Article Abstract

Bronchiectasis after bronchial thermoplasty

Authors: Minzhi Qiu, Zhengdao Lai, Shushan Wei, Qian Jiang, Jiaxing Xie, Rihuang Qiu, Zhiqiang Wang, Changhao Zhong, Yu Chen, Qingling Zhang, Shiyue Li, Nanshan Zhong


Bronchial thermoplasty (BT) is used in the treatment of severe refractory asthma. It has been found to be beneficial to long-term improvements in the rate of asthma exacerbation, quality of life questionnaire answers (AQLQ), hospitalization, and emergency room visits. Atelectasis and lung abscess as direct complication of BT, but not bronchiectasis, have been reported previously. In this study, we report bronchiectasis after BT in what we believe may be the first case, combined with optical coherence tomography (OCT) and a 3-year follow-up of chest computed tomography (CT), to evaluate a patient with severe persistent asthma. We describe a 49-year-old Chinese male who complained of recurrent wheezing lasting over 5 years. His chest CT scan was normal before BT, but one month thereafter, he presented with mild central bronchiectasis on high-resolution CT, which persisted for more than 4 years. It remains unclear why this patient developed bronchiectasis so early post-BT treatment. This case highlights the need for short-term and long-term safety data on BT.