boumber

Letter to the Editor

Response to “VATS vs. thoracotomy regarding postoperative chronic pain”
Emine Ozgur Bayman, Kalpaj R. Parekh, John Keech, Timothy J. Brennan
The role of a decision analysis in treatment of T2N0 esophageal cancer
Tara R. Semenkovich, Bryan F. Meyers, Benjamin D. Kozower, Varun Puri

Review Article on Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Left ventricular assist device driveline infections: recent advances and future goals
Anne-Marie Leuck

Short Communication of Interventional Pulmonology Corner

Endobronchial ultrasound—guidance for interstitial photodynamic therapy of locally advanced lung cancer—a new interventional concept
Kassem Harris, Emily Oakley, David Bellnier, Gal Shafirstein

Below are the latest Journal of Thoracic Disease articles published online ahead of print publication.

Review Article

Extra-pleural pneumonectomy
Leonardo Duranti, Alessandro Pardolesi, Luca Bertolaccini, Luca Tavecchio, Paolo Scanagatta, Luigi Rolli, Ugo Pastorino

Original Article

Brief Report


Case Report


Letter to the Editor

Surgical Technique


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