Article Abstract

Moving to the other side of the table—transitioning from residency to faculty and the value of mentorship

Authors: John Agzarian, Shanda H. Blackmon, Stephen D. Cassivi, K. Robert Shen, Yaron Shargall


The journey to a faculty position as an academic thoracic surgeon is lengthy and often arduous, but with the challenges and long hours comes a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. A full complement of clinical and research training prepares trainees for a future career in the academic realm, and often serves as a reservoir of experience to fall back on when facing difficult clinical and professional scenarios. Most academic surgeons find stimulus and satisfaction in the diverse challenges of their professional lives and are encouraged by the growth offered through dealing with complex problems. The majority of new faculty members are shaped by their training experience and the individuals and mentors they meet along the way. Together, this serves as a perfect backdrop to continue the learning curve into independent practice and past training.