Article Abstract

Executive summary of the multicenter survey on the prevalence and risk factors of chronic respiratory diseases in patients presenting to primary care centers and emergency rooms in Syria

Authors: Yousser Mohammad, Rafea Shaaban, Fatmeh Yassine, Jamal Allouch, Nasser Daaboul, Abou Al-Zahab Bassam, Al-bittar Mohammad, Daed Taha, Samir Sabba, Ghayath Dyban, Kinaz Al-Sheih, Hussam Balleh, Moustafa Ibrahim, Hala Al Khaer, Mazen Dayoub, Ramsa Halloum, Ibtihal Fadhil, Abdul Fattah Abbas, Abdullah KHouri, Nikolai khaltaev, Jean Bousquet, Mais Khaddouj, Ibrahim Suleiman, Moueef Meri, Mahmoud Bakir, Annas Naem, Husein Said, Fatmeh Al-Dmeirawi, Husein Mayhoub, Gazal Dib


In 2009-2010, Tishreen University and the Health Ministry conducted a multi-center Survey on the Prevalence and risk factors of chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) and co-morbidities in patients presenting to primary care centers, general outpatients clinics and Emergency rooms in hospitals. In collaboration with WHO-Global alliance against chronic respiratory diseases (GARD),, the protocol of this survey has been established tested and validated by the WHO-GARD experts (1). This survey is the first multi-center survey on CRD in primary care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The strongest point is the use of lung function measurement for diagnosis of CRD (2).