Chondroblastoma of the rib in a 47-year-old man: a case report with a systematic review of literature

Jury Brandolini, Luca Bertolaccini, Alessandro Pardolesi, Maurizio Salvi, Mirca Valli, Piergiorgio Solli


Chondroblastoma is an uncommon benign bone tumour arising typically in the epiphysis. Few cases of chondroblastoma of the rib have been reported in the literature. We describe a case of chondroblastoma of a 47-year-old man located in the body of the IX right rib. The patient presented a moderate right thoracic pain with an apparently palpable mass. Computed tomography (CT) scan showed a well-defined oval 49 mm × 43 mm lesion with the lytic bone destruction of the rib. A surgical resection was performed with an excellent outcome and no recurrence after 4-year follow-up. We also conducted a systematic review of literature where we evidenced that chondroblastoma could affect people of all age, but it’s most common in children and young adult. Surgical resection constitutes the treatment of choice.