Article Abstract

Rhabdomyoma of the pleura: a case report

Authors: Wei Wang, Ying-Ying Gu, Yu-Hong Dong, Ji-Gang Wang, Dong-Liang Lin, Cong-Juan Luo, Li Zhang, Xiao-Bin Ji, Yan Wang


Rhabdomyoma is a rare benign soft tissue tumor deriving from striated muscle. It can be classified generally into two subtypes according to the location: cardiac rhabdomyoma and extracardiac rhabdomyoma. Cardiac rhabdomyoma manifests as well-defined solitary or multifocal nodules in heart consisting myocardial-like tumor cells with rich cytoplasm, which is more common in kids and associated with tuberous sclerosis (1). Extracardiac rhabdomyoma can be divided into three groups according to morphological features (adult, fetal, and genital types). The adult and fetal types mainly occur in the head and neck region, while the genital type usually occurs in the genital tract.