Article Abstract

Is robotic surgery for NSCLC innovative enough?

Authors: Marcello Migliore


I read with interest the article of Dr. Du et al. describing their personal technique of robotic assisted (RATS) right upper lobectomy to treat early lung cancer (1). The authors after an explanation of their technique conclude that RATS is a feasible and reliable surgical approach for non-small cell lung cancer. Hence, this is another paper which confirms that RATS is as good as the other available minimally invasive techniques to perform lung resection and lymphadenectomy to treat lung cancer. While seeing the images in the paper and other videos, I note with interest that one of the most attractive advantage of RATS is the flexibility of the robotic arms which allow the surgeon to move instruments freely inside the chest according to the intraoperative necessity, and without the imposed schemes of geometry (2,3). Robotic assisted thoracic surgery is a beautiful medical example to confirm the Hippocrates aphorisms that surgery is of all the arts the most noble.