Article Abstract

Application of bronchoscope for the placement of nasoenteric feeding tube in patients with esophagectomy: a novel technique

Authors: Hai-Xia Cao, Wei Zhang, Jun Zhang, Xiong-Huai Hua, Jian-Jun Qin, Yin Li


Background: Currently the available techniques for the placement of nasoenteric feeding tube (NET), utilizing transnasal gastroscope are fast and tolerable, which is known as the most popular method. However, lots of hospitals don’t have this endoscopic system. Bronchoscope, which is the basic respiratory endoscope, not only has the advantages of transnasal endoscopy, but also is popular in common hospitals. We used oxygen instillation as air supply plant of the bronchoscope, which broke its application limitation in digestive tract. The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility and availability of the method of placing NET with the bronchoscope in patients with esophagectomy.
Methods: From January 2013 to January 2016, a total of 48 patients with esophagectomy who underwent NET placement with the bronchoscope were included in our study. Information concerning age, gender, as well as background disease of the patients was collected. The success rate, procedure duration, and complications were recorded for each patient.
Results: The technique success rate reached 100%, procedure time ranged from 150 to 750 s, with an average time of 257 s. All patients tolerated well under local anesthesia, no complication of epistaxis or perforation occurred.
Conclusions: The new technique of placing NET with the bronchoscope is fast, safe, effective, and well tolerated for patients with esophagectomy.