Does perioperative administration of glutamine, fiber and oligosaccharide (GFO) improve perioperative immune conditions and reduce early postoperative surgical stress after esophagectomy?

Hirotoshi Kikuchi, Hiroya Takeuchi


Esophagectomy with two- or three-field lymphadenectomy plays a major role in achieving locoregional control in the treatment strategies for resectable thoracic esophageal cancer. Recent advances in surgical technique with newly developed surgical instruments and perioperative management with a multidisciplinary approach have improved the short-term outcomes of esophagectomy for esophageal cancer (1,2). However, esophagectomy remains a highly invasive procedure that can lead to severe postoperative complications (3). Therefore, further development of both operative procedures and perioperative approaches is needed in the management of esophageal cancer to improve esophagectomy outcomes.